Drinking Urine for “Health” is a Growing Trend in the “Natural” World

Drinking Urine for “Health” is a Growing Trend in the “Natural” World December 26, 2018


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People around the globe believe drinking their urine will cure cancer, improve their cardiac health, prevent hair loss, reduce aging, and improve acne. Facebook is a central hub for many urine therapy seekers. Several groups contain tens of thousands of pee swilling fools. People drink, bathe, brush their teeth, and apply to their eyes to rid their bodies from toxins. Most disturbing are parents that force their children to drink their urine.

As with most miracle treatments, people that drink urine believe it cures everything. I found posts of people talking about curing autism, reversing vaccine injuries, and curing HIV and cancer. Parents in the group discussed giving their children urine. Some of them even collected their children’s urine for consumption.

Urine enthusiasts brush their teeth with urine. Many of them wash their faces. Others put urine in their eyes to help with eye infections, dry eyes, and other eye disorders. In addition to all of these, people recommended using urine in a neti pot for a sinus rinse.

I collected screenshots to outline some of the ridiculous claims and horrible science provided in the group. Earlier this month a man asked about using urine therapy to lose weight and augment his HIV treatment. One commenter told him to stop taking his medication completely. He also falsely asserted that HIV isn’t a real disease.

One poster on the same thread suggested drinking the urine of someone with AIDS was safe.

After a bath of urine, one poster told the group his eyes turned red. He said he opened his eyes in the tub. Fear not though, a friend in the group told him to keep blinking his eyes. The friend said looking at phones all day makes us not blink enough, so our eyes turn red.

Next, a member complained about her teeth turning yellow from drinking the urine. The group helps with suggestions on how she whiten her teeth.

This member recommended using Hydrogen peroxide and filtered water.

Another member suggested drinking aged urine instead of fresh urine. The woman with yellow teeth told her that old urine gave her the trots. Of course, as any good woo-maniac would say, she reminded the yellow teeth sufferer that diarrhea was a good sign.

Parents talk about a variety of topics. One mother discussed collecting her 3-year-old’s urine. When she noticed sediment accumulating at the bottom, she ran to the group for help.

The use of urine to treat autism is a topic of conversation in these groups. One woman wanted to know if a non-verbal child with Autism could learn to speak by drinking urine. Naturally, the group discussed, incorrectly, that autism is related to poor “gut health.”

A commenter within the group shared that autism is reversible with proper nutrition, detoxes, and using urine therapy.

The information provided by the commenter is false. Autism is not a product of gut health. The neurological condition is genetic. Pre-term babies are also at risk of developing Autism due to their brains not being fully developed at birth. Additionally, medical conditions like Rhett’s Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome, hydrocephalus, and tuberous sclerosis can increase autism or autistic-like symptoms in children.

Is Urine Therapy an Effective Treatment?

You might wonder if urine therapy is beneficial for the health. There are some websites dedicated to helping people learn the fantastic benefits. However, these sites are run by organizations selling products related to urine therapy. They also claim the urine in a sterile and safe drink.

However, the science of urine tells us that there are no health benefits to drinking pee. Urine is a waste product of the body. When the urine exits the body, it can contain bacteria, toxins, and medicines not absorbed by the body. Recycling the toxins from the body means the kidneys have to refilter the toxins out. Working the kidneys in this way puts added stress on the body.

If you take medications, the medication not absorbed by the body is in the urine. By drinking urine with the leftover medicine, the individual introduces more medicine into their body. Drinking other people’s urine means you can introduce foreign drugs into the body.

Urine contains a lot of salt. While there is a myth that urine can hydrate people, drinking urine is no different than drinking salt water. The result from drinking urine results in dehydration from excess sodium.

Side effects of drinking urine include diarrhea, rashes, itchy skin, pain, fatigue, sore joints, and fever. Aged urine is caustic to the skin.

Even though there are reported healing benefits from urine, there is no scientific data that supports the claims. Studies have been unable to show that urine cures anything. Scientists that research the topic believe the urine therapy may work more by a placebo effect.

Drinking urine is not advised by doctors. Drinking urine introduces your body to toxins, medications, and bacteria. Despite the history associated with urine therapy, the therapy is just another quack-based science with no supporting evidence.

Finally, parents, please don’t force your children to drink their own urine. Not only is the practice unhealthy, but parents can risk losing custody of their children. Forcing a child to drink their own pee is abusive and wrong.

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  • chemical

    My reaction to every single facebook post linked on this blog:
    😆 🤢 🤮 😆 🤢 🤮

  • Yep, I was dry heaving writing it

  • Catechin

    Small correction: as far as I know, there is no bacteria in the urine of a healthy person. Nevertheless, never drink pee!!!!

  • bacteria can and is in a healthy person.

  • tatortotcassie

    The urine still has to come out of the urethra, and urethras are surrounded by bacteria.

  • Raging Bee

    Well, look on the bright side: you can smell this lot a mile away, so they should be easy to avoid.

  • My husband recently listened to a podcast concerning people who drink urine, and the scientific conclusion was that there was no benefit but no great harm either.

    I worked for a biochemistry lab that collected urine from pregnant women so they could isolate growth factors for research.

  • Urine drinking has been around for a long time. Some Indian texts advocate it, but the way Indian fans use it today is very close to those advocated by early 20th Century British naturopath John W. Armstrong.


  • Jim Jones

    Welcome to your jury.

  • frostysnowman

    So. Gross.

  • Catechin

    It turns out I was wrong. I am from the time people used to say “urine is sterile”. You can infer the last time I took a biology course! Thanks.

  • Catechin

    Correct. I edited my comment to state I was wrong. Thanks.

  • anne marie hovgaard

    My great-grandmother used “aged urine” (free ammonia!) to lighten her hair and clean wood floors.

  • Pam Again

    Back in the day, parents used to tell their children to pee on their chapped hands to help them get better. (For those lucky people who live in milder climes, “chapped hands” is rough raw skin that you get from playing in the snow in woolen mittens for a long time, when the mittens get all wet and icy.)

    This hurt a lot, because of the salt on the raw skin. However, it did work after a fashion, due to the urea in urine. Modern creams for chapped skin contain urea because it works really well.

    This tiny, specialized positive effect of urine on the skin has probably contributed a lot to the total whackjobbery that is urine therapy.

  • Interesting

  • sweeks

    Well, there is this technique known as the “clean catch”, where the first bit of urine goes into the toilet before filling the sample container.
    Still contains a few bacteria, plus “casts” and other goodies.

  • I don’t want to know why you know that

  • sweeks

    I was a medical technologist in a past life. The “clean catch” was for urine samples to detect bacterial infections in the kidneys or bladder. The first urine emitted would (it was hoped) flush out any “normal” bacteria so the disease-causing organisms could be detected.

  • Ok! That makes sense!

  • Allen T Coffey

    WOW. JUST WOW. I can’t even imagine why anyone would want to drink their own piss.

  • pasapdub@gmail.com

    There really IS one born every minute.

  • al kimeea


  • Jim Jones

    No wonder criminals do deals.

  • al kimeea

    Some innocents also do deals…

  • Jim Jones

    Indeed. Some ‘Justice’. Some ‘System’.

  • al kimeea

    Yeah. The blindfolded lady with the scales is really a piss poor metaphor.

  • Jim Jones

    They need to add all of the thumbs on the scales.

  • Wiley Schmitt

    So you infiltrated a closed group, stole screen shots of posts from those groups (the ones that only support your weirdly biased prerogative), apparently didn’t learn anything at all and then attempt to make a smear campaign in the form of an article that only shock value and very little information?? Get a fucking life.

  • I would lose weight too drinking urine. Why? Vomiting from how disgusting it is.

    I really don’t understand how people think drinking raw urine is good for you. Kidneys are part of our system of removing toxins – why would we then reconsume them?

  • Knitting Cat Lady

    I don’t get how people get over the smell! Especially if they use aged urine.

    I’ve eaten a century egg once. It tasted just like normal egg. But the smell! Pure ammonia. That was the biggest hurdle.

    Especially don’t drink urine if you’re on lithium…

  • Jim Jones

    Your body tried to get rid of all of it.

    Drinking urine is like jumping off the train at speed so you can walk back and catch the next one.

  • Jim Jones

    I may have to tie my hands to the chair to prevent excessive face palming.


  • Jim Jones

    In India, some like to drink cow urine.

  • Raging Bee

    Why would anyone expect urine to be “sterile,” when the urinary tract is how our bodies flush out toxins, germs and other impurities? That’s one reason we’re told to drink lots of liquids when we have colds, flu, etc.: to give our bodies more water to help flush out the viral matter. Re-ingesting all that crap is just abysmally stupid and utterly lacking in common sense.

  • Kevin K

    How did we survive as a species? How?

  • Kevin K

    Yeah, they don’t seem to “get” that part of it. Filtration system designed to remove stuff from the body … do not consume.

  • Kevin K

    Probably would strip paint, too. It would be an interesting experiment. Not one I’m going to conduct … but an interesting experiment.

  • TinnyWhistler

    Drink the toxins to purge the toxins! This is like next level homeopathy

  • persephone

    No internet?

  • TheBookOfDavid

    Missing in your list of potential downsides from urine ingestion: pee-pee breath.

    Next up: Fecal Therapy. Your stool contains billions of beneficial digestive bacteria. You could get a transplant in a clinical setting for hundreds of dollars, but why bother? You can stay at home and eat it for free!

  • Sophotroph
  • Kevin K

    Ha! True that.

  • Occam

    It’s almost 2019, and yet some people need to be told “don’t make your kids drink pee”. Fuck it, I’m quitting my job and finishing my spaceship.

  • Johnny Virgil

    CTRL-F…. p-a-l-t-r-o-w