Woman makes Blood Sausage with her Own Blood

Woman makes Blood Sausage with her Own Blood October 8, 2018


A woman in the Netherlands shared a disgusting story on Motherboard Netherlands. Naturally, we wanted to share the story with you. We have written about crazy cures for diseases, salves that burn the skin and drinking urine for health purposes. This story takes the cake. Gwen Van Der Zwan shared her story of making blood sausage with her own blood. The story has so many things wrong with it, and we will happily break all of that down for you.

Gwen decided one day that she wanted to cook a meal for friends. She loves to eat blood sausage but hates that she harms pigs for their blood to make the sausage. Instead of using pig’s blood, Gwen thought her blood should be used for the recipe. Sounds a little bit reckless and like an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. However, Gwen loved the idea of getting a reaction out of people.

Gwen’s rationalization for using her blood is that her own blood contains nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. The idea sounds a little bit far-fetched to me. However, she is right that there is a lot of iron in the blood.

Unfortunately, human stomachs and intestines are not built to break down blood. In fact, drinking too much blood can cause an overdose of iron call hemochromatosis. Hemochromatosis is over absorption of iron. When your body has too much iron, the iron attacks the liver, heart, the joints, and pancreas. In some extreme cases, hemochromatosis leads to death.

If Gwen only drinks a little bit of blood, most experts say the blood might give her a stomach ache. She might also throw up the blood.

We have no idea if Gwen bothered to research the long-term consequences of drinking blood. Our guess is she likely did not know anything about the risks of consuming her blood. However, if she did understand the ramifications, then she’s even more ridiculous than we initially thought.

After Gwen decided to make the sausage with her own blood, she knew she needed to buy supplies to get the blood out of her body. Naturally, Gwen went online to find medical supplies.

To make the blood, Gwen needed to get blood out of her body. She required needles and blood bag to complete her task. Gwen only needed to buy one or two needles for her experiment. Yet, she realized the boxes of needles came in boxes of 100.

Naturally, Gwen bought six boxes or 600 needles for her experiment. Based on the quantities she purchased, I’m guessing Gwen is planning to make the sausage more than once.

Next, she looked for blood bags to hold the blood. Luckily for Gwen, she found a place that donated the blood bags.

Donated blood bags?

Yep. Gwen took blood bags that individuals and organizations need for legitimate medical purposes. None of that seemed to bother her though.

The next day Gwen received the box of needles and bags. She said she felt like a kid on Christmas morning.

Next, Gwen hooked herself up to take her blood. She said she took 1/2 a liter of blood from her arm. When the blood was coming out of her arm, Gwen stopped to wonder what her mom would think about her. We already know that if mom knew what was going on, she would be running over to her home and ripping the needle out of her arm.

Gwen remarked that her arm got super purple while the blood came out. She chopped it up to tying her arm too tight with the tourniquet.  After she collected the blood, she removed the needle, and a massive whoosh of blood came out of her vein. Gwen thought it was funny and decided it was due to her inexperience with taking blood.

When individuals donate blood, needles puncture a hole into a vein. If the individual has difficulty puncturing the vein, the hole in the vein can be larger than average. When the holes are larger than usual, blood can leak into the surrounding tissue. The excess blood can create purple and black bruises on the skin.

Also, when there is not enough pressure applied to the sight of the vein when the needle is removed, excess blood can leak out of the remaining hole. The result can be an increased loss of blood.  Gwen said she felt weak after she finished taking her blood. The weakness is likely due to a bad stick to her vein and taking out too much blood.

Of course, none of that stopped her from continuing on her cooking journey. She invited a friend with experience in making blood sausage to come to help her make the meal. Together Gwen and her friend, Fayette, prepared the meal together. Despite the danger of handling biological fluids, pictures appear to show that neither used gloves.

Once they put together the sausage with the herbs, soy sauce, tomato puree, and lentils, they stuck the concoction in the oven. When they finished cooking, Gwen said her kitchen looked like a slaughterhouse.

Next, Gwen said that she wanted to invite friends over to her home. She mentioned numerous friends said that they wanted to try the blood sausage. According to Gwen, she had taken the fecal matter of a few of her friends and co-workers a few months earlier. She took their poop and made a “Poop pill” and ingested their poop. Those friends all wanted to come to share the blood sausage.

Alas, there wasn’t enough for a dinner party. Gwen could only invite one friend. She set the mood by lighting some candles. Then she drizzled some of the remaining uncooked blood on the sausage. When her friend came over, the two feasted on the sausage.

Gwen said the sausage tasted good, but she did say she used too much soy sauce. Apparently, the sausage was just a bit too salty for her taste. What Gwen doesn’t realize is blood contains sodium. Due to the blood containing sodium, blood is naturally very salty. For this reason, it is more probable the salty taste is from the blood.

Her friend enjoyed the sausage too. By her friend eating Gwen’s blood, they exposed themselves to any viruses or bacteria in the blood. Gwen did pour uncooked blood on their sausage. Hopefully, her friend didn’t pick up any unnecessary pathogens.

We have no follow-up information to provide on Gwen or her friend victim to share; we hope both of them suffered no side effects from the experiment. Our assumption is Gwen is probably still hosting blood sausage parties today.

Tell us your thoughts!

Is Gwen’s experiment as ridiculous as it sounds?

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  • kilda

    well, that’s disgusting and medically unsafe! I can beat it though. there was a story somewhere about a woman who made bread using yeast from her own vagina. If nothing else, she and this woman should have a potluck.

  • OMG!

  • some bastard on the internet
  • WallofSleep

    I believe there is (or was) a beer producer doing something similar.

  • WallofSleep
  • Unreal. I can’t believe she wrote and shared the story.

  • Yeah – like the levels of crazy in this story are IMMENSE

  • WallofSleep

    Ah, they were planning on using vaginal lactic acid in the beer making process.


    I’ll stick with Natty Ice, thanks.

  • omg yuck!

  • WallofSleep

    Right? I’ll consume vaginal lactic acid the old fashioned way, as the heathen gods intended.

  • Sophotroph

    The article comes off as a bit overwrought to me. What she did to get the blood was fairly unsafe, but nobody risks hemochromatosis from eating blood sausage.

    Gross? Yes.
    Dangeous putting holes in yourself without training? Hell yes.
    Dangerous to eat?

    Honestly, not if she’s disease-free and cooked it thoroughly. That’s ironically the safest part of the whole bizarre situation.

    But yeah, don’t try this at home, folks!

  • Correct, but as a writer, I did want to outline what can happen if you consume too much blood.

  • And eating your own blood? Eh, you have whatever disease is in the blood already because it’s your blood.

    Getting a friend involved on the other hand….