Jillian Epperly Responds to Patheos Article on Her Facebook Ban

Jillian Epperly Responds to Patheos Article on Her Facebook Ban September 14, 2018

Earlier today I reported about the Facebook time-out Jillian Epperly is on. Thanks to my trusty friends in the underworld, she read my article. To “clear her name,” she posted a 5-minute rambling video to her YouTube Channel. she takes a step to down-play her hateful comments directed at the LGBTQ community.

Jillian wants everyone to know that she loves everyone equally. She insists she doesn’t hate anyone. The fact is, according to Jillian, that mutations are making people gay or lesbian. Additionally, she asserts she is OK with the backlash she receives from the LGBTQ community.

According to Jillian, her cabbage juice is so revolutionary, and that is why she is receiving bad press. When she gets out of Facebook jail, she says she will speak about sexuality differently. Jillian even blew me a kiss to thank me for the press.

Jillian is pretty full of herself to believe that anything written about her is positive. My purpose in sharing her illogical, outlandish, and dangerous protocol and theories is to warn people against trying it. None of her science is factual in any context.

The body cannot regrow limbs.

Sexual orientation is not a mutation or a disease.

The root of all illness is not from candida.

The press will continue to write about her because her protocol puts people at risk. She gives terrible advice to people to drink her juice that has enough salt in it to poison them to death. Bruce Wilmot already died from severe dehydration and his death is allegedly linked to using her protocol.

Jillian tells parents to give the protocol to children. Do we even need to bring up the names of mothers that murdered their children by poisoning them with salt?

Does Lacey Spears ring any bells, Jillian?

There is nothing revolutionary about her science. The science she uses is garbage and dangerous. She uses buzzwords like candida, chronic illness, mutation, detox, and probiotic to drive home her points. However, her words are empty and not backed by science.

We will keep writing about Jillian until she stops harming people. I will fight vigorously to prevent parents from trying this on their children. Jillian Epperly is a snake oil saleswoman that is taking advantage of people that are vulnerable and desperate.


If you want to watch her rambling video, take a peak. I promise you they are only words that make no sense.

The LGBTQ community should never be called mutated and damaged people. There is nothing wrong with any of them. If she can’t even realize she’s spewing hate speech, well you can’t fix stupid.

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  • Jim Jones

    > Does Lacey Spears ring any bells, Jillian?

    I would not have gone there. I’m still not convinced that the child didn’t die because of the hospital’s actions.

  • Rann

    She uses buzzwords like candida, chronic illness, mutation, detox, and probiotic to drive home her points.

    She forgot “Quantum”…………

  • No, it’s proven. She killed him

  • Jim Jones

    Not proven to my satisfaction.

  • Nomad

    Technically we are all mutants, containing at least a few new mutations from our parents. These likely have no effect at all and are of course not what she was talking about. But she, you, me, and everyone else on this planet are mutants.

  • Jennny

    Congratulations that this deluded woman thinks your point of view is important enough for her to refute. Unfortunately – or fortunately – it just shows up your calm, well-reasoned and intelligent writing compared to her delusional gobbeledegook rantings and ravings. She needs a major psychiatric intervention. IMO

  • I’m a part of the community she was in – Tubie world. I know people that know her. I’m 100% convinced.

  • Right. All of our genes mutate and change. None of that is bad at all. Blue eyes are a mutation. Recessive genes are mutations.

  • I agree. I do think there is something psychological going on – or maybe a personality disorder. I see a lot of grandiose behavior coupled with narcissism. She also has very visceral reactions to things – which suggests other things going on. Many in the community have speculated that the amount of salt she consumes from her drinks could be affecting her neurologically. Honestly, I try not to speculate. My goal is to expose people that push cures on other that are vulnerable. Specifically, people that tell parents to give this to their children. Jillian promotes this as a cure for autism. Which is why I’m in this fight.

  • ildi

    Asked if the defense was believable when it implied hospital error or health condition might have killed the boy, Brown replied, “If you’re naive, you can believe that.”

  • Jim Jones

    The major cause of deaths of pregnant women is medical misadventure. It runs up to 8 times higher than the next cause, traffic accidents. Homicide is slightly behind at third.

    Beware impressions of statistics. Hospitals are dangerous places for the sick.

  • No Lacey was dangerous for her son. Period

  • ildi

    What does that have to do with this particular case?

  • Jim Jones

    Oh dear.

  • ildi

    Good answer!

  • Raging Bee

    I think “quantum” is kinda passe these days…

  • My son is a child that has been saved numerous times by hospitals. Pseudoscience and fearmongering about modern medicine threaten all of us. Hospitals are not perfect, but they are not DANGEROUS for the sick.

  • Jim Jones

    STUDY: 78% Of Health-Care Workers Don’t Properly Wash Their Hands


  • TinnyWhistler

    Magneto would like a word.

  • that still does not convince me. Sorry.

  • Jim Jones

    Unless I can read the trial transcript I will not assume guilt in a case like this.