Protect Children by Stopping the Sale of Miracle Mineral Solution on Amazon

Protect Children by Stopping the Sale of Miracle Mineral Solution on Amazon September 15, 2018

Over the past few months, I have been working on exposing and uncovering individuals that sell miracle cures. Individuals that attempt to sell products that “cure” or “treat” an illness in the United States are subject to regulations enforced by the Food and Drug Administration. A miracle cure used by parents to “cure” autism Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) is not legal for sale for internal use in the United States. However, vendors use Amazon to sell Miracle Mineral Solution, and we must report this to the FDA.

In July, I wrote an article on Jim Humble and his “Miracle Mineral Solution.” Jim believes MMS cures EVERYTHING such as cancer, HIV, AIDS, Autism, ADHD, candida, parasites, and numerous chronic illnesses. He markets MMS to parents of Autistic Children. Parents around the globe use MMS to “cure” their children’s Autism.

Miracle Mineral Solution is chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is an industrial bleach used for stripping textiles and cleaning water. Jim Humble and his church believe bleach for industrial cleaning is safe for ingestion.

For the record, it is not safe for ingestion. The FDA issued warnings about the use of MMS for treatment in any disease.

Additionally, Louis Daniel Smith of Spokane Washington was convicted of conspiracy related to smuggling, selling misbranded drugs, and defrauding the United States. All of his charges relate to his sales of Miracle Mineral Solution. He created a phony “Water Treatment” and “Water Purification” business as a front to sell the products.

Next, Smith told consumers to mix the product with citric acid. After the consumer made the mix, he instructed them to use the solution to cure and treat numerous medical conditions. The Government sentenced him to 51 months in prison and three years of supervised release in October 2015.

A seller on Amazon seems to be taking a playbook directly from Smith’s playbook. The Seller Miracle Health provides no information about their location or address. This doesn’t sound shady at all, right?

Sodium Chlorite alone is not MMS; consumers need to add citric acid to the sodium chlorite to make the compound. In the details tab of the product, the seller provides instructions for use to customers.

If you notice they state in Spanish, the product is useful for water purification. However, they reference Part A and Part B described by Jim Humble’s Mineral Solution. Crafty how they find a way to word this in a way where it won’t trigger warnings by Amazon.

Next, they add a legal disclaimer to remind people that none of their products are approved or evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. However, the disclaimer is odd given that the product is marketed as a “water purifier” by the seller:

The seller is clear to remind people that the product is for water purification and NOT for internal use. Again, they add the disclaimer they are not diagnosing or treating any disease or condition.

Why so many disclaimers if this product is for water purification?

Well, a quick look at reviews and all the disclaimers make sense.

Individuals are not purchasing this product for water purification. Nope, customers are using this solution to make MMS and treat their chronic health ailments.

There are dozens of review just like the one above. The individual above describes taking the solution internally. If you don’t believe me, check out more here.

Despite the seller having a great overall rating of 4.3, there are negative reviews of the products. Warnings from consumers are provided to costumers considering making the purchase.

I am happy to see some common sense within the delusional reviews raving about the use of bleach for curing illness. While the seller only sells the first portion of MMS, customers need to purchase citric acid. Also, Amazon provides suggestions on what other people buy with the product.

The books referenced above provide protocols for the MMS. They also contain instructions on how to make the solution in your home.

Even though the Federal Government already imprisoned a man for running this same scam in 2015, Amazon is permitting a seller to mimic their sales model. The seller takes steps to make it appear that the product is for water purification. However, all the recommended products suggested with the Sodium Chlorite relate to Miracle Mineral Solution.

Amazon is a U.S. based company. They are required to follow the laws for selling medical products in the US. The seller uses a scheme to work around U.S.A. laws. Amazon should not allow these products on their website.

Amazon knows customers are buying this product and making MMS based on their product recommendations to consumers. By allowing their platform to be used to sell MMS, I feel Amazon is responsible for the poisoning and abuse of autistic children around the United States.

Shame on you, Amazon. Stop allowing sellers to market a product that the FDA warns people from using.

Amazon must be held accountable.

Please report Amazon for Unlawful Sales of Medical Products on the Internet.

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  • WallofSleep

    “Over the past few months, I have been working on exposing and uncovering individuals that sell miracle cures.”

    And I thank you for your service.

  • You are welcome. I have been working on researching a gentleman and stumbled onto the Amazon issue. Since the piece on the guy will take more research, the Amazon piece was an easy add for today. Funny how that works.

    I will always fight to protect children and vulnerable adults.

  • aвѕolυт clancy

    Reported to FDA, thank you for this post! The proliferation of quackery has been a terrible side effect of the internet. It’s even worse that places like Mayo and the Cleveland Clinic are endorsing it under the euphemistic misnomer of CAM. Anything to make a g*dd@mn buck. Thanks for fighting it.

  • Of course! Thank you for reporting it! I reported it as soon as I finished the article.

  • Windy Wagna


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