PETA: Anti-Animal Language Is Offensive & Promotes Cruelty

PETA: Anti-Animal Language Is Offensive & Promotes Cruelty December 5, 2018

According to PETA, the phrase, “Bring home the bacon,” is offensive to animals. After tweeting last night to stop Anti-Animal Language, PETA has sent Twitter ablaze with their controversial message. PETA wants everyone to stop using phrases that promote violence to animals and contribute to specism in our daily language. The tweet got a lot of hate and hilarious replies.

In the tweet, uploaded last night, PETA said, “Words matter, and as our understanding of social justice evolves, our language evolves along with it. Here’s how to remove speciesism from your daily conversations.”

A photo followed the statement:

Not surprisingly the responses to the tweet brought in a lot of trolling, memes, and hilarious reactions.

One tweeter responded “Issue one: this is stupid. Issue two: how you are gonna include “bring home the bacon” but forget about that “ways to skin a cat” phrase?

Another response from Ryan Sharich said, “At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this platform is now dumber for having read this. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

Others used no words and posted photos of meat.

PETA responded to the comments by saying, “Just as it became unacceptable to use racist, homophobic, or ableist language, phrases that trivialize cruelty to animals will vanish as more people begin to appreciate animals for who they are and start ‘bringing home the bagels’ instead of the bacon.”

Later that evening, they followed up with a tweet directed at the haters.

The tweet, uploaded last night has been retweeted 8,900 times, liked 24,000 times and had 35,000 comments. That either means there are a lot of people that believe we need to end specism in our language or there are a lot of people trolling PETA.

PETA is notorious for pulling controversial stunts like these and has used their Twitter platform to make outlandish claims for years.

PETA also uses their platform to harass companies to stop making products. In August, PETA petitioned the maker’s of Barnum animal crackers to stop making the cookies.

In the letter, PETA wrote,

“Given the egregious cruelty inherent in circuses that use animals and the public’s swelling opposition to the exploitation of animals used for entertainment, we urge Nabisco to update its packaging in order to show animals who are free to roam in their natural habitats.”

Then in August 2017, PETA suggested that cheese is sexist. In a blog uploaded on the PETA website the group argued,

“Contrary to popular belief, female cows produce milk only when they’re pregnant or nursing. They make milk for the same reason that human women do: to feed their babies. Cows who are imprisoned on dairy farms are forcibly impregnated through artificial insemination again and again on rape racks. Rape racks. All for your milk, cheese, and yogurt.”

The latest addition of requesting people to stop using anti-animal language will certainly get PETA a lot of attention. However, I’m guessing the attention they receive will not be for the right reasons.

I guess negative attention is still attention.

Right, PETA?

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What Are Your Thoughts?leave a comment
  • thanatos8285

    Dear god, can PETA please just stfu and disappear? At first they annoyed me, and then they were funny because they were so goddamn stupid, and now it’s like a 6 year old who doesn’t get that the joke is dead.

  • Tawreos

    If they can produce verifiable results that these phrases harm the feelings of the animals in question then I will stop using them. Until then maybe they could do us all a favor and shut up.

  • Lucy

    Or if they can produce verifiable results that in no way are any of their actions ever upsetting the literal carnivores we know (which they are, since some dogs who have been put on a vegan diet by owners who don’t know how to feed them healthily can get notably forlorn about their dinner, which, btw, is not a normal state for a dog and is a case of Fido being very, very upset indeed. Same with kitties who get seriously ill because they aren’t getting the meat they need. And that’s not to speak of the dogs that PETA has killed, literally killed, after people put the dogs in the organization’s “shelters”).

  • Tawreos

    Yeah their instant kill shelters are the main reason why I never plan to listen to them on anything to do with animals.

  • Kevin K

    I know which side my bread is tofu’d.

  • Nicole

    Hey PETA, I will stop using such phrases when you stop euthanasing 95% of the animals that come to your shelter almost the minute they arrive there. Because I think that’s far more hurtfull to them than using the phrases.

  • TinnyWhistler

    They’re better off dead than snoring happily in someone’s cozy heated house with free food, water, and medical attention.


  • Tawreos

    Remember though, PETA thinks I am abusing my dog right this minute because he is at home, most likely asleep, on either my bed or his couch. Yeah he is being abused.

  • Jemolk

    PETA is more anti-animal in actual practice than almost any of the folks they target. Plus their PR department appears to consist of internet trolls. Fuck ’em.

  • Brian Davis

    I recently saw something online about PETA protesting the word “bullseye” as anti-animal. I had assumed it was an attempt at humor. Now I’m not so sure. They are truly the Poes of the left.

