Evangelical Pastor Says Pedophiles are a Part of the LGBTQ+

Evangelical Pastor Says Pedophiles are a Part of the LGBTQ+ October 8, 2018
YouTube Screen Grab

In a new sermon uploaded to Cornerstone Church’s YouTube channel, Pastor Andrew Rappaport makes a startling claim to his congregation. The video titled, “Witnessing to LGBTQM+,” Andrew gives his followers instructions on how to talk to people that identify as a part of the LGBTQ. Evangelicalizing to “convert” the gay out of people is nothing new for Christians. However, Andrew asserts that Minor-Attracted People (MAP) or pedophiles are a part of the community. What Andrew fails to realize is that MAPs or pedophiles are not a part of the LGBTQ+. He doesn’t seem to care though, and for 57 agonizing minutes, Andrew tells his community how to talk to individuals in the LGBTQ+.

At the beginning of the sermon, Andrew is compelling people to engage with individuals that he feels are damned to hell. To help these people, Andrew wants his congregation to talk to them about the glory of God. As he introduces the group to the LGBTQ+, he goes through a rundown of the meaning of each initial.

As he gets to the end, he adds on an M. He tells his congregation, incorrectly that individuals that are attracted to minors are a welcome part of the LGBTQ+.

Over the past several months, pastors have been making these claims about pedophilia. A poster went viral over the summer showing a Man and child holding hands with the caption saying, “Pedophiles are people too.”

Trolls all over social media have pushed this propaganda, falsely, that the LGBTQ+ accept and endorse pedophiles in their community. However, all of that is false.

For decades, the Christian right has tried to tie pedophiles to the LGBTQ+. However, there is no link between the sexual attraction of minor children and same-sex attraction.

The conservative Christians believe they must save anyone that isn’t straight as an arrow from the burning pits of hell. Andrew wants his congregation to include pedophiles in the group.

Despite their assertions that pedophiles are accepted and embraced by the LGBTQ+, the facts are pedophiles are not welcome in the community. The LGBTQ+ do not include pedophiles in their advocacy, and they do not condone pedophilia.

All of this is fear mongering by Andrew to his congregation. Pedophilia elicits fear and rage in people, and it also motivates people to move forward into their outreach.

In order to push his congregation forward to reach out, he needs to scare them to believe that pedophiles are now an accepted part of our society.

Andrew’s sermon has created outrage on Twitter and YouTube. Non-Sequitur dedicated two hours to Andrew Rappaport on Sunday to dispel the claims he makes in the sermon. Bit by the Bit Kyle Curtis and Steve McRae outlined all the factual errors in Andrew’s message.

Non-Sequitur invited Andrew to defend his claims by coming onto their show. However, Andrew declined the invitation. He did appear to watch the episode because he tried to Flag the channel for harassment later the same day.

For the record, the channel did not ask anyone to attack Andrew. The show debunked all the lies Andrew spewed to his flock of sheep.

Andrew fails to realize that as a pastor he doesn’t get to add a category to a group without the group’s consent. Kyle Curtis of Non-Sequitur, a gay man, reminded Andrew in the video that neither he nor his wider community condones pedophilia. He also reminded Andrew that men raping children isn’t even in the same galaxy as same-sex adults having consensual relationships or sex.

Andrew is another, in a string of hundreds of Christian pastors, that use fear and hate to motivate his sheep to save people from hell. His statements are harmful and hateful to anyone that identifies their sexuality as other than heterosexual.

Andrew is wrong.

His words are hateful, inaccurate, bigoted, and discriminatory to millions of people.

If anyone needs to be saved from hell, that person might be Andrew.

It’s ok Andrew, we’ll pray for you.

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  • Tawreos

    You are far more likely to find a pedophile in a church than you are in a gay bar or group.

  • yep!

  • Jim Jones

    More true than you may know.

    Australia’s worst paedophile priest ‘molested every boy’ at school in Victoria (Link)

    Australia’s royal commission into child sex abuse told that senior Church leaders were aware of the crimes of Father Gerald Ridsdale and an “evil” paedophile ring that he operated for decades

    The commission heard that, in 1971, each of the male teachers and the chaplain at the St Alipius primary school was molesting children.

    Philip Nagle, who was abused at the school, held up a photograph of his fourth grade class and said that twelve of the 33 boys had since committed suicide.

    Australia sexual abuse ‘a national tragedy’ (Link)
    Catholic Church ‘abused 4,400 children’ (Link)
    Messages from child abuse survivors (Link)
    Voices From the Grave: Suicide Victims of the Roman Catholic Church (Link)

    The Hidden Devastation of Priestly Pedophilia: Suicide (Link)


    Over 300 ‘predator priests’ in Pennsylvania accused of abuse in grand jury report

    More than 1,000 child victims were identifiable from the church’s own records, according to the report.

