In Viral Video Racist Woman Says, “I want the whole nation to be white”

In Viral Video Racist Woman Says, “I want the whole nation to be white” November 25, 2018

Late last week, Lennys Bermudez stopped at a restaurant to work while she charged her car outside. Upon entering, she noticed the restaurant was very busy. Lennys located a seat next to a woman doing paperwork. Realizing she may disrupt the woman, she politely asked the woman if she could sit down. The question posed by Bermudez made the woman unload ugly and racist comments to her. Shocked by the woman’s remarks, Bermudez grabbed her phone and caught the rest on camera. Bermudez’s viral video has been viewed more than 300,000 times.

According to Bermudez’s Facebook update, she encountered the woman on November 20th. She states that she entered a bustling restaurant and looked for a seat. When she located an empty spot, Bermudez noted that a woman sitting next to the empty chair was attentively reading papers.

To be courteous to the woman, Bermudez asked the woman if she could sit down. The woman responded to her, “Do I have a choice?”

Startled by her reaction, Bermudez grabbed her phone to record the exchange with the woman. In the video, attached to the post, Bermudez asked the woman to repeat what she said.

When the video starts, Bermudez says, “Well, I have never been told someone prefers whites.”

The video pans to the woman sitting next to her, and the woman never looks up from her papers. Next, the woman responds, “Yes, that would be me. I prefer the whole freaking nation to be white.”

Bermudez responds to the woman, “You know that’s never going to happen, right?”

The woman responds to Bermudez by saying, ”Oh it will. You all will be wiped out, trust me.”

After the exchange happened, the woman stood up and moved to a table outside. Bermudez told CBS5, in an interview, that she reported the situation to a manager at the restaurant.

Following the exchange with the manager, the manager walked over to talk to the woman that made the statement. Then the manager escorted Bermudez to her car to make sure she felt safe.

Louis Basille of Wildflower Bread Company told CBS5 that he feels sad after watching the video. He said, “We really embrace the diversity of not only our workforce but of course our customers. If a guest is uncomfortable in one of our restaurants, we’d like them to come to the manager.”

Even though the event left Bermudez shaking, she said she appreciated all the messages of support on her Facebook Message. She hopes by sharing the video that people will realize treating others like this is wrong.

Lennys, we agree! No one should be treated this way. We are sharing this video as a reminder to all people racism and bigotry are alive and well in the United States.

Watch the video below and tell us your thoughts.


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  • Cozmo the Magician

    But but, we live in a ‘post racist society’! Oh wait that just means that the racists are happy to post their hatred…

  • valleycat1

    Is it just me who can’t figure out why the woman’s first comment was taken as racist and prompted the videotape? My response to her initial reply would have just been: “yes, I am giving you a choice, because I didn’t want to intrude if my sitting here would be too distracting.” Not, “excuse me, repeat that racist remark while I tape this conversation.”

  • TsuDhoNimh

    Deer Valley … mostly affluent, white, bigoted as hell suburban Phoenix.

    I’m not surprised

  • She might want to consider whether she’d actually meet the definition of white if such a situation ever came to be.

  • Well judging by the first words out of their mouths, it seems like she said something about preferring white people before the video started.

  • The Bofa on the Sofa

    You may not understand it, but, clearly, the interpretation was correct – the woman is blatantly racist.

  • Brianna LaPoint

    There is only one race, the human race. You know, if aliens exist, this is why they shouldnt and dont visit us. because if humans cant even get along with other humans because they arent the same skin tone, then we will never ever progress as a species.

  • Maybe, We will wipe you all out – wasn’t obvious enough?!

  • hellworld

    It’s just you

  • Waiting for the tearful, “This isn’t me because I’m not racist!” apology after she loses her job.

  • Joe M!

    What about the race to the bottom?

  • Lark62

    Has the racist been identified yet?

  • Lark62

    The first comment “Do I have a choice?” was rude, but the rudeness could have had multiple causes. Everything that followed confirmed the racism.

  • MystiqueLady

    Closed minded bigots are definitely in the lead there.

  • Jakai

    It might just be you.
    Just reading it or even watching the video doesn’t necessarily communicate the vibe. Video doesn’t necessarily capture things like that.
    And realize that if you’re used to experiencing racism, you begin to get a sense for it. But to simplify: She had a hunch, and her hunch was correct.

    For example, when my husband and I are out together, people can ask us, “excuse me, can I ask you guys a question?” and just by how they ask that simple, non-threatening question, we can usually guess whether we’re going to be asked for directions, or if this person is going to ask the gay couple some weird question about gay people, or just say something stupid and or anti-gay. We’re wrong sometimes, but our hunches here are typically correct. I wish I had better words to describe how that comes across in so few words, but it does.