What Brett Kavanaugh’s White Privilege Tells Female Assault Victims

What Brett Kavanaugh’s White Privilege Tells Female Assault Victims September 28, 2018

A historic event took place yesterday at Capitol Hill. Brett Kavanaugh faced a Senate Judiciary Committee to answer questions about accusations of sexual assault. Around the country, Americans watched in horror as the circus unfolded. His accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford described in detail an assault by Kavanaugh in 1982. Later in the afternoon, Kavanaugh accused Democrat leadership of launching an attack on democracy. Late last night Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told the press the vote for Kavanaugh would continue as planned for this morning. Women around the country woke up this morning realizing that white male privilege protects white male privilege. Additionally, female assault victims are reminded their voices don’t matter to our lawmakers.

Kavanaugh started his opening statement combative and angry at Democrats. He accused Democrats of withholding evidence until the last minute. A nominee to the highest court in our nation played partisan politics. His performance riled up the Republican Senators.

All morning, Republicans deferred all questions to Dr. Ford to a third party. Rachel Mitchell, leader of the special victim’s division of Maricopa County, Arizona, was supposed to be the moderator for Republican Senators. Senators allowed her to run the morning interview with Dr. Ford.

However, by the afternoon Senator Lindsay Graham decided to flip the script and take the reigns of the hearing. Graham told the committee the hearing and accusations against Kavanaugh were an unethical sham. He accused Senator Dianne Feinstein of withholding information and saving it until the last minute.

After asking Kavanaugh if he was a gang rapist, Graham went on to say, ”

“This is hell. This is going to destroy the ability of good people to come forward because of this crap. Your high school yearbook. You have interacted with professional women all your life, not one accusation.

You’re supposed to be Bill Cosby when you’re a junior and senior in high school. And all of a sudden you got over it. It’s been my understanding that if you drug women and rape them for two years in high school, you probably don’t stop.

Here’s my understanding. If you lived a good life, people would recognize it like the American bar association has the gold standard. “His integrity is absolutely unquestioned. He is very circumspect in his personal conduct, harbors no biases or prejudices. Entirely ethical. Is a really decent person. Is warm, friendly, unassuming. He’s the nicest person.” …”

After Graham’s chest pounding display of support to Kavanaugh, it was clear to me they never intended to listen to Dr. Ford. Republican Senators walked into the hearing with their minds made up. Dr. Ford’s heartwrenching and detailed testimony was nothing more than lip-service they paid to Senate Democrats.

As the afternoon went on, Kavanaugh refused to answer questions about Mark Judge, the friend in the room when the assault occurred. When Senator Kamala Harris asked if he would submit to a polygraph, Kavanaugh refused to answer.

At every turn when a Democratic Senator attempted to seek answers to their questions, Kavanaugh interrupted or tried to filibuster their time by offering long unnecessary explanations.

He refused to answer basic questions about his drinking, memory, or the meaning of slang words he used in his high school yearbook. When they asked if he would call President Trump to open an FBI investigation, he refused to agree to the request.

By the end of the day, Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, the only swing vote on the committee, asked no questions of Kavanaugh. Instead, he made a statement and said, “In the end, there’s likely to be as much doubt as certainty going out of this room today.”

I heard those statements come out of Flake’s mouth and I shook my head. While I do not know the full details about what happened in 1982, I believe the way Kavanaugh acted and behaved is not consistent with a man that is innocent. He took no responsibility for any of his actions in his youth.

Instead, he blamed everyone else around him for his alleged crimes. Kavanaugh’s outbursts, temper tantrums, and rude interruptions did not strike me as a man fit to serve on the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh had an opportunity to explain himself to the American people. He had a chance to be sympathetic to women and victims of sexual assault. However, his evasion of questions and refusal for an FBI investigation made it clear to me there is likely truth to Dr. Ford’s testimony. Innocent men do not hide their truth.

By the end of the hearing, I knew the Republican Senators had already made up their mind. They were going to protect their nominee at all costs. The fact that Kavanaugh has multiple women accusing him of sexual misconduct made no difference to them.

In fact, Republican’s refused to interview any other witnesses regarding the evening in question. An unprecedented moment in our history. When Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas faced accusations by Anita Hill of sexual harassment, the FBI conducted an investigation.

The investigation took them only three days to complete. However, it allowed the government time to look into the claims. Hill’s allegations of sexual harassment pale in comparison to the severity of the accusations Dr. Ford levies against Kavanaugh.

After everything that happened yesterday, I wasn’t surprised to see Mitch McConnell said the vote would go on for Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh is an affluent white man that attended Yale University and Yale Law School. He’s rubbed elbows and worked for former President George W. Bush. All the white Senators on the panel, are protecting their white judicial colleague. Even this morning Senator Jeff Flake, said to be a swing vote, said he would vote to confirm Kavanaugh.

Every part of this hearing was a joke and a slap in the face to all victims of sexual abuse and women. The Senate Judiciary Committee is full of White Male Republicans that care more about their conservative agenda than the rights of victims. Make no mistake Male White Privilege is alive and well in our nation’s capital. I have little doubt the Senate will confirm Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

Yesterday my worst fears about our country were confirmed, women are second class citizens in our nation. Our experiences and voices do not matter. We are called liars, sluts, and accused of tempting our assailants by how we dress. If we chose to speak up and speak out, our accusations are discounted or downplayed. Our perpetrators are rarely held accountable and many of them go on to elevate their social and economic position. White men of affluence will always protect other white men of affluence.

The only way we can affect change is to vote these fools out of office in November.

Women and all victim’s of sexual assault deserve to share their stories without fear of retribution. We deserve lawmakers that will protect us rather than protecting or perpetrators. Our experiences matter. Sexual assault and abuse have no place in our society, politics, or court system. As Americans, we deserve more in a Supreme Court Justice than Brett Kavanaugh.

Make your voice heard in November.

Vote Blue.

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  • Im saddened, disheartened, and sick about all of this. I can only imagine what Dr. Ford has gone through. And for all of that, it’s not even a surprise.

    Men have hysterics over little boys being molested by priests, by boy scout leaders, and gym instructors. But put one woman up against a highly placed wall of male privilege, and the whole hysterical output turns on her. What have we done to ourselves, as human beings, that we permit this kind of behavior, this kind of government, to exist?

  • Raging Bee

    Men have hysterics over little boys being molested by priests, by boy scout leaders, and gym instructors.

    Actually, no, most of these men have no more sympathy for molested boys then for raped women. Their hysteria is being conveniently directed more at grown men who have consensual sex with each other. Oh and imaginary demons…

  • Yeah, I agree. I have not seen a mass uproar from congress regarding the sex scandal of the catholic church. the silence by them is actually DEAFENING

  • epeeist
  • WallofSleep

    Oh snap…

    Trump Orders Kavanaugh FBI Probe After Senate Delays Confirmation Vote


  • Pofarmer

    This is something I hadn’t noticed, which is also very true

  • Pofarmer

    The cynical side of me says the “investigation” will be a whitewash. I don’t think Trump would have ordered it if he didn’t think so.

  • Lizard

    Someone recently pointed out that rape is the only crime where “But I was so tempted that I couldn’t help myself!” is an actual legal defense that actual juries and actual judges actually take seriously. With any other crime, we call that a confession.

  • Jim Jones

    > The only way we can affect change is to vote these fools out of office in November.

    There’s no good reason that the government can’t be majority female. Women just have to run.

  • Jim Jones

    And abortion, also called unpunished sex.

  • Jim Jones

    They’re afraid of losing the women’s vote with the election coming up.