A Timeline of the Death Allegedly Related to Jilly Juice

A Timeline of the Death Allegedly Related to Jilly Juice September 4, 2018

By now many of you have read about Jillian Epperly and her crazy poop cult. After I published my piece on the dangers of using her juice, spying eyes must have shared the article with her. Within hours of posting my article, Jillian defended herself against allegations that Bruce Wilmot died as a result of her protocol. Jillian provided details about her timeline of working with Bruce. Additionally, she accused him of not following her protocol. This morning I did some digging and created a timeline of Bruce Wilmot’s death.

Obviously, I must make a disclaimer that right now there are no charges against Jillian for this death. However, Bruce’s family has made statements online that seem to contradict her denials.

Bruce had stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer means his cancer spread to organs outside of the pancreas. The American Cancer Society says stage 4 pancreatic cancer has spread to distant organs like the liver, lungs, and bones.

The overall survival rate of a person in late-stage pancreatic cancer is not great. According to The American Cancer Society, only 16% of patients live beyond five years of reaching this stage.

Back to the story, Jillian says she started working with Bruce in April 2017. In a public post yesterday on her Facebook page she said:

However, a quick scan of Bruce’s facebook page, and I was able to debunk this assertion.

In a June 3rd post to his friends, Bruce admitted the cancer was in his bones.

Another post from June 13, 2017, Bruce tells Facebook that he has been in home hospice for one week. He was not in a hospice center at this time.

June 15, 2017, is the first time Bruce drinks the juice. There is even a video in a thread posted on his facebook.

Finally, a July 20th post was written by his daughter announcing his death.

An article in Buzzfeed from March 2018 outlined more details of his disease, decline, and the role Jilly Juice played in his death. According to the report, Wilmot’s pancreatic cancer reoccurred in summer 2017. Doctors gave him only weeks to a few months to live. Wilmot’s friend Rabbi Hawkins told Buzzfeed,

“If someone had bottled up rat poison and told him, ‘It will heal you,’ he would have drunk it. That’s how desperate the man was.”

On June 15th, Bruce sent a message to his daughter Taylor to let her know he found the cure to his cancer.

A few weeks after he started the Jilly Juice protocol, Taylor visited his dad at his home. She told Buzzfeed, “He was totally emaciated. He was drinking so much of it, he was basically starving himself. It was all coming out as diarrhea.”

By mid-July, his friends found Bruce unconscious on the floor in his apartment. Bruce moved to a hospice facility and died on July 2o, 2017.

Immediately, people began accusing Epperly of contributing to his death. Bruce was extremely dehydrated and ended up in a coma. His daughter learned more about Epperly through online groups. Through this, she realized the truth of what contributed to his death.

Bruce’s daughter Taylor was heartbroken at his death. She posted a public post on Ripoff Report outlining her feelings on Epperly’s Jilly Juice:

“My father was fighting Pancreatic cancer for 6 years. In August of 2016 his doctors reported to him that he had some small cancerous nodules in his lungs. He decided to step away from chemo and radiation treatment in good faith that he could find an alternative treatment. My father was exposed to Jillian’s Mai Thi treatment via one of his friends. Since he was desperate for a cure, he trusted Jillian to help him cure his cancer. He was instructed to drink a gallon of her “fermented cabbage drink” (protocol) everyday. I now understand that this drink had high amounts of salt. My father was basically living on salt water. He started this so-called protocol in June.

Then I was contacted on July 14th from his Rabbi, that he was dying. He was found collapsed on the floor of his bedroom in a coma. His rabbi said that he was extremely thirsty and drank several glasses of Pineapple juice and then passed out again. He was transferred to Hospice treatment on July 16th. I arrived to be with him on July 17th. He was emaciated and incoherent (a far cry from what he was like in June). His doctor informed me that he was dying of Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer.

I watched him die in Hospice on the morning of July 20th. Jillian continues to post videos where she talks about my father, Bruce D. Wilmot, claiming that he did not follow her protocol properly. She is also misinformed about how he died. I am seeking legal counsel. This woman is dangerous! My father paid this woman for her treatment under the assumption that it would make him feel better. Instead it put him in a coma. This is absolutely heinous. “

His daughter says Bruce paid Jillian for her services. However, yesterday Jillian denied she took any payments from him. I’ll repost the screenshot from above here to refresh you:

She says she first spoke to him in April. However, we have already shown that his cancer diagnosis came in June of 2017. Within 35 days of starting the protocol, Bruce died in a hospice facility. While I have no access to bank records, Bruce’s daughter Taylor says he paid for Jillian’s services.

Yes, Bruce was sick. There is no denying that, but witnesses all say his health took a nose dive after he began the protocol. What we know about the protocol is that the Juice contains a lot of salt and fiber. The cabbage in the drink causes people to have “waterfalls” or explosive diarrhea.

Explosive diarrhea can cause dehydration and malabsorption. According to Rehydrate severe diarrhea can result in severe dehydration. The complications from severe dehydration are:

“In severe dehydration, these effects become more pronounced and the patient may develop evidence of hypovolaemic shock, including: diminished consciousness, lack of urine output, cool moist extremities, a rapid and feeble pulse (the radial pulse may be undetectable), low or undetectable blood pressure, and peripheral cyanosis. Death follows soon if rehydration is not started quickly.”

Bruce was found by the Rabbi and friends unconscious. Severe dehydration can cause a lack of consciousness.

Jillian may never be held accountable in a court of law. However, her juice does cause explosive diarrhea. Diarrhea can lead to dehydration. There is no disputing science.

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  • guerillasurgeon

    “Additionally, she accused him of not following her protocol. ”
    Ah, that’s like those ceremonies that allegedly make you bullet-proof. Anyone who gets shot didn’t do it properly. Magical thinking. 🙂

  • WallofSleep

    Jillian is an evil person. Here’s to hoping she gets what’s coming to her.

  • So, she came up with quackery to make a quick buck and someone died. Hopefully others won’t follow her plan. Sad……

  • Do not consume or use this as a means to detox.

    If you think you’re able to “detox”, you’ve already swallowed the kool-aid. There’s no such thing. Some regimens may be dangerous, and others just uncomfortable, but they’re all bullshit.

  • raven

    They read the directions….out of context!!!
    Without the proper context, the directions are not understandable and won’t work.
    (Most will get the snark directed at a quack psychologist at U. of Toronto with initials, J.P..)

  • she has thousands of sheep

  • very true! I don’t believe in detox unless it’s abstaining from alcohol 😉

  • Jim Jones

    We know how to feed people who are in serious medical distress.

    This wasn’t the way.

  • correct!

  • B.A.

    That stuff looks absolutely gross. I feel so bad for this man and his family.

  • I know! it’s nasty

  • Grant G

    What I think makes Jillian even more dangerous than a typical snake oil swindler is she seems to genuinely believe her shtick. Are there some health value in things like apple cider vinegar, or taking in nutrients to help the body heal itself? Absolutely! Is it a good idea to completely replace sound medical science from accredited sources with these quack “protocols?” I think Bruce’s death can attest to the answer to that question. I’m a person of deep faith, but I also see the benefit of medical science. Our knowledge is a gift from God and we should use it! Don’t buy in to miracle cures, especially when they deny the very foundations of science!

  • CoachWristletJen

    I think this Jilly Juice woman sounds like an absolute criminal. I don’t know how she sleeps at night after what her products have done to this man, but she keeps pushing her products and then blaming the people who are victimized by them! I hope no one else buys her toxic sludge.

  • Chien

    I assume when it’s her time to go “UP THERE” she wouldn’t even make it to the top and a trap door will spring sending her to the fiery pit for her schemes.