Woman Facing Murder Charges For Throwing Two Newborns in Trash

Woman Facing Murder Charges For Throwing Two Newborns in Trash December 15, 2018

A hard to believe story surfaced this week in South Carolina. Police arrested a woman who they say gave birth to two children and threw them both in the trash. Alyssa Anne Dayvault of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina admitted to the crimes that took place in two separate years.

According to a report on KAIT, Dayvault was admitted to Grand Strand Medical Center on December 5 for heavy vaginal bleeding. Staff says that during surgery, Dayvault “delivered” a placenta and umbilical cord. However, no child was delivered during the operation.

When medical staff asked Dayvault about the whereabouts of the infant, she denied knowledge of pregnancy or child. After the surgery, lab results indicated Dayvault tested positive for THC.

Because Dayvault was not forthcoming, the hospital called the police. During an interview with police, medical providers said they looked through Dayvault’s records and found no history of a pregnancy. However, they did locate an ER report from November 2017.

In the report from 2017, the notes said that Dayvault was 36-38 weeks pregnant at the time.

Following the discussion with hospital staff, police interviewed Dayvault about the two pregnancies. She denied both pregnancies and deliveries. She told authorities she only had two children a 6 and 8-year-old.

However, in an interrogation later, Dayvault admitted to giving birth to an infant in November 2017. She said the baby girl was born alive and took many gasping breaths after her birth. An ultrasound taken at the ER in November 2017, the report stated the baby had a healthy heart.

Following the birth of the child, Dayvault admitted she failed to take the baby for medical treatment. Additionally, she made no steps to save the child’s life following the birth. Instead, Dayvault put the baby in a plastic bag and threw the girl in the trash.

When police probed her about the whereabouts of the baby born in December 2018, Dayvault gave the same story for the birth. She admitted she gave birth to a baby boy at home. Following his birth, she said he took several gasps for breath.

After the birth, she took no action to seek medical assistance for the baby nor did she attempt to save the baby’s life. She put the baby boy in a plastic bag and threw him away.

Dayvault told police she put the baby’s body in a public trash receptacle. Police obtained a search warrant for the repository and retrieved the newborn’s body. The medical examiner is performing an autopsy to determine his cause of death.

Following her arrest, police charged with her with two counts of murder by child abuse and two counts of graves/destruction, desecration or removal of human remains.

She is held in jail with no bond. Police are still investigating the crimes and collecting evidence.

Despite Dayvault having two other children, there are no reports about the children’s whereabouts following her arrest.

Dayvault appeared to have no prenatal care for either pregnancy. In addition to having no prenatal care, she delivered both babies at home without medical assistance.

Authorities did not provide a motive for her crimes.


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  • igotbanned999

    In before some asshole compares this to abortion.

  • Jacob Paul Rodgers

    So you are saying that she should be forced to go through a birth process in a hospital against her own autonomy? I mean,according to her story she was very independent. Independent of morals, mental hygiene, society, humanity, etc. Should people value babies over autonomy? Just a question

  • igotbanned999

    I was just referring to the trolls who say things like ‘why do you liberals even care since you’re all in favor of mothers murdering babies’