Brett Kavanaugh is an Entitled Narcissist in Opening Statement

Brett Kavanaugh is an Entitled Narcissist in Opening Statement September 27, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh gave his opening statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee this afternoon. His tone of voice was hostile and agitated. He sniffled away tears during most of his statement, and he described the hearings as a national disgrace. Despite all of the anger and outrage, he seemed more concerned about his reputation and family than the victims. Three women have come forward to accuse him of sexually inappropriate actions. He fiercely denied all the allegations. Instead of using the opportunity to gain sympathy or understanding from the panel, Kavanaugh came off as an entitled narcissist.

Kavanaugh says he never touched Dr. Ford. He also denied he attended the event where she alleged the assault took place. Instead of coming off sympathetic to the alleged victims of his abuse, Kavanaugh came off as an aggressive perpetrator only interested in himself. He called out the Senate committee for “delaying” the hearing for ten days. Additionally, he went on to say that the delay put his family and his reputation through hell.

Funny, all I could think about was the hell the three victims have lived with for over 30 years. When Senator Dianne Feinstein asked him questions, he rudely interrupted and took a hostile tone with her. Moments before her question he told the committee he valued and respected women. However, he didn’t appear to be respectful to the female Senator by interrupting her questions. Senator Feinstein reminded Kavanaugh that no delay occurred for the hearing. Additionally, she told him Senate Republicans set the hearing date.

Kavanaugh comes off as a spoiled brat that has had the world cater to his every whim. His outbursts to the committee reminded me more of my 5-year-old son than a man up for a permanent appointment to the Supreme Court.

Watch his opening statement and tell me your thoughts. Do you think he’s lying?


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  • DogGone

    I listened to his voice and watched his face. He’s mad about being called out for doing something he thought was perfectly okay. He’s weeping about being called out. It seems to have worked. Our country is done. Done.

  • YEP! not sorry for what he did. And all this BS about all the women that respect him.

  • WallofSleep

    “… he described the hearings as a national disgrace.”

    Fitting, as our nation has become an international disgrace over the last two years.

    “He called out the Senate committee for “delaying” the hearing for ten days.”

    Ten days? That’s nothing. They let a seat stay empty for over a year, refusing to even vote or hold a hearing on Garland’s nomination.

    “… he told the committee he valued and respected women.”

    “… as cum dumpsters.” he added, under his breath.

  • Pretty much!

  • WallofSleep

    Nope, no institutional misogyny to see here…

    … just move along.

  • WallofSleep

    Well now this is odd.

    Twitter Users School Brett Kavanaugh On Real Meanings Of ‘Boof’ And ‘Devil’s Triangle’

    Baby Brett is clearly lying, but the Twits only got Devil’s Triangle right. Back when baby Brett would’ve been using the slang word “boof” it was widely known to mean anal sex, usually between males, and was often referenced in pop culture. For instance:

    “Way Down Mexico Way (Part 2)”

    Dave: Now it’s time for you guys to earn your keep. Look in the glove box.

    Butt-head: [opens the glove compartment and pulls out two condoms] Oh, no, Dave’s gonna boof us.

    Dave: Time to fill ’em, boys.

    Beavis: I can’t fill that.

    Disclaimer: Warning: If you’re not a cartoon swallowing a rubber full of drugs can kill you

    As that excerpt clearly implies, Dave wants Beavis and Butt-head to swallow condoms filled with illegal drugs for the purpose of smuggling, but instead they initially think he wants to have anal sex with them. Though this episode aired in 1993, it still carried the same meaning it had in the 80’s. Baby Brett is clearly lying here. It’s not hard to imagine he might be lying about other things.

  • Kavanaugh was authentic in his opening speech. He is a human being with feelings -not a zombie – and rightly outraged over the unfathomable way he and his family have been egregiously treated. It’s exceedingly shameful, unconscionable and yes, evil, how he’s been maliciously slandered, and his life has been devastated.

  • Um, ok. I surely hope you are not a victim of sexual assault.

  • Poor baby. Im trying very hard to feel sorry for him but it’s not working. If there is any devastation, he brought it on himself. Now he’s embarrassed to realize it ain’t a seekrit anymore.

  • That’s exactly how I felt too

  • I sincerely hope you’re not a victim of malicious slander.

  • Judge Kavanaugh brought nothing upon himself.

  • Sexually assaulting women – even 30 years ago – is bringing it upon yourself

  • Slander is only slander if it’s not true. Dr. Blasey-Ford is credible

  • WallofSleep
  • Where’s the proof?

  • Zetopan0

    Members of the Trump cult get everything backwards and they obviously view 1984 as a training manual. You apparently totally missed Kavanaugh’s continual evasions when asked questions about his drinking problem and especially about supporting an FBI investigation. Fortunately, the ABA has asked for an FBI investigation. His “life” devastation will be the result of his rampant misogyny, obvious partisanship[*], and overall irrationality[**].
    *This idiot claims that it is all the democrats’ fault.
    **Following Trump’s idiotic conspiracy theory hallucinations, this idiot claims that the Clinton’s are out to get him because they lost the presidential election.

  • Zetopan0

    That is why we have an FBI for investigations like this. Where is the proof that you are not a 400 pound Russian troll sitting on the edge of your bed in your parent’s basement? (One of Trump’s idiotic claims.)

  • DogGone

    I feel sorry for his wife and daughters–not for these hearings, but for having to put up with his arrogant self.

  • DogGone

    He only has to lie once in a Congressional hearing.

  • Raging Bee

    What, he lost his current job and any chance of getting another one like it?

  • Jim Jones

    How to humiliate a woman: the ugly lesson of Brett Kavanaugh’s yearbook | US news | The Guardian

    Alongside the accolades “Keg City club” (“100 kegs or bust”) and “Beach Week Ralph club – biggest contributor” in Brett Kavanaugh’s 1983 yearbook entry, there lurks a more obscure boast: “Renate alumnus”. As accusations of sexual assault mount against Donald Trump’s supreme-court pick, the latest strike against his character has been revealed by the New York Times, in the form of a 35-year-old joke. “Renate alumnus” refers to Renate Dolphin, a female classmate of Kavanaugh’s. She was immortalised in the Georgetown preparatory school yearbook through 14 mentions of “Renate alumnus” by several men – including Kavanaugh – the pernicious insinuation being a shared intimate history with her.

    “I learned about these yearbook pages only a few days ago,” Dolphin said. “I don’t know what ‘Renate alumnus’ actually means. I can’t begin to comprehend what goes through the minds of 17-year-old boys who write such things, but the insinuation is horrible, hurtful and simply untrue.” A few weeks ago, Dolphin was one of the signatories to the open letter from 65 women attesting that Kavanaugh “always treated women with decency and respect” in his schooldays.

    Kavanaugh and his friends presumably included this jibe with the expectation that they could snigger over it in years to come.

  • Anri

    Lemmie just ask, though late to the party – what would you consider credible evidence in a case such as this?

    I’m not asking you to change your mind, just asking what it would take for that to happen?