Mother Strangled/Beat Autistic Son For Having Bathroom Accident

Mother Strangled/Beat Autistic Son For Having Bathroom Accident January 15, 2019
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A Pennsylvania woman is behind bars after choking and beating her 6-year-old autistic son. Investigators say Elena Lovorn beat, strangled and scratched her son on Saturday afternoon. Lovorn allegedly lost her temper when her son had an accident in his pants.

According to a report on KDKA, police responded to call at a home in Arnold, Pennsylvania. When officers arrived, a woman showed them photos of a child with scratches and bruises on his face.

In the criminal complaint, police say the photo showed scratches on his neck, swollen and bloody lips, bruising on his eyebrows, and a scratch and bruise behind his ear. The witness told police that the child’s mother beat him after he defecated in his pants.

The witness went on to say that after the child had the accident, Lovorn took the boy into the bathroom to change him. Another witness at the scene said that they could hear the child screaming and crying. When the witness tried to help the child, Lovorn locked the door.

According to the witnesses, the child had no injuries when he arrived at the home. When he walked out of the bathroom, he was bloody and bruised. After seeing what Lovorn did to the child, the witnesses called the police.

Following the conversation with the witnesses, the police entered the home. Authorities found the child inside with the injuries they saw in the photo. After seeing the boy, the officers noted the scratch marks on his neck appeared to be strangulation marks.

Upon seeing the boy, police arrested Lovorn for the abuse to her child. They placed her in a squad car and transported her to station. While in the car, police asked Lovorn if she wanted to make a statement. Lovorn told the officer, “I thought I had a right to remain silent.”

When she arrived at the station, authorities booked her for simple assault, reckless endangerment, strangulation, and endangering the welfare of a child. The strangulation charge is a level 2 felony, and the endangering the welfare of a child is a level 3 felony.

If Lovorn is convicted on the strangulation charge, she could face up to 10 years in prison.

Court records indicate that Lovorn has had multiple arrests. There is awaiting a preliminary trial for retail theft. Her next court date for that offense is January 31, 2019. In 2014, Lovorn was arrested for simple assault.

Given the criminal history of the mother, the question remains why she continued to have custody of the child. The fact that she beat the child in the presence of others calls into question about how she treated the boy in private.

There are no details on the current custody status of the boy. However, Lovorn is still in custody on $100,000 bond. Hopefully, the child will recover from the injuries and placed with loving caregivers.



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  • Lokis_Child

    Both of my boys are on the spectrum and can be extremely frustrating, even angering. Have I wanted to do what this woman did? Yes, a handful of times. Did I ever even consider it? Absolutely not. This woman should never, ever be near children and I hope they lock her up for the maximum sentence.

  • TheBookOfDavid

    Personally, I believe that a $100k bond is excessively high for a suspect of such low economic resources or flight risk, especially since the state removed the primary target of repeat offense from the picture. But I’m having a tough time working up sympathy for Lovern’s civil rights at this point, and figure that a timeout in a cell is an appropriate setting for her to sit and think about her behavior.

  • Banrion

    . nvm

  • persephone

    Is the father even in the picture? Did he come and go? Did he take off after finding out his son was on the spectrum?

  • takua chronicler

    erm….”have I ever wanted to do…” “did I ever even consider it”
    Erm, yes, you did. you didn’t actualize it, but if the “want” has presented itself, then you’ve by definition considered it.
    Also, autism parents are just the worst

  • Lokis_Child

    “Also, autism parents are just the worst” Even worse that pedantic child?