  • Anat

    They are not saying the phrases hurt the feelings of animals but that they reinforce the notion that killing and using animals is OK. (So much that even PETA members kill them, I guess.)

  • Tawreos

    I guess they have never learned that language is not always literal. I can talk about beating a dead horse while never striking one.

  • Lizard

    Putting phrases like that one the same level as homophobia, racism, and ableism is just insulting.

  • Michael Neville

    When PETA produces one pig who objects to “bring home the bacon” then I will stop using that phrase.

  • Michael Neville

    The phrase “give a man enough rope to hang himself” is not an endorsement of suicide.

  • TheBookOfDavid

    Or peanut-buttered.

  • pianoman

    1. I have volunteered with rescue groups for almost 20 years. Most everyone I know in those groups think this organization is ridiculous.

    2. When I go home to my beautiful dog – who I spoil rotten despite PETA’s protestations that I am some sort of terrible person – I will say “dog eat dog world” to him. I’ll let you know if gets offended.

  • Right, aren’t they against having pets at all?

  • TheBookOfDavid

    I object to PETA in principle, due to their zoochauvinism. They press us to change our phrasing to accomodate animals, but where is their sympathy for plants? “Feed two birds with one scone” and “bring home the bagels” panders to grain-based cruelty. And “taking the rose by the thorns”…really? That’s just a euphemism for floral rape! I’m getting sick at the very mention of it.

  • phatkhat


  • pianoman

    They are. They believe all pets should be freed into the wild. They haven’t explained how some 22 millions dogs are expected to fend for themselves in winter or to cope with being suddenly separated from their owners.

  • pianoman

    Update: I said the phrase to my dog. He wagged his tail, farted, and went back to sleep.

  • Well, given that I’ve read they kill most animals held in their care, perhaps we know the answer. Such hypocrites.

  • OMG! Love!

  • Jim Jones
  • WallofSleep

    This group of goobers behave just as narrowly and reactionary as any fundamentalist religion. I’ve even seen those I would characterize as “vegan evangelists” slag PeTA for their ceaseless nincompoopery.

  • WallofSleep
  • WallofSleep

    They’ll take my beloved rescue mutt over my dead body!

  • Hey I have two rescues – an old german shepherd/collie mix and a wild free-spirit coonhound that is 3 – both from rescues

  • free the corn!

  • WallofSleep

    Let the rabbits wear glasses!

  • WallofSleep

    Mine spoils me. Had her five years, since she was a puppy, and not once has she begged for the food I was eating nor tried to wake me up. Not. Once.

  • TheBookOfDavid

    Civil rice for all!

  • Anything PeTA does is for publicity. That’s it. They want attention. The best thing you can do is ignore them and they’ll disappear.

  • Well, PeTA euthanizes a lot of healthy animals, so I think you’re on to something.

  • Just make sure you don’t leave your dog outside when they come to town:

    I have no words to describe how much I loathe PeTA.

  • WallofSleep

    Any mother fucker(s) who pulled that shit on my dog had better hope the authorities catch up to them before I do.

  • Same here. Don’t mess with my animals, lest you get hurt.

  • WallofSleep

    I should probably put one of these up on my property:

  • CanYouStillHearMe
  • Tawreos

    I am not sure that that is a dog since that, in my experience, is completely unnatural behavior for a dog. =) Mine begs for some when I take medication and most nights has decided that I have gone long enough without petting him that he feels justified in waking me up.

  • WallofSleep

    I told you I was spoiled. Five years, and I still don’t really know the first thing about disciplining a dog ‘cuz she’s so damn chill.

  • persephone

    Vegans get angry when I point out the reality of their “no harm” diet. They don’t have any real idea of how food gets to them, and what is involved.

    As a celiac, wheat is literally murder for me.

  • I need one of those. 🙂

  • al kimeea

    While you passed out from the smell…

  • al kimeea

    Same with our wee pup. We drop food, she sniffs it, then looks at us like “you gonna pick that up?” and only has a sniff of our food before wandering off. She likes to sleep in. She could put her paws on the coffee table and swipe stuff, but never has.

  • Occam

    Great, now I’m hungry and lunch is two hours away.

  • thanatos8285

    They aren’t even really left. They went so far to the left that they fell off the edge and became completely apolitical. Policing language? Left. Controlling what people put in their bodies? Right. Making bad analogies to appeal to emotion? Left and right. They’d get behind Hitler himself (and I mean literally Hitler, not a metaphor for Trump) if Hitler ran as a vegan. They only give a shit about non-human animals, so they’re pretty indifferent to the mostly human-focused politics of the world.