The Evil Way Danita Tutt Discredited The Friend Who Knew Too Much

The Evil Way Danita Tutt Discredited The Friend Who Knew Too Much December 18, 2018

Danita Tutt is a convicted felon that harmed her young son Colby. Tutt starved and tampered with her son’s health causing him to become gravely ill. Most know her for her vicious crimes against her son. However, few know about the steps Tutt took to discredit a former friend. Tutt falsely accused her estranged best friend of stealing thousands of dollars from her. However, documents provided by the Tarrant County District Attorney prove the theft allegations against Tara DeMott were baseless.

In Spring 2016, Danita Tutt told friends and family that her 13-year-old son, Colby, was dying. Tutt picked out his casket, a suit for his funeral, and a purchased his burial plot.

During this time, Tutt’s community rallied around her by hosting benefits and starting online fundraisers to raise money. Tutt told everyone that her family was drowning in medical debt due to Colby’s illness.

Tara DeMott, Tutt’s best friend, decided she needed to organize a benefit to help. DeMott worked with a group of friends to arrange the event at a local restaurant. The group of women set up an auction and had a local country music singer perform at the benefit.

While DeMott arranged the benefit, Tutt kept DeMott in the loop on Colby’s health. Colby was in and out of the hospital, and Tutt seemed exhausted, emotional, and upset. However, Tutt told DeMott she knew that Colby would live until the benefit.

On the day of the benefit, the Tutt’s had a large turnout to support Colby. DeMott says that Colby came for a short time to say hi to everyone. According to DeMott, the benefit raised a decent chunk of money. She believed the amount to be around $9,000.00.

Everyone was pleased with the turnout and happy they could help the Tutt family. However, within weeks of the benefit, Tutt was under suspicion for medically abusing her son. CPS removed Colby from her home, and police were investigating her attempted murder.

As the heat rose on Tutt, DeMott says that Tutt pulled away from her and became distant. By May when Colby was removed, DeMott said she started to believe the case against Tutt.

DeMott had been a fixture in the Tutt’s home for years. DeMott was the only non-family member included when Colby received his wish from WWE superstar Erik Rowan. When Rowan arrived at the Tutt’s home, DeMott opened the door.

Due to her close relationship with Tutt, DeMott started to piece together some troubling aspects of Tutt’s story. She realized that Tutt fought a lot with Colby’s doctors. Additionally, DeMott remembered that Tutt had a history of switching providers for Colby when doctors didn’t agree with her.

When authorities began interviewing DeMott, she learned that everything she knew about Tutt and Colby was a lie. Key details provided to authorities by DeMott helped prosecutors build a case against Tutt.

While DeMott helped prosecutors, Tutt took efforts to smear, slander, and discredit DeMott. As pressure built on Tutt, she filed a police report against DeMott for theft.

Shortly after CPS removed Colby from Tutt’s custody, Tutt went to the police station to file the report. Reporters of a local news station filmed Tutt walking into the station. When the news aired later that night, the reporter said that Tutt was accusing a friend of stealing thousands of dollars intended for Colby’s medical bills.

After the story aired, the community that supported Tutt turned against DeMott. DeMott’s ex-husband even convinced her children that their mother was a thief. DeMott watched her life around her crumble, and Tutt got precisely what she wanted.

DeMott knew that Tutt orchestrated the lie as a way to deflect attention away from her. Prosecutors connected to the case told DeMott the theft accusation was a smoke screen.

After Tutt filed the report, police interviewed DeMott. Police obtained surveillance footage from the benefit. Through the investigation, police determined that Tutt’s claims were baseless.

Even though authorities closed the case against DeMott, authorities never publically cleared her in the case. As a result, people connected to Tutt continue to spread lies about DeMott.

To help DeMott clear her name, I obtained a letter from the Tarrant County District Attorney. In the letter from Prosecutor Sharen Wilson, the District Attorney formally announced Tutt’s claims were unsubstantiated.

“In June 2016, the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office conducted an investigation originally filed with the Burleson Police Department by Danita Tutt. Ms. Tutt alleged you stole monies from a fundraiser held at Fat Daddy’s Bar and Grill in Mansfield, TX.

After a very thorough investigation, our office closed the case with no further action due to the lack of any evidence to support the allegation. The case was officially closed on 07-05-2016.”

Despite Tutt’s best efforts to pin the blame on her former best friend, Tutt’s accusations were baseless and a lie. Tutt is a skilled liar that has convinced those closest to her of her innocence.

Tutt crafted a tale to discredit the woman that she knew could expose her web of lies. Through Tutt’s accusations, she destroyed an innocent woman’s reputation and fractured DeMott’s family relationships.

Tara DeMott is not an evil liar that stole money.

DeMott is just another victim of Tutt.

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