Mother Arrested After Children are Poisoned by Carbon Monoxide

Mother Arrested After Children are Poisoned by Carbon Monoxide November 15, 2018

A mother in Oklahoma is in custody, following a disturbing incident that took place last week. According to multiple reports, Rebekkah Sterling’s three children were found convulsing and seizing in her car. The children were transported to a local hospital and treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. Their mother, Rebekkah was arrested for child endangerment and neglect. Witnesses at the scene described horrific details about the event.

Chickasha Police arrived on scene at Chickasha Travel Plaza. Police came following a third party report of three children seizing inside a car. When officers arrived, they located Rebekkah standing outside of her vehicle holding her three-year-old child.

According to a report on Chickasha News, Rebekkah opened the doors of the car. The window of the vehicle remained up. Police found an eight-year-old child laying down on a third-row seat. The child appeared stiff and had their hands clenched on their chest.

The police report obtained by the news outlet stated they located a two-year-old in the front driver’s seat. The report described the child as curled up in a ball and crying.

As if three seizing children isn’t horrific enough, the report outlined the condition of the children. Police described the children as filthy, with dirty fingernails, wearing dirty clothes, and all had cuts and scrapes on them.

Authorities noted the condition of the car as being unsanitary and filthy. They stated a powerful and overwhelming smell wafting from the vehicle. The inside of the vehicle contained trash and debris. When a police officer opened a center console, cockroaches climbed out of the console.

An ambulance transported the three children to Grady Memorial Hospital. Doctors treated the children for extremely high levels of carbon monoxide and neglect. Reports indicate the children were so dehydrated the nurses could not collect urine samples of the children.

When nurse fed the children, they noted the children ate extremely fast. The pace the children ate led the staff to believe the children had not eaten for quite some time.

Local police tested Rebekkah’s vehicle, and the car tested positive for carbon monoxide in and around the car. EMS told police they responded to a similar call with the same three children in October.

In the investigation, Rebekkah told the investigators she stopped to fill up her gas. When she got out of the car, she noticed her children convulsing. She opened the car to air out the car.

Rebekkah also admitted that she knew the car had an exhaust leak.  She said she took the car in for repairs, but the leak never got fixed. Despite knowing the danger of driving a car with an exhaust leak, she told officers she had no other transportation for her children.

Police stated in their report that Rebekkah seemed unconcerned about the health of her children. She provided numerous excuses for their filthy conditions.

The children are now in state custody with the Department of Human Services. Police arrested Rebekkah following the incident. Authorities are holding her on charges of child neglect and child abuse causing injury.

Reports by multiple outlets state Rebekkah admitted she had an open case regarding her children. She noted the caseworkers said her home was not in the proper condition to care for the children.

Rebekkah remains in jail at Grady County Jail.


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  • Die Anyway

    > “Doctors treated the children for extremely high levels of carbon dioxide and neglect.”

    I’m thinking carbon monoxide is more likely.
    In any case, people like this make me wonder how we ever got this far.

  • corrected

  • Tawreos

    Kids are always the first to suffer.

  • While I agree that it these kids were neglected and unsafe, the fact that the mom couldn’t afford to fix her car even though it had a potentially deadly flaw is not a mark against her. She didn’t have any other way to get around; it was the car with the exhaust leak or nothing, and nothing quite frankly isn’t an option. That alone means nothing. The rest of it was awful, but the fact that she was poor and had a crap, unsafe car? That’s just the reality of poverty in America.

  • I agree. The poverty aspect is definitely really awful. However, poverty is not an excuse for bad decision making. Based on everything I read, I am wondering how mentally fit she was to be a parent.

  • Oh, like I said, the kids were correctly removed from her custody. There’s a whole lot wrong with that family.

  • Phil

    I wonder if that is a slippery slope to getting a certificate of competence before being allowed to have children. Sure there has to be be safeguards for children etc. I wonder if this is just a consequence of living today? With a the huge income gaps etc. What chance does someone not so bright have on a minimal income, surrounded by adverts with happy smiling faces promising the unreachable. It must cause depression and despair. Maybe I am just waffling, I dunno, but it is sad.