Man Claims 11-year-old Girl Became Pregnant Through Clothing

Man Claims 11-year-old Girl Became Pregnant Through Clothing January 21, 2019
Niskayuna Police

A New York man is facing felony predatory child sexual assault charges after an 11-year-old girl gave birth to his child. Robert Cronin of Niskayuna, New York was arrested last week related rape of the young girl.

According to a report by WTEN, Cronin’s victim delivered a baby in November 2018. Following the birth, DNA testing confirmed that Cronin fathered the child. Cronin knew the victim, but their relationship remains unclear.

In a jailhouse interview with WTEN reporter Anya Tucker, Cronin came up with a wild story on how the girl became pregnant. Cronin asserts that he never had sex with the girl. Instead, the girl’s pregnancy resulted from her using a piece of clothing that contained his semen. Cronin said he masturbated into the cloth, and then the girl used the clothing.

Tucker pushed back on Cronin telling him that the story was implausible.

Anya asked, “Do you understand why it would be hard for people to understand the reasoning behind this conception that you’re offering?” “Yes,” said Cronin.

When Tucker continued to press Cronin on his claim, Cronin doubled down on his story. He told Tucker that medical science, fertility science, and scientific research prove that pregnancy is possible in this way.

Tucker said, “I’m sorry Robert, but that sounds implausible.”

Cronin replied, “Not according to medical science, not according to the people that deal with fertility treatments, artificial insemination, and not according to the majority medical science community.”

During the interview, Cronin kept his eyes closed and head down. He rocked back and forth in his chair and rubbed his legs.

Naturally, police do not buy Cronin’s ridiculous claims about the girl’s pregnancy. Authorities arrested Cronin on felony predatory child sexual assault and child endangerment.

At his arraignment, Cronin pled not guilty to the charges. The judge ordered Cronin held without bail. The charges against Cronin carry a minimum sentence of 25 years in prison.

Police report that the girl and the baby are safe places. There are no details about whether the two are together. However, police say both are receiving excellent care.

Hopefully, the girl will receive therapy and services to help her deal with the trauma of the rape by Cronin. Police provided no details about the victim’s family and if they had any involvement in the crime or cover-up.


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  • Cozmo the Magician

    Sigh… this evil idiot is from right in my area. Damn!

  • Kevin K

    That scenario was a major plot point in a book I read once. It was as far-fetched a scenario as fiction.

  • ephemerol

    Man Claims 11-year-old Girl Became Pregnant Through Clothing Holy Spirit

    Shoulda stuck to plausible claims… /s

  • ianeymeaney

    For the record, Niskayuna is waaaayyyy upstate NY and resembles Deliverance-land. Once you get 2 hours outside of NYC, the number of teeth per person drops dramatically. Trust me, I grew up in upstate.

  • Jim Jones

    Ehsan Abdulaziz: Saudi millionaire who said he ‘accidentally tripped and penetrated’ teenage girl cleared of rape

    He said it was possible he had semen on his hands from having sex with a 24-year-old woman earlier.

  • BridgetD


  • Jim Jones

    Yes. But in Saudiland, a man can offer any excuse and it will be accepted.

  • Anat

    There’s a legend that the daughter of the biblical prophet Isaiah was accidentally impregnated by her father through the use of soap (or some other hygiene product/device) contaminated with his semen. The baby was born knowing to speak and had knowledge about Lilith and her demonic offspring.

  • Kevin K

    Now, that’s an interesting plot! I’d watch that movie – way better than Constantine.

  • Kevin K

    Sadly, this case happened in London.

  • BridgetD

    True. I’m not really surprised. Just…revolted.