Mother of Infant Infected by Measles Makes Desperate Plea to Vaccinate

Mother of Infant Infected by Measles Makes Desperate Plea to Vaccinate November 3, 2018
Photo Credit Facebook

Today a 9-month-old baby is suffering from the measles. His mother took to Facebook to share a status about her son’s health status. According to his mother, the infant has been sick since October 22. She shared that he has seen eight doctors, been hospitalized twice, and is in incredible pain. The mother used the status to remind people to vaccinate their children for measles to protect children under 13 months in age.

To protect the mother from harassment by anti-vaxxers, we will not be disclosing her name. However, in her update posted last night, the mother states her son’s measles diagnosis occurred 11 days ago.

Throughout the 11 days of his infection, her 9-month-old has been hospitalized. She indicated that doctors expect him to need additional hospitalizations as he recovers.

His mother states her son has infections in his ears. Despite scripts for three sets of antibiotics, her son’s ears are still bothering him.

She mentioned her son is not sleeping properly. He is screaming in pain and extremely uncomfortable due to the rash. In a photo posted, the mother appears exhausted and upset.

At the end of her post, she states, “This could’ve been prevented. My baby did not need to go through this. The MMR vaccine is done at 13 months. Children under this age rely on everyone else has made the choice to vaccinate to stop illnesses like this happening. Please vaccinate your children.”

Measles is a preventable disease. Children receive the MMR vaccination at ages 12 months – 15 months and again between ages four and six years old. The vaccine helps prevent children from contracting measles, mumps, and rubella. The Centers for Disease Control recommends all children receive the vaccination.

Parents around the world are opting out of vaccines. Many falsely believe the MMR causes autism. As fewer children receive the vaccines, outbreaks of measles pop up across the country. Outbreaks of the measles exist in at least 21 states.

The only way to prevent your child from becoming infected with measles is by vaccinating your child. Children under 12 months old rely on herd immunity to decrease their likelihood of contracting the virus. For this unfortunate young boy, his age prevented him from immunity.

Around the world, measles kills thousands of people each year. The World Health Organization stated that in 2016 89,780 died from the measles.

As the mother stated in her post, please help infants under 12 months old by vaccinating your children.


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  • Chamber

    This is why Anti-vaxxers piss me off. Not only do they refuse to vaccinate their kids but they also harass those who do. They clearly don’t give a flipping isht about other people’s kids otherwise they’d understand how important herd immunity is to infants under 13 months old.

  • B.E. Miller

    I need to go check out the location of FB mom. If she’s in the states, she is going to face a honkin’ HUGE hospital bill after this, I bet. Unless she has really good insurance. I can’t imagine having a child this sick, and a huge hospital bill.

    And it’s not like the anti-vaxxers are going to pay her bill either.

  • persephone

    I got the measles at age two. My mother spent the next two weeks worried that I would die.

    When I was five, I brought home chickenpox from kindergarten and my baby sister, just a few months old, came down with it, and, again, my mother had to face the possibility of her child dying.

    IOW, f**k these f**king f**ks.

  • TheBookOfDavid

    Even if every one of their claims are true, autism is a fate worse than death, at least as long as it’s only their neighbor that has to bury a child.

  • trinity91

    a reminder that it’s not just babies, but the elderly, immunocompromised, and those who cannot be vaccinated for legitimate medical reasons that are protected by vaccination.

  • trinity91

    they certainly didn’t pay the bills for my daughters whose medical bills when she finally died amounted into the millions (thankfully we had really good insurance). My daughter died from eventual complications from the flu because she could not be vaccinated. An antivaxxers kids got her sick. She was just under 4 when she died.

  • Michael Neville

    As an autistic person I can say it is survivable. Of course autism covers a broad spectrum and, as my therapist told me, “If you’ve seen one autistic then you’ve seen one autistic.”

  • Knitting Cat Lady

    I didn’t get the MMR vaccine as a kid. At least that’s what my mum and I thought. My immunisation records are more or less unreadable.

    So instead of going through the hassle of titres and what not I just got the shot when I was 25.

    The most scary thing about measles for me? The younger you are, the higher the chances of developing SSPE. SSPE is always fatal. And a long, drawn out process.

  • My deepest condolences. That is heartbreaking. And infuriating, that people would be so selfish and heartless as to cause a child’s death through their campaign of misinformation. I’m so sorry. I’m guessing that the antivaxxer (if you know who it was) sure didn’t care though.

