Christian Radical Arrested for Protesting Breakfast with Santa

Christian Radical Arrested for Protesting Breakfast with Santa December 9, 2018
Johnson County Law Enforcement

Aaron Urbanski of Texas was arrested Saturday for trespassing on a church-sponsored event. According to Cleburne, Texas police, Urbanski was protesting at the church for sponsoring an event titled, “Breakfast with Santa.” Witnesses at the event say Urbanski screamed at parents, “Santa is not real.”

On Saturday morning,  St. Mark United Methodist Church of Cleburne hosted a pancake breakfast and visited with Santa. Parents brought children to the event to see the hefty Christmas gift man. On their way into the church, three men stood outside protesting.

According to a report on NBCDFW, parent Heather Johnson said that three men were outside of the church holding signs. Johnson said one of the men confronted her. The man asked her if she allows her child to believe in Santa and if her children know about Jesus.

Johnson told reporters she asked the men not to ruin Christmas for her children. After she made the statement, the man got angry and shouted to the children that Santa wasn’t real. Additionally, the man told her she was wrong from allowing her children to believe in Santa.

Staff asked the men to leave the property multiple times. However, the men refused to leave. When police arrived, authorities asked the men to disperse from the church. Two of the men with Urbanski left, but Urbanski remained outside of the event.

Eventually, police arrested Urbanski for trespassing. Police booked Urbanski into Johnson County Law Enforcement Center. No bond was set.

A quick search of Urbanski on social media shows that he has a history of protesting secular events. In dozens of photos, Urbanski is shown holding signs protesting Halloween, parades, divorce, drunkenness, adultery, and pre-marital sex.

Several of the photos show Urbanski holding a megaphone preaching about God.

His protests don’t just extend to parades and children’s events. Urbanski and his group protest sporting events, pastors that host “false teachers,” and events hosted by the LGBTQ+.

What church Urbanski belongs to remains unclear. However, the events he attends are with the same men each time. Photos posted on his Facebook show small bible studies at a kitchen table suggesting the group may be a small radical sect of Christianity.

Court records for Urbanski show his only other brushes with the law have been speeding tickets. Criminal trespassing is a Class B misdemeanor. If Urbanski is convicted of the crime, he faces up to a $2,000 fine and 180 days in jail.

Following the arrest of Urbanski, Cleburne Mayor, Scott Cain, stated the town would provide extra security for a Christmas parade scheduled for Sunday evening. On Cain’s public Facebook he said,



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What Are Your Thoughts?leave a comment
  • WallofSleep

    “The man asked her… if her children know about Jesus.”

    They were walking into a church. Figure it out, genius.

  • Desertphile

    I assume he is mentally ill.

  • Why? He sounds like just another arrogant zealot.

  • Thanks4AllTheFish

    “WHY CAN’T EVERYONE BE JUST LIKE ME,” Urbanski screams into the void?

    Sad, very sad, little man.

  • ianeymeaney
  • But they may not actually know Jesus in his way of looking at things. It’s a Methodist church, so it may not comply with whatever specific version of Christianity he believes.

  • My money is on zealot

  • persephone

    These street preachers are everywhere, even in the hive of iniquity that is San Francisco. They’re so annoying.

    They’re not mentally ill, and, please, in the future, don’t blame mental illness for outliers who are suffering from arrogance and a need for attention.

  • persephone

    Apparently, only two other people believe in his version of Christianity, per the post, so I doubt he rates church/sect status.

  • WallofSleep

    It’s a thin line…

  • Jim Jones

    > Guess they wanted coal in their stockings to go with a court appearance.

    In their stockings if they’re lucky. There are worse places for the jolly old man to shove a lump of coal.

  • TheBookOfDavid

    Photos posted on his Facebook show small bible studies at a kitchen table suggesting the group may be a small radical sect of Christianity.

    In other words, too crazy for a “nondeminational fellowship”. I hope Cleburne police are keeping a close watch on this guy, especially since the Trump era Fed has been directed to ignore right wing extremism on their threat radar.

  • Jim Jones

    There’s a difference?

  • Jim Jones

    My first thought was circle jerk.

  • TheBookOfDavid

    It’s a thin line…

  • Jim Jones

    Santa is based on Saint Nicholas who seems to be historical.

    Jesus is based on Yeshua who seems to not be.

  • there were. like 6 of them

  • Jim Jones

    Almost enough for a human centipede?

  • YES!

  • It’s mystifying, to me, how people like this think their actions are Christ-like. They are not contributing anything but negativity and judgement, the opposite of what Jesus preached. If we were to apply their own standards to their behavior, we could argue they are the sinners.

  • Zetopan

    “Santa is not real.”
    Breaking irony meters out to a radius of everywhere.

  • TheBookOfDavid

    Enough for a dodecapede at least.

  • Cozmo the Magician

    Yup, they LOVE jesus, he does the yard work , so they don’t have to … /snarkies

  • While it is true that Santa isn’t real, this guy’s time would be better served protesting real issues, like sexual harassment or hunger whatever

  • TinnyWhistler

    I enjoyed “hefty Christmas gift man”

  • Snagglefritz Sagenschnitter


  • P. McCoy

    St. Nicholas was VERY real, he was an Archbishop, worshiped Jesus. Too bad this man was ignorant of history.