Product Promises to Detox Ex-Boyfriends’ Imprint Left on the Womb

Product Promises to Detox Ex-Boyfriends’ Imprint Left on the Womb January 24, 2019
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A vaginal product called the Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearl promises to help cleanse women’s wombs of their past sexual partners. The product sold online uses a combination of herbs and supplements wrapped into a tiny ball. Women are encouraged to shove the pearl up their vagina and pray away their ex’s bad energy.

According to an instructional video on the Goddess Detox website, the “CEO” Vanessa White instructs women on how to use the product.

White, who also goes by “Olanikeeosi” shills detox pearls that contain a variety of herbs and supplements. Some of the ingredients include Cnidium, Stemona, Motherwort, Angelica, and Rhizoma. She claims these herbs will reduce menstrual cramps, increase libido, kill parasites, remove toxins, and help women ‘Detox their Ex.”

To prove her claims, White crafted a video about why women need to detox their exes from their “wombs.” White believes that anytime a woman has sex with a man, he leaves an imprint on your  ‘yoni,’ ‘womb,’  and ‘uterus area.’

She says that her amazing cloth wrapped herbs have ‘vibrational energy’ that can suck out the bad juju left by a former sexual partner.

Next,  she pulls out a ‘pearl’ connected to a long tampon-like string. White instructs women to speak their intention over the pearl before they insert the vajayjay healer into their coochie.

By saying, “I remove (insert person’s name) from my womb area during this cleanse,” women can expect to be freed from the nasty funk left by a former lover.

Then White instructs women to place the pearl inside them. While doing the six-day cleanse, she suggests that ‘you meditate on that intention.’

After the six days, White says that nasty ex will be detoxed from your ‘womb area.’

Apparently, magical and vibrational herbs are accomplishing the impossible. These pearls can suck out fictitious energy from the vagina and make women get over an ex in six short days.

Sounds super legit, right?

Clearly, the products have no healing properties at all. In fact, reviews done by writers have discussed the pain, burning, and discharge they experience while using the products. One blogger suggested that her vaginal lining was burning off and coming out of her.

Additionally, White’s claims of sticking the pearl in the womb are baseless. The vagina is not the womb. The cervix blocks the vagina and uterus from connecting. Therefore none of the healing vibrations are making all the way up to the uterus. Also, do I need to point out that men don’t put their penis’ in the womb?

White suggests you leave the pearl in your body for more than 24 hours. No products should ever be inside the vagina for that length of time. Have you ever heard of toxic shock syndrome? There is a reason women that use tampons are instructed to change them every 2-4 hours.

Next, doctors instruct women not to douche. The Goddess Detox Pearl is a douche that stays inside for days. Douching can remove good bacteria and throw off natural PH balance. By using these products, women risk contracting yeast or bacterial infections.

Even though their products can cause these infections, Goddess Detox says the infections are a sign that the body is healing.  As with all good woo-peddlers, Goddess Detox uses the whole ‘pain is healing’ slogan to shill the products.

The FDA does not approve the Goddess Detox Pearl for vaginal use. Nor are Goddess Pearls approved to treat, cure, or help any vaginal ailment. However, White suggests you not listen to the FDA and watch the video testimonials as proof the products work.

In the review sections, photos of vaginal discharge fill the page. Some of the most disturbing images appear to be actual vaginal lining.

There is nothing good that will come from using these products. Please don’t waste your time or money on an unregulated and unproven product. Our vaginas do not need to be ‘detoxed’ or ‘cleansed.’

Save your hard earned cash and buy something useful like a new bag, shoes, or jacket.

Skip the vaginal detox and let your body cleanse itself.


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  • B.E. Miller

    Okay, so maybe I need to come up with some sort of herbal tea (that isn’t poisonous) but tastes bad, and tell male customers that it cleanse them