    I found out a few years ago that there’s a chickenpox vaccine now. Blows my mind how good these vaccines are getting and how much pain and tragedy they avert. I’m too old to have gotten the chickenpox one, and so I got to “enjoy” a scorching-bad case of shingles in my early 30s. It is hard to imagine a parent that would be okay with that level of pain and suffering, especially if it could be averted with a simple shot in childhood. I’m also too young still to get the shingles vaccine covered, but I’m planning to pay for it myself as soon as I can because I’m just terrified of a do-over with shingles. I really like thinking that I’m one of the last Americans who’ll know what shingles feels like–no thanks to antivaxxers, of course. I hope that we’ll be done with this conspiracy theory soon. It’s got a body count. Again, my condolences and so much sympathy for you.

  • I can’t ask my mom as she’s passed on, but I feel safe in saying she’d have far rather preferred I develop autism than be dead. Even if antivaxxers’ claims were correct (which obviously they are not), autism is as you say survivable. Death is not. It’s hard to imagine a parent who would risk a child’s entire life just to avoid autism. Maybe they need to meet more autistics. I’m just glad that anti-antivaxxers began pointing out how bizarre antivaxxers are about autism and how disrespectful and cruel it is for them to talk that way about autistics. I don’t have kids, but even today, if one of these nutters told me that the shingles vaccine, say, might lead to me developing something like autism and they had credible evidence to support that claim, 100% I’d still get it. The complications from shingles (encephalitis, vision and hearing loss, pneumonia, and of course another visit from my old pal postherpetic neuralgia) are way worse than autism. And that’s about how antivaxxers’ fearmongering rolls with childhood vaccines.

  • coragyps

    I had measles at age twelve – way before the vaccine was available. I remember it well today – lying in bed, itchy, hallucinating from the fever. Nothing I would wish on anyone, ever. And my case was complications-free.

    Now my mother had died of polio when I was four, so I’m pretty solidly in the pro-vaccine camp. I’m going for flu and pneumonia shots this week.

  • Jim Jones

    Maybe we need to make it a law that un-vaccinated children wear a sign so everyone can avoid them.

    /s (sort of)

  • B.E. Miller

    I’m sorry to hear about your daughter.

  • Chamber
  • Chamber

    It’s painful to know that some antivaxxer is going to read about these unbelievably tragic moments of heartbreak & decide that’s the time to start hyping their homeopathic/holistic drivel. Happens every time.

  • Mglass

    People who are anti-vaccination would have to be young enough not to know what it was like to live in a world where there was no polio vaccine. There were pictures of children living in an iron lung to remind you what could happen to you if you caught polio. Or to listen to the stories of older colleagues who had diphtheria as a child. If you did, there is no way you would fall for the anti-vaccination nonsense.

  • Trillianv

    I am so very sorry for your loss. As a mother, my heart breaks for you. The anti-vax movement and Wakefield have blood on their hands.

  • MystiqueLady

    I am so sorry for your loss.

  • MystiqueLady

    Unfortunately the anti-vaxxers don’t understand that the decisions that they make for “their ” children threaten the life/health of others — Your rights end at the point when your choices impact the lives/well-being of others.

  • Mike Stevens

    Unimaginable… my sympathies go out to you and your family.

  • FrenchKissed

    Or better yet, we can strive towards making that colony on Mars a reality.

  • queerbluenoser

    I am blessed to have in my life people on the spectrum that are as close as family to me. I wouldn’t want to be without them.

    Autism is NOT a fate worse than death.

  • P. McCoy

    It IS in the United States, just like Downs Syndrome- while parents dance with an early death due to the stresses of having to economically provide ALL the support for every medical, living situation and lifestyle reality (even setting aside trust funds if they CAN as well as bullying or manipulating the siblings or relatives of the special needs person to basically dump any plans that they had for their OWN lives and become involuntary caregivers for someone else) of said disabled child!

    Countries like Australia, Canada or New Zealand don’t DO that- they provide the Healthcare and supported needed.

    So called ” pro lifers” who yap insanely against abortion for a Downs Syndrome fetus also vote for greedy cretins who don’t want a penny to go to create the Healthcare systems like in the countries mentioned – they doubtless blame the heterosexual married couple for having the sex that engendered the fetus in the FIRST PLACE!

  • P. McCoy

    When I see my 76 year old friend struggle for each step due to infant polio I am that much more grateful to have been born in 1956 and taken the sugar cube version of the polio vaccine in 1961.

    I got chickenpox and mumps (the latter on one side of my face only) but was glad to get the mumps and both measles vaccines- I sure will be getting the shingles vaccine at age 62.

  • tatortotcassie

    Like second-hand smoke.