Trump’s Forgotten Daughter Dating a Man From Sh**hole Country

Trump’s Forgotten Daughter Dating a Man From Sh**hole Country December 2, 2018

Generally, I am not one for celebrity gossip, but every so often a delicious nugget falls into my lap. Today’s gossip comes courtesy from New York Post’s Page Six. According to Page Six, Donald Trump’s “other” daughter Tiffany is dating a new man. However, the new man isn’t the salacious part of the story. Nope, the wild part of the story is the main squeeze of Tiffany comes from a portion of Africa that Trump referred to as a sh**hole country in an oval office meeting in January.

There are many layers to this story, and I’m going to need to start unpacking the suitcase to explain this correctly. Most of the media and the greater world forgets that Donnie has two daughters.

Donnie spends most of his time fawning and drooling over his oldest daughter Ivanka. However, Ivanka’s half-sister, Tiffany, is often forgotten and dismissed. Tiffany is the sole child of Donnie’s second marriage to Marla Maples.

Because Tiffany comes from a scandalous relationship that ripped apart his first marriage to Ivana Trump, Tiffany becomes the evil half-sister that destroyed the family. Since so few people seem to care about Tiffany, including her dad, Tiffany’s name doesn’t make a lot of appearances in the tabloids.

However, Tiffany found a way to surely grab some attention by courting a man from the African nation of Nigeria. Yes, you heard that correctly. Tiffany’s new boyfriend is from Nigeria. Page Six reports that Tiffany has been quietly dating Michael Boulos since this summer.

If you need a refresher on why her choice of mate is scandalous, let me take you back to a January meeting in the oval office at the White House. In an immigration meeting, Trump reportedly said, “Why are we having all these people from sh**hole countries come here?”

Individuals connected to the meeting told the Washington post that Trump’s sh**hole comment was directed toward various African countries and several countries in Latin America.

Those aren’t the only comments Trump made about Nigeria. In another meeting, insiders allege that Trump said “Nigerian’s would never go back to their huts,” if the U.S. let them into the country.

Given Trump’s track record with Nigeria, common sense would assume his children would stay disconnected from the nation. However, Tiffany decided she needed a little media attention and grabbed herself a beau from the country her dad describes as a sh**hole.

Tiffany’s new boyfriend isn’t just any random from Nigeria. Nope, Tiffany threw her best “go big or go home,” long shot and picked Michael Boulos. Boulos is no ordinary Nigerian. His family is worth billions.  His family owns a multi-billion dollar conglomerate, SCOA Nigeria, that trades vehicles, equipment, retail, and construction.

Boulos’ family is of Lebanese origin, but Michael grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. Even though Boulos isn’t of Nigerian origin, he grew up in the country’s largest city.

Now here is the part that will make no one surprised. Apparently, Tiffany introduced Michael to the family at Thanksgiving. Naturally, because Michael is ridiculously rich and from a prominent family, everyone loved him. The whole family says he comes off as very intelligent and is kind.

Page six says no one mentioned Trump’s unfortunate comments about Nigeria at the dinner. A source told Page Six, “Tiffany is happy she has so far been able to keep things with Michael under the radar. But she introduced him to her family at Thanksgiving, and he comes across as a very intelligent young man from a great family. There was no mention of the president’s unfortunate comment about African nations.”

If you are wondering if Tiffany was with the President on Thanksgiving, the answer is yes. Multiple outlets reported she spent the day at Mar-a-Lago with her dad and extended family. That means Trump met the man from the sh**hole country he kept his composure and didn’t make a fool of himself.

Knowing the family accepts the new beau confirms what most of us already knew about Trump. As long as you have a lot of money, Trump doesn’t care about your nation of origin. When Trump refers to immigrants from developing countries, he’s not talking about the wealthy 1% that control these countries. Trump is referring to the large percentage of people that live in poverty.

The lesson for everyone on this little tale, if you are a billionaire from a sh**hole country, you can date Trump’s forgotten daughter. However, if you are a poor immigrant from one of these places, you better just step off.

Trump only has room for billionaires at his table.

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  • epeeist

    Trump only has room for billionaires at his table.

    Does that mean he has to exclude himself or are people who say they are billionaires allowed?

  • Cozmo the Magician

    Ok which are we supposed to believe? “However, Tiffany decided she needed a little media attention” I.e. this relationship was just a ‘media stunt.

    Or “Tiffany is happy she has so far been able to keep things with Michael under the radar.” ? Can’t have it both ways.

    FFS, Maybe this is just a case of her meeting a guy and liking him. No big surprise that he is wealthy , after all outside of romance movies/novels etc, usually rich people hook up with other rich people (unless it is a PURELY commercial venture and then it is usally a guy just paying to get his wick dipped for fun).

  • MoonlightUnkindledOne

    Who here would rather have people from countries Trump slandered as “sh*tholes” than the Nazis that support him? I know I would. Also, Trump family is mostly trash.

  • that was my snark at the top! 🙂

  • yep!

  • Jim Jones

    For Trump, enough money makes anyone an “honorary white”.

    He would have loved apartheid S Africa.

  • TheBookOfDavid

    I am not interested in the celebrity gossip concerning the Trump family, just wanted to know if someone can help me personally contact Boulos over a proposed business venture. Turns out, I am prepared to assist him in transferring massive amounts of capital discreetly across the border (for a nominal fee of a few million USD, of course). Can anyone here explain why he never responds to any of my emails?

  • LOL!

  • Greg Stueve

    If Boulos proposes, what are the odds they will be in talks with The Learning Channel about an appearance on 90 Day Fiancé?

  • Zetopan

    “That means Trump met the man from the sh**hole country he kept his composure and didn’t make a fool of himself.”

    That does *not* even seem possible with the Mango Mussolini! I suspect serious misreporting here.