5 Unbelievable “Bloody Tampon” Gifts for Sale on Etsy

5 Unbelievable “Bloody Tampon” Gifts for Sale on Etsy January 27, 2019
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Women interested in honoring their menstrual cycle can have a field day on Etsy with tampon themed items. Crafters construct earrings, keychains, soap, and stamps for customers to sport around town. While many women may find the accessories bizarre and gross, reviews on the seller pages share rave reviews. Today I share the five most unbelievable bloody tampon gifts for sale.

The Bloody Tampon Key Ring

The bloody Key Ring is sold “Limited Edition.” Etsy creator Her Designs Shop says,

“My tampon bullets represent the strength of women and our amazing bodies. We as women know how fragile periods can make us feel but these little tampon bullets are little reminders of the wonder of our incredible, strong and deliberate bodies.”

While the gross factor of the key chain is high, the product has 44 five star reviews.

Etsy vendor page

Bloody Tampon Rubber Stamp

Crafted by Crass Stamps the bloody tampon stamp appears to be a hit. Crass Stamps hand make all types of rubber stamps from farting photos, nipples, contraceptive pills, and the famed bloody tampon. Suggested uses for the stamp are for greeting cards, secret messages, pranks, stationary, and nightclubs.

Crass Stamps have more than 181 rave 5-star reviews.

Crass Stamps Etsy Page

Bloody Tampon Body Bar Soap

Esty Shop Sick Soaps sells moisturizing glycerine soap tampons encased in clear soap. While the tampon may be made of soap, the string inside is real. The bars are available for purchase for $8.95 and take 1-2 weeks to ship. Bathers will experience a lovely champagne and strawberry scent as they scrub. Despite the oddness of the product, the vendor has 920 five star reviews.

Sick Soap Etsy Page


Bloody Tampon Catnip Toy

For people that want to include their furry friends in the tampon fun, Meowadays crafts crotched bloody tampons stuffed with catnip. Sold for $18.00 the product is sure to be a hit for the kitties.

One reviewer said it best,

“I bought this toy for my girlfriends cat and oh my gawd….he freaking loves it. It’s disgusting and hilarious at the same time.”



Meowadays Etsy

Tampon Earrings

For the women that want to celebrate the “feminine cycle,” tampon earrings make a bold statement. Weird Class sells authentic tampons strung to earring clips. The tampons dangle from a string. Each earring set is made by using Tampax Pearl tampons. They retail for a reasonable and naughty price of $6.66.

Weird Class has 20 five star reviews with one reviewer exclaiming, “She loved them!”

Weird Class Etsy

While many would never consider purchasing anything tampon related to jewelry, soap, or toys, Etsy shoppers are thrilled with these products. Women can even purchase crocheted reusable tampons if they so desire.

You can do a full look through tampon themed items on Etsy here.

Enjoy, barf, or giggle.

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  • WallofSleep

    “Bloody Tampon Catnip Toy”


  • tatortotcassie

    I work in healthcare so in my brain bloody item = biohazard = avoid or touch only with gloves.

    But that’s me. You do you, everyone buying these products.

  • Specky

    Nothing surprises me these days.

  • persephone

    No, just no.

  • B.E. Miller

    I thought that they were funny. I wouldn’t give some of these things as gifts to a boss, or teacher, but definitely some of my friends/ classmates/ co-workers who would laugh at some of these.

    And that name “Crass Stamps” should be a clue as to their product line.

    And the stars rating is not only of the product, but also a rating of the seller. Did the seller ship the product in a timely manner? If there was a delay or issue with the product, did the seller let you know, and keep the buyer updated and informed?