    Among the most horrific findings in the grand jury report:

    • A ring of predatory priests that allegedly manufactured child pornography on diocese property and used whips, violence and sadism on their victims.
    • That same group of priests gave boys they favored gold cross necklaces, which, the report states, “were a signal to other predators that the children … were optimal targets for further victimization.”
    • One priest allegedly abused five sisters in a single family despite prior abuse reports that were never acted on. The priest collected samples of the girls’ urine, pubic hair and menstrual blood, according to the report.
    • Lack of discipline for priests who admitted to abuse: A priest who confessed to raping of at least 15 boys, some as young as 7. A bishop later said that the priest was “a person of candor and sincerity” and complimented him “for the progress he has made” in controlling his “addiction.”
    • A priest who quit after years of child abuse complaints and asked for — and received — a reference letter for his next job — at Walt Disney World.

    The report said that abuse complaints were kept in the church’s so-called secret archive and church officials worked to hide incidents, failed to discipline priests or report the allegations to law enforcement.

    “Priests were raping little boys and girls, and the men of God who were responsible for them not only did nothing; they hid it all,” the report said.

    Shapiro said the report showed a “systematic cover up by senior church officials in Pennsylvania and at the Vatican.”

    “The abuse scarred every diocese, the cover-up was sophisticated,” he said.


  • Michael Neville

    You’re also more likely to find people who support and protect pedophiles in a church than in a gay bar or group.

  • WallofSleep

    Hell, at the 1889 Hobo Convention they codified the Hobo Ethical Code, with rule #13 stating:

    Do not allow other hobos to molest children, expose all molesters to authorities, they are the worst garbage to infest any society..”

    So a young child is potentially safer even riding the rails with homeless people than they would be in a church.


  • Raging Bee

    Hobos, at the very least, knew they were NOT in any privileged class, party or group, and they’d have zero protection and zero shelter from a popular backlash against any rumors of child-molesters within their group. That’s one reason why they had to create such a code.

  • Nomad

    Huh. Not where I was expecting this to go. I assumed that this was going to go in the direction of “people become LGBTQ after they’re sexually abused as children”. I’ve seen that one all over the place.

    Just saying that pedophiles are included and tacking on a letter is a new one on me. My spirits fall as I think about what this means, though. Now I can look forward to someone lecturing me on how LGBT society embraces pedophiles, how it’s a real thing that nobody is willing to talk about. They’ll be the experts because they saw some guy making shit up on Youtube.

  • igotbanned999

    Does the Bible even explicitly condemn pedophilia anywhere?

  • Freodin

    Now let’s see how much flak I will get for that…

    In a different discussion where this topic arose, I pointed out that people should stop to equate pedophiles and child molesters. Pedophiles sexually prefer (prepubescent) children. They might never touch or molest a child… but in the eyes of the public, they are just the same as someone who did rape a child.

    This does nothing but to drive pedophiles deeper into hiding, keep them from looking for help with their problematic sexuality and even prevents and stigmatizes people and organisations who try to help people from becoming child molesters. If you try to point out that a pedophile as such doesn’t harm anyone and needs help to keep it at that, you are called a “child molester apologet”.

    I do not defend child molestation. I do not defend those who argue for a “consenting” sexual relationship between adults and children. I am just trying to point out that this equation of “pedophile” and “child molester” does more harm than good.

  • Nomad

    I have no fundamental problem with this. I’m familiar with the concept of the virtuous pedophile.

    It opens up a few cans of worms that I’m too tired to really explore, but I can accept the basic premise of what you say.

  • Keith Taylor

    Did Rappaport have words of support for the Pizzagate conspiracy theory too?

  • (((J_Enigma32)))

    He also reminded Andrew that men raping children isn’t even in the same galaxy as same-sex adults having consensual relationships or sex.

    It is, however, in the same neighborhood as Christians voting for and supporting Roy Moore.

    Once again, they prove they only care about sexual assault when it’s convenient to them. Moral relativism at its finest.

  • Zetopan0

    According to the bibles that I have read, a 12 to 13 year old girl is marriageable. Biblical morals are *very* primitive; a man must take his disobeying drunk son to the village square where the father along with the village elders will stone him to death.

  • swbarnes2

    Support? Some prominent Christian leaders will help a pedophile marry and have kids to molest!

  • Adrian

    Yeah, it’s a pet peeve of mine too, and not just because I’m a pedant who doesn’t like to see a psychiatic term being (mis)used as a legal/criminal term…

    It makes it pretty much impossible to study pedophilia, even though studying abstinent pedophiles seems like an obvious avenue of research to help develop treatments (or at least coping strategies) But good luck finding volunteers as long as they run the very real risk of finding themselves the target of a rabid, unthinking virtual (or real) lynch mob. It’s all so utterly counter-productive, and may well lead some to go the “Then Let Me Be A Monster” road…

    There is also the little problem that quite a few child molesters are merely opportunistic rapists going after children because they make easy/easily manipulated targets, not actual pedophiles in the psychiatric sense.