Woman Arrested for Photographing Herself Sexually Assaulting Her 4-year-old Son

Woman Arrested for Photographing Herself Sexually Assaulting Her 4-year-old Son December 14, 2018
Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office

An Alabama mother was arrested for doing the unthinkable to her 4-year-old son. age 30, is accused of performing sex acts on her young son, taking photos of abuse, and sending the pictures to a male friend. Police in Alabama arrested both Sanspree and Corey Ashton Steele for their involvement in the crimes.

According to a report on Gulf Coast News Today, the Foley Police Department received a tip regarding the possible sexual abuse of a young boy. Following the tip, police along with the Baldwin County Department of Human Resources launched an investigation.

Through the investigation, authorities confirmed that Sanspree was sexually abusing her 4-year-old son. Police determined that Steele requested photos of Sanspree performing sexual acts on her son.

After Steele solicited Sanspree for the photos, Sanspree photographed herself while she sexually assaulted her son. Following the abuse of her son, Sanspree sent the message to Steele through her phone.

When officers determined the two individuals conspired to commit the crimes, they arrested both parties. According to police reports, Sanspree and Steele admitted to the committing the acts against the child.

Following Sansprees arrest, authorities charged her with Sexual Abuse of a Child less than the age of 12, Sodomy First Degree, 4 Counts of Production of Child Pornography, and 4 Counts of Dissemination of Child Pornography.

In addition to Sanspree’s charges, Steele received charges for Criminal Solicitation of a Class B Felony, Solicitation of Sodomy, 4 Counts of Possession of Child Pornography, and 4 Counts of Solicitation of Child Pornography.

Because the investigation is ongoing, authorities have not ruled out adding additional charges for the sexual assault and the distribution of images of the attack against the two. Additionally, Sanspree and Steele could face federal charges.

After the arrest of Sanspree, authorities removed her son and placed him in protective custody. The child remains in the Department of Human Resources custody.

Both Steele and Sanspree are currently at Baldwin County Jail without bond.


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