Leaked Screenshots Highlight Emilee Saldaya’s Involvement in Infant Death

Leaked Screenshots Highlight Emilee Saldaya’s Involvement in Infant Death November 10, 2018

Earlier this week Free Birth Society launched their paid membership to their cult followers. Former members of the online groups hosted by Free Birth Society went online to share their critical opinions about founder Emilee Saldaya. In a post shared yesterday, one former member dropped two screenshots proving Emilee Saldaya’s involvement in Free Birth Momma’s death is far more than she ever led on.

The former member took to her Facebook to publically share her thoughts about Free Birth Society’s new membership forum. In the post, the member said she believed her opinion might be unpopular, but she felt the words needed to be spoken.

After the former member shared her post, dozens of former Free Birth Society members commented and agreed with her opinion. Many echoed the same concerns about Emilee’s denials about helping Free Birth Momma.

Then seemingly out of nowhere, one of the poster’s friends dropped two screenshots that turn Emilee’s denials entirely sideways.

Shortly after Free Birth Momma’s baby died, Emilee Saladaya took to Facebook to deny any involvement in the death of the infant. She went distanced herself in the statement by saying she only shared a handful of texts with the mother.

If you need a refresher here is Emilee’s Statement:

In the screenshots obtained by one of our sources, Emilee’s denial is a complete and utter fabrication.

In two separate images, Emilee confirms her involvement with the mother’s birth and assures the individual that the mother was okay.

The above screenshot shows a former member reaching out to Emilee.  The concerned member reaches out and says she is worried about Free Birth Momma. We redacted the name for her privacy.

Emilee tells the woman, “Oh! Yes, I’ve been talking with her for days.”

If you remember Emilee publically stated her communication with Free Birth Momma was limited.

Next Emilee continues and says, “She showed me photos, and I saw no mec.” Then when the member insists she was anxious, Emilee casually says, “Nah, she good.”

We know that only days later, Journey Moon passed away and Free Birth Momma delivered her stillborn.

Emilee’s comment is about updates posted by Free Birth Momma. On day 4 of her labor, Free Birth Momma’s water broke. After her water broke, she asked the group about the possibility of meconium in her water.

Emilee confirms in this screenshot that she exchanged photos with Free Birth Momma of her amniotic fluid. Additionally, Emilee admits she told the mom she saw no meconium.

While we have no idea how Free Birth Momma reacted to Emilee’s statements, we can only assume Free Birth Momma trusted Emilee’s opinion.

Since the death of Journey Moon, Emilee has said multiple times she and Free Birth Momma had limited contact. In an interview with the Daily Beast last week, Emilee doubled down on her denials.

However, these screenshots don’t lie, and we can confirm these shots are authentic.

Emilee appears to have provided medical advice to a mother in distress. The medical advice she offered seems to have contributed to the mother not seeking medical assistance. Due to that advice, Emilee influenced and added to the outcome of Journey Moon dying.

Emilee Saldaya appears to have blood on her hands. Former members appear hellbent on exposing her lies. We can only assume there will be more screenshots like these coming forward.

We will continue to update as we learn more.

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  • Fred Tully

    Let the buyer be aware. Anybody can try to sell anything, and some will buy.

    This is an issue, that as an old male, I know nothing, except I nearly died at birth. So my advise to all is to get the best care possible, and to give birth in a place that has the

    best available emergency services if they are needed. With home birth, if anything goes wrong, help is hours away. In a hospital, help is just down the hall. It does not make any sense to go back in time, when deaths were common, and to avoid medical care, at least in Canada, where the cost is not a personnel issue.

  • Jesus, she was acting in the capacity of a medical professional, without a license. She should go to jail for the death of this infant. OMg.

  • Eryn Woods

    Most women who have a home birth choose to have a licensed midwife there who can tell when something is wrong and if the mother needs to transfer. Free birthers don’t have a qualified birth attendant there. Home birth is completely safe with a licensed midwife in attendance.

  • Eryn Woods

    Also, help is not necessarily hours away. It depends on how far away you live from a hospital. In the US, most health insurance companies require that you live within 30 miles of a hospital in order to have coverage for your home birth. The attending midwife at a home birth also brings a registered nurse along with her. They have medications that can help save mom’s life in case of hemorrhage and they are trained in infant CPR & have the necessary infant resuscitation equipment, if needed. Women who are high risk are transferred into hospital-affiliated care if a home birth is no longer a safe option for them (before labor & birth of baby!). Of course, things can go wrong during labor but licensed midwives will transfer your care to an OB or midwife affiliated with a hospital if you develop GD, pre e, or any other issues prior to the labor and birth.

  • asheo

    I’ve had 5/6 of my babies out of hospital, 2 were unassisted (4th and 6th)… the plan was for my 5th to also be born unassisted, but when I started to feel off, I made the decision to transfer to the hospital for assistance. Just as a midwife would have done had she felt that something was off… if a freebirthing mother is unable to make that call, then she shouldn’t be freebirthing.
    For my 4th, I went in after the birth to be checked to be sure everything was fine as I felt it was… it was.
    My 6th, I had my midwife come over afterward to check out my baby, and again, all was perfect.
    I took precautions to prevent hemorrhaging as I had hemorrhaged in the past (#2 and 3).
    A mother should birth where ever and with whomever she feels most comfortable for the best outcome.
    I’m also in Canada… 30 minutes from the hospital, within the limits that allow for a home birth with a midwife.

  • Fred Tully

    we only get one chance at life. It is prudent to protect live. If you wish to be goofy, please do. The world is overpopulated, and you then are aiding in the solution.

  • nmgirl

    Are these women like some of the anti-vaxxers? Since she, personally, as never seen mother and/or baby die in childbirth (until now), it just isn’t a big problem or concern.

  • swbarnes2

    The entire licensed midwife staff at Morecombe bay all unanimously claimed that they were too f*cking stupid to know that a lowered temperature in a newborn was dangerous, and the baby died. “Breech is a variation of normal” is a common refrain among midwives. Ida May Gaskin teaches that it’s fine for midwives to deliver women with placenta previa. And the alarming number of “surprise” twins delivered by midwives…all of this shows that huge numbers of “trained” midwives are too stupid to recognize a dangerous birth, or just don’t care

    You were lucky. Caroline Lovell was a homebirther advocate. She was not stupider than you at picking a competent midwife. And her midwife told her to stay put and bleed to death in a birthing tub. Too stupid to even check her blood pressure.

  • swbarnes2

    Women who are high risk are transferred into hospital-affiliated care if a home birth is no longer a safe option for them (before labor & birth of baby!).

    You can say this, but it’s not true. Just look on this website of an account of a midwife doing a home birth of twins. The British birthplace study (and British midwives are all licensed and registered) showed that 7% of homebirths were high risk. Too many midwives care nothing for safety. Homebirthing midwives do multiples, breech births, skip GD testing, skip Staph B testing…the stories are legion.

  • Nice to see that people are using the 3 Ds — Document, Document, Document — and working to bring this woman to justice.

  • May not be hours, but in an emergency every second counts. If it takes the ambo five minutes to get to you, a good minute or two to load you up, and five-ten minutes to hospital, that’s more than long enough for a woman to bleed out and die.

  • keepitreal

    Prosecute her, haul her away in an orange jumpsuit and cuffs and throw away the key.