Mother Charged with Manslaughter for Leaving Baby in Hotel Freezer

Mother Charged with Manslaughter for Leaving Baby in Hotel Freezer December 8, 2018

A grand jury indicted a Georgia mother with manslaughter in the bizarre death of her baby. Amanda Gail Oakes left her dead infant in a hotel freezer in Alabama and fled to Florida. Oakes along with her boyfriend, Carlton James Mathis, was apprehended in Florida and charged in the murder of the infant.

According to a report in the Dothan Eagle, the crime occurred in June. Oakes and Mathis fled Georgia after police attempted to arrest Mathis on burglary and probation violation charges.

When the couple arrived in Alabama, they checked into a hotel in Dothan, Alabama. Oakes left the hotel and returned to Georgia to pick up her teenage daughter. She left the infant with Mathis. Mathis was the baby’s father.

While Oakes was in Georgia, Mathis called her and told her the baby had died. When she arrived back at the hotel, she stayed with the baby’s corpse for several days. After a few days, Oakes admitted to the police that the smell of the body became unbearable.

Due to the smell of the dead baby, the couple decided to put the infant in the freezer of their hotel room. After placing the baby in the freezer, the couple went to Walmart. Following their shopping trip, the couple fled to Florida. Police say that Oakes and Mathis intentionally left the baby in the freezer.

Shortly after they fled to Florida, Dothan Police received a tip for Hall County Sherriff’s Department about possible infant death. The Hall County Sheriff’s Department told Dothan Police that Mathis might be in the area with a dead baby.

Dothan Police searched the area for a weekend but could not locate Mathis. When they were unable to find him, they received a tip that Mathis might have fled to Florida.

On June 4th, Florida officers located the couple as they attempted to leave an apartment complex in Bronson, Florida. During the apprehension, Mathis jumped into a vehicle. Police say he held a gun to the head of the individual driving the car.

After Mathis held the driver hostage, SWAT came in and shot him four times. Mathis’ survived the shootout and police arrested Oakes and Mathis in the child’s murder.

During the police investigation and interviews, the police learned from the couple that the child might be in a freezer in Dothan, Alabama.

Dothan police obtained a search warrant for the InTown Suites hotel, and they found the baby in the freezer. By the time authorities located the infant, police believe the child had been in the freezer for five to six days.

Police arrested Oakes for her involvement in the case in June. During her interview with police, she admitted to them she and Mathis committed the crime while under the influence of illegal drugs.

Interestingly, there are no reports that provide any details about the infant’s cause of death. Nor does any of the reporting reference the sex or age of the child.

For more than five months, Oakes remained jailed in Alabama waiting for a formal indictment in the case. Prosecutors decided to charge Oakes with manslaughter and one count of abuse of a corpse.

Mathis remains in Florida in jail and has not been transferred to Alabama to face charges. However, prosecutors intend to charge Mathis with murder.

Oakes formal arraignment on the charges is scheduled for January 8th where she will enter a plea of guilty or not guilty.

Following her initial arrest, there are no details about the whereabouts or custody arrangements for her teenage daughter.

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