British Man Says Drinking Turpentine will Cure Cancer

British Man Says Drinking Turpentine will Cure Cancer October 19, 2018
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The global alternative and complementary medicine market is a billion-dollar business. In 2015, Grandview Research estimated the industry at $40.32 billion. Researchers expect the market to be worth $196.87 billion by 2025 with 60% of the world’s population utilizing some form of the market. Because there is so much money to earn in the market, individuals are drawn into the world to make a profit. Unfortunately, the market is highly unregulated by many governments around the world. Due to the lack of oversight, the industry is filled with products marketed as cure-alls for any ailment. One product, turpentine, is growing in popularity thanks to a man based out of Thailand Danny Glass. Danny uses Facebook and YouTube to sell the benefits of using turpentine to treat every known illness to man. He even tells followers drinking turpentine will cure cancer.

Turpentine is an extract taken from pine trees. Turpentine can be sold in oil or gum (resin) forms. Generally, individuals use turpentine to thin paint because it is a good solvent. However, historically, turpentine had been used for medical purposes.

An article on Atlas Obscura outlined the historical medical uses for turpentine. The author pointed to a book written on turpentine:

“Turpentine has deep roots in medical history. In Looking for Longleaf: The Fall and Rise of an American Forest, author Lawrence S. Earley explains that the Romans used it to treat depression, naval surgeons during the Age of Sail injected it (hot) into wounds, and medics used it to try and stop heavy bleeding. Doctors found it appealing, even though they knew about its less-desirable effects.”

However, today doctors now understand that turpentine causes bleeding in the lungs and kidney damage. Even though turpentine has antiseptic properties, the overall toxicity of the product makes it harmful for human consumption.

Natural health advocates and salespeople don’t seem to care that turpentine has dangerous side effects. Instead, many individuals promote turpentine use for clients. Danny Glass hosts a YouTube channel called Sun Fruit Dan. His channel has 66,000 subscribers, and he has videos outlining all of the uses of turpentine.

Danny Glass is a British man living in Thailand. Over the years, he has amassed quite a social media following. He uploads videos and shares benefits of using turpentine and other natural remedies like miracle mineral solution, hydrogen peroxide, and borax.

Danny is not a medical doctor nor does he appear to have any formal education in medicine. However, he works as a “Health Coach” for clients, and he instructs them on how to use toxic chemicals to cure all of their ailments.

As most snake oil salespeople go, Danny focuses much of his time and energy on the fake natural health illnesses of candida and parasites. He instructs people to drink, rub topically, and use turpentine filled enemas. Danny believes that pooping out the parasites and candida is the only way to cleanse the body.

His Facebook Group is filled with people talking about drinking turpentine. Group members then take photos of their bowel movements to sort through and find the parasites in the poop. They hope that the turpentine will rid their bodies of the fake illnesses and help them feel better.

Of course, most photos are not parasites. Most of the tissue they individuals claim to be parasites are actual linings of the bowel and intestines.

Danny is vegan and promotes a minimal and low-calorie diet for all his clients. His videos on YouTube outline the benefits of eating only raw foods. Much like Jillian Epperly of the famed, Jilly Juice, Danny believes that candida and parasites are the cause for all illnesses.

In his Facebook group, members ask questions on treating depression, autism, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and HIV. Danny doesn’t just push turpentine to his group. He suggests using supplements, borax, and miracle mineral solution. When a member asked if turpentine could cure HIV, Danny replied:

In February, he let the group know that turpentine can be used as a treatment to cure cancer:

In a YouTube video, Danny tells his subscribers that he’s realized that copper toxicity is the cause of many ailments. While he still believes candida and parasites are problematic, he believes copper toxicity causes numerous diseases including:

His solution for his subscribers is to use turpentine to rid their bodies of the toxic substance. Since most of us do not swallow large amounts of copper on a daily basis, copper toxicity is yet another lie he peddles to his followers.

Not only does Danny promote the products, but he also sells the products. Up until recently, he hosted a website where he used affiliate links through Amazon to sell MMS, Turpentine, Borax, and other supplements to help his clients.

Unfortunately for Danny, he’s been under a tiny bit of legal pressure after he killed his pregnant girlfriend in a motor vehicle accident. Multiple reports and videos on his YouTube outline the case against Danny. He and his girlfriend, Sophie Emma Rose Anderson, crashed into an 18-wheel truck. Danny swerved to avoid a parked car, and the semi truck crushed Sophie.

Thai authorities sentenced Danny to reckless driving. He received an 18 month suspended sentence and B15,000 fine or in the US $460.00 fine. The death of Sophie created international headlines for Glass. Numerous people suspected the death was not accidental. However, Thai authorities filed no charges related to the reckless homicide.

Despite the suspicious death of his pregnant girlfriend, Danny continues to hawk his snake oil to his adoring sheep. After the sentence, Danny told followers he hopes to relocate out of Thailand. In September he updated his Facebook and said that he intends to move to Los Angeles, California.

Danny has managed to escape charges for practicing medicine without a license. However, by moving to the U.S., he will enter a world where he will need to substantiate all claims he makes regarding any products he sells. If he isn’t careful, he may end up like Jillian Epperly with a warning from the Federal Trade Commission.

For now, Danny hawks whatever he believes is the new best product to cure everything. The primary product he pushes is turpentine. As we pointed out, turpentine is dangerous and toxic for consumption. Do not try turpentine at home.

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  • Anthrotheist

    Well, if you limit the term “cure” to mean “permanently stops the growth of all cancerous cells . . . “, then the claim is basically correct. The problem arises when you tack on that tricky bit at the end, “. . . while the patient is still alive.”

  • Raging Bee

    “Alternative” “medicine” seems to be getting a lot crazier — and more dangerous — that I ever remember it to be. It’s almost like the people trying to make a buck off of it are having to reach further than before for more outrageous products to sell than before, as the original stuff either gets mainstreamed, goes out of fashion, or gets exposed and abandoned as crap. Maybe this is a sign that alt-med in general is on the way out…

  • persephone

    Tiffany Haddish promotes this same turpentine BS, and she has a much bigger following. Her reasoning is that black people have been doing it since slave days, so it must work. *smdh*

  • I saw an article about her regarding turpentine. She doesn’t spend all of her time and energy talking about it. However, I do hear what you are saying. She likely follows the african american doctor that reintroduced turpentine into the world in the 1990s

  • WallofSleep

    People winge on and on about “Big Pharma”, and never spend a moment’s thought on “Big Alt-Med” which generates just as much wealth for it’s pimps, and is orders of magnitude more dangerous.

  • yep, it’s a huge industry that makes a ton of money

  • £14.99 for a full Christmas dinner for 4 people, thats why mums go to iceland..

    400 baht (about a tenner) for a fit 20 year old oriental chick bouncing up and down on your cock all night, thats why Dan went to Thailand…

  • Anat

    Re: copper: There are 2 common routes of exposure to copper: Having copper water pipes and eating organic produce – copper is approved as a fungicide, and its use is considered OK because it has been in use since Roman times (well, the Romans also used lead in makeup…) and is ‘natural’.

  • WallofSleep

    And I’m sure she was a “20 year old”, wink wink, nudge nudge.

  • Jim Jones

    I drank a little once (by accident). It tastes awful.

  • Jim Jones

    > why mums go to iceland..


  • Maffey Ibuprofen

    Take at least 8 years off that!

  • Maffey Ibuprofen

    It’s from an advertisement for the supermarket chain Iceland in the UK

  • Jim Jones

    Yes, no sign of them here. Aldi haven’t made an impact either, so far.

  • WallofSleep

    By accident? Are you sure you didn’t use it to wash down a handful of birth control pills…

  • Jim Jones

    Never store turps in a coke bottle.

  • Cozmo the Magician

    “Do not try turpentine at home.” really! Try it at church where people can prey on pray for you. (do i REALLY need a /s here?)

  • If you can clean paintbrushes with it, and use it to remove old carpet tape from the floor, you probably should not be drinking it.

  • frostysnowman

    Next time I’m sick, it’s turpentine with a Jilly Juice chaser for me!