Mother Arrested for Drowning 10-month-old Twins at Motel

Mother Arrested for Drowning 10-month-old Twins at Motel December 9, 2018

On social media Heather Langdon’s favorite quote is, “Life is what you make it.” Langdon’s photos show her five beautiful children, two of which were born in January. Her life looks filled with happiness and love. However, police say that Langdon drowned her 10-month-old twins. Authorities arrested and charged Langdon in the deaths of her twins on Thursday.

According to a report in the Visalia Delta Times, officers first met Heather at a local women’s shelter on Wednesday, December 5th. Shelter staff had called the police because Heather was disruptive. When employees at the shelter asked Heather to leave, she told them she didn’t have anywhere to go.

When police arrived, they reached out to non-profits but could not find services for Heather. Because Langdon had two infants with her, police didn’t want her to be out on the streets. The weather that evening was cold and rainy.

Not wanting Heather and her babies in the rain, police agreed to pay for Heather to stay at a local motel. Later that evening, police told the media they dropped Heather off at the motel. Police say that they planned to check in with her in the morning.

The evening should have been uneventful for Heather and her sons. However, at some point in the night, Heather drowned her sons in the motel room. Details of what occurred during the crime remain unclear.

According to a report on KSEE24, a woman staying in the room next door to Langdon saw the mother outside looking worried later that night.

By the morning, another resident of the motel, Maria Marez, said she heard Langdon say, “I almost drowned them. I almost drowned my babies.” Marez said she thought Langdon was trying to help the babies. However, Marez didn’t realize the babies were already deceased.

Marez said she flagged down police once she realized Langdon and her sons were in trouble. Police arrived at the motel at 7:45 am. Paramedics attempted CPR on the twins. The babies were transported to a local hospital and were pronounced dead.

Police interviewed Langdon about the events that transpired. Following their interview, authorities arrested Langdon on suspicion of murder.

Despite the gravity of the crime, there are few details about what caused the mother to kill her two sons. Family interviewed by KSEE told the reporter Langdon divorced her ex-husband a few years ago. However, there is no information about why Langdon and the babies were staying at a shelter.

On Langdon’s Facebook account, there are dozens of photos of her children. She has three older boys. In the summer of 2017, Heather announced she was expecting twins.

Then in January, Heather announced the arrival of her twin boys. The twins were born early. Despite a few minor complications related to prematurity, the boys were healthy. (In a report on KSEE, the family released the names of the twins.)

Throughout 2018, Heather posted photos of her family. She smiled with glee holding her babies. They took trips to fairs, pumpkin patches, and parks. In November, she uploaded a family photo of her two older boys, twins, and her ex-husband.

Between November and December, something happened in Heather’s life. Because she found herself living in a shelter, acting unruly, and appeared dazed to witnesses.

Earlier in the week, Heather wrote a significant update to family and friends. She asked for prayers and support as she navigated a tough time.

In the update, she said, “Sometimes. I just feel so alone. I get left out a lot. It overwhelms me.  My life is not an easy one. I try to be good and perfect but then I just set myself up for failure. I am very sensitive. Please be considerate of that. I feel deeply other people’s pain and it breaks me down.”

“I’m beginning to feel like I am not welcome anywhere I go. Please forgive me if I have ever offended you in any way.”

Only three days after she wrote that update, Heather was at a shelter and being disruptive. Hours after the shelter kicked her out with her twin sons; she drowned the babies in the bathtub.

I reached out to the family of Heather to provide a comment on the incident. However, by the time of publication, the family had not responded to my request.

The investigation into the deaths of the boys remains ongoing. Authorities do not know how the boys drowned or why Heather may have hurt her children. Police ask anyone with information to call the Tulare Police Department.

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