Girl that Died from Diabetes Saw a Chiropractor Instead of a Doctor

Girl that Died from Diabetes Saw a Chiropractor Instead of a Doctor January 18, 2019

Last month police arrested Amber Hampshire after she failed to treat her daughter’s diabetes and she died. Emily Hampshire died from ketoacidosis in early November. Search warrant documents obtained by The Telegraph in Alton, Illinois provide new details about Amber Hampshire’s neglect of her daughter. Not only did Amber fail to ever treat her daughter’s diabetes, but she also used a chiropractor for Emily’s medical needs.

According to The Telegraph, Amber Hampshire may have never obtained the insulin her daughter needed to survive. In a search warrant filed in Madison County, the state attorney requested medical insurance records. The state attorney is attempting to determine if Amber Hampshire ever made any claims to treat her daughter’s diabetes.

In the Affidavit obtained by The Telegraph, the state attorney outlines that Amber Hampshire has a history of lying regarding her daughter’s illness.

Medical records from Emily’s hospital admission indicate that Amber lied to doctors about her condition. While Emily sat gravely ill at the hospital, Amber denied that Emily ever received a diabetes diagnosis. When doctors asked for medical records from other hospitals, Amber refused to sign release forms.

Despite Amber’s attempts to block the doctors from learning about Emily’s diabetes, the doctors obtained Emily’s records. Records provided from hospitalization in February 2018 proved that doctors diagnosed Emily with Type 1 diabetes.

In February 2018, Doctors prescribed insulin for Emily. However, investigators allege there is no evidence that Amber ever filled the prescription. When police searched Amber’s home, they found a glucose meter, insulin delivery devices, and Glucagon emergency injection. However, there was no insulin found in the house.

Additionally, Amber lied to her daughter’s school in February 2018 about Emily’s diagnosis. When the school received a medical plan from doctors, Amber told administrators that the diagnosis was incorrect. She asked the school to disregard the letter from the doctors.

Perhaps most interesting in the search warrant affidavit relates to Emily’s medical treatment. The State Attorney says that Emily didn’t have a primary physician leading up to her November death. Instead, Emily’s only “medical” provider was an unknown chiropractor.

Since Amber’s arrest in December, numerous questions have arisen about how Amber managed Emily’s diabetes for five years. Many people have speculated that Amber may have used alternative medicine to manage Emily’s diabetes.

Chiropractors are not licensed to treat diabetes. However, many rogue providers offer treatment for diabetes. A chiropractor we found suggested that spinal adjustments can improve organ and hormone function. The provider also suggests their method can eliminate the patient’s use for medication.

If Amber used a chiropractor instead of a doctor, questions would emerge on the guilt of the chiropractor. Chiropractors are not licensed to practice medicine. However, for years, chiropractors have greatly expanded their scope of practice beyond spinal adjustments.

In fact, many chiropractors around the country market themselves as “hormone and endocrine” specialists. According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, chiropractors began promoting these therapies because spinal adjustments aren’t profitable. Due to the lack of profitability, chiropractors now pose as experts in numerous medical specialties to increase their profit margins.

Because type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disorder, patients require insulin to survive. Chiropractors can not prescribe insulin or any medications to manage diabetes. Therefore, anything sold by a chiropractor as treatment is nothing more than snake-oil.

Whether or not the State Attorney will pursue the chiropractor that treated Emily is still unknown. Also, an unknown is if Amber disclosed Emily’s diabetes to the chiropractor. However, the fact that Emily only saw a chiropractor for her medical care suggests Amber used alternative medicine to care for Emily.

The state attorney made a note of this in the search warrant affidavit by saying,

“Cardinal Glennon Hospital social worker Mirian Hartung documented in the medical record on Nov. 3 that hospital staff believed that medical neglect may have played a part in the death of Emily, and if Emily had been seen by a physician regularly since her diabetes diagnose, this illness, referring to the cause of death, may have a very different outcome.”

On January 10, Amber pled not guilty to the charges of involuntary manslaughter. Amber is currently out of jail after posting $100,000 bail. If convicted on the charges of manslaughter and child endangerment, she faces up to 24 years in prison.


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  • Tawreos

    I can’t believe this woman would sit and watch her daughter go through this. My dog got diagnosed with diabetes just before New Years after he lost a third of his body weight from what it had been over the summer. It was driving me crazy not knowing what was wrong. Now that he is on insulin, he has started eating and I am hoping he will gain a bit of the weight back and it is good to see him more like his old self. It sickens me to know that my dog has gotten better care and been shown more love than this poor little girl was. These people that do this type of stuff disgust me.

  • Knitting Cat Lady

    Chiropractic will not regenerate pancreatic function…

    I wonder if the thinking went like this: ‘Only sick people take meds. If my daughter doesn’t take meds, she isn’t sick.’

  • Right – you know this – and I know this – but chiropractors tell them differently

  • Doom Shepherd

    “A chiropractor we found suggested that spinal adjustments can improve organ and hormone function. The provider also suggests their method can eliminate the patient’s use for medication.”

    Neither of which is true. Chiropractic is a con.

  • Clancy

    Repeating myself from your first post on this, I do not understand how that poor girl could have survived five years without treatment.

  • Christine Laing

    400 calories a day. At least that was the best treatment known before insulin. As she died of ketoacidosis, she must have been eating though.

  • kellymbray

    Chiropractors are not doctors and should not have the privilege to be called as such.

    Doctors study medicine.

    Chiropractors study marketing.

  • Linda Rosa

    I can attest that this isn’t the first time a diabetic has been killed by chiropractic.

    I was taken to Dr. Lohr, a chiropractor in Rhinelander, WI, from age 5-17. I remember hating the chiropractor right from the start, but for a short while, I played with a girl in the chiro’s waiting room. I was shy, and she was sweet and friendly. We were both apparently taken for “treatments” several times/week.

    But the girl died. My mother explained that she was diabetic, and the chiropractor had told her parents he could cure her. But he warned them that if they started to give her insulin, she would get “hooked on it,” and then he could not help her. The parents were apparently told they waited too long for chiropractic to help her.

    As for me, I didn’t escape unscathed, but was very lucky to be a healthy kid, otherwise I would not have survived 12 years of chiropractic quackery.

  • Robert Baden

    Might have been a slow onset type 1. Called LADA in adults. Sometimes misdiagnosed as type 2.

    Ketoacidosis results from metabolizing fat because you can’t metabolize glucose. Not sure restricted eating helps much with it. More likely to just deal with the effects of high blood sugars, which are damaging on their own.. I think people have a mistaken belief that high blood sugars directly cause ketoacidosis. Rather both are caused by an inability to get glucose from the blood to the cell interior.

  • persephone

    Way back in the 70s, a chiropractor opened up a practice with a small health food store attached. I used to pick up a few items at the store (Celiac and it was one of the few places to get gluten free items), but the chiro had me figuring he was a few rungs short of a ladder pretty quick. He literally believed that chiropractic could fix anything, including diseases. He refused to let his daughters be vaccinated. I left that town a year or two after he arrived, so I don’t know whatever happened with him.

  • vinu arumugham

    Correlation of type 1 diabetes trends in European countries to the number of bovine insulin and GAD65 contaminated chick embryo cell culture containing vaccines in the schedule, as predicted by the autoimmunity mechanism involving immunization with homologous xenogeneic antigens and EPIT as a potential treatment