Naughty Catholic Nuns Caught Stealing $500,000 for Sinful Trips

Naughty Catholic Nuns Caught Stealing $500,000 for Sinful Trips December 10, 2018

There are a lot of naughty priests in the Catholic Church. Many of those naughty priests end up in the paper for their terrible behavior and crimes they perpetrate against their victims. Rarely are there any ditties or dirt about the women that work quietly behind the priests revealed. Nuns seemingly have a thankless job in the Catholic Church. However, two sisters in California decided to get a little bit naughty, and today they are in the news for their sinful crimes.

According to a report by the Associated Press, two nuns at a Catholic School in California embezzled nearly $500,000 over ten years. The crimes occurred at Saint James Catholic School in Torrance, California.

Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper and Sister Lana Chang developed a little plot to steal money from tuition and other funds that the school collected. Their plan was successful because Kreuper worked as the school’s principal. Chang taught 8th grade.

When the two nuns retired this year, the change in leadership prompted a deeper dive into the finances of the school. While auditing the financial records, new school leaders discovered that hundreds of dollars had gone missing over ten years.

After the financial crimes were discovered, leadership in the school started working with the Archdiocese. Through their collaborative effort, they determined that Kreuper and Chang stole the money. When the diocese confronted the nuns, they both admitted to the theft.

Naturally, the nurses played their best remorseful Catholic card and told the diocese that they were genuinely sorry for taking the money and promised to pay the money back. Because the Catholic Church is idiotic at handling crimes, the diocese said they believed that the nuns honestly felt terrible. They also think the sisters will pay back the $500,000.

In a letter to parents at the school, Monsignor Michael Meyers said,

“Sister Mary Margaret and Sister Lana have expressed to me and asked that I convey to you, the deep remorse they each feel for their actions and ask for your forgiveness and prayers,” Meyers said in his letter. “They and their order pray that you have not lost trust or faith in the educators and administrators of the school.”

According to a spokesperson for the archdiocese, the group notified police about the theft. However, church officials said they do not plan to press charges. The order that presided over the nuns said they would instead handle the theft internally and not involve the police.

You might be wondering what the heck the nuns did with the money. The answer is a lot less obvious than you might think. According to the nuns’ admission, the two women stole the money to fund lavish trips to Las Vegas to go gambling.

So what did we learn today?

Priests in the Catholic Church can perpetuate horrific crimes against children in the church and not get in trouble. Additionally, the Catholic Church is an equal opportunity blind-eye turning, bad behavior enabling boss that also doesn’t press charges against nurses that steal a half million dollars.

My final question…

What the heck did two Catholic Nuns do in Las Vegas while they were gambling? $500,000 is a lot of money and a whole lot of trips to sin city.

The irony of two nuns stealing money to go t0 sin city should be lost on no one.

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  • I actually laughed when I read about this! Well, I guess the bright side of the story was that no children were sexually abused in this criminal activity

  • Nice! yes, well at least that we know of. I wonder if they had fun with any strippers 😉

  • WallofSleep

    If you’re taking that kind of money to Vegas, and you’re not having fun with strippers, then you’re doing Vegas wrong.

  • I agree. I hope they had nice buns 😉

  • WallofSleep

    Ah, a fellow rump enthusiast. I knew there was a reason I liked you.

  • I sure hope they blessed some strippers!

  • Me too! And I hope they rubbed some dollar bills on some rock hard abs!

  • I thought it was for my biting commentary, snark, and sometimes insightful thoughts – but I’ll go with rump enthusiast for 100!

  • WallofSleep

    All that? That’s just icing on the booty.

  • TheBookOfDavid

    hundreds of dollars had gone missing over ten years

    Technically correct, but you somehow failed to capture the scale of their misdemeanor here.

  • Occam

    “What did four Nuns blow a half-million $$$ on in Vegas?” Same as me or you……..”Bad Habits!!!!”

  • Zetopan

    But you don’t understand! It’s OK for the Catholic Church to steal from the poorly informed by selling false hopes, but stealing *from* the Catholic Church is a REAL SIN! Gawd always wants money, even when the church holds all of it for gawd.

  • Jim Jones
  • Jim Jones

    “Saw Puppetry of the Penis over 20 times”.

  • Larry

    Here’s one that goes back a ways:
    State v Milhoan 1986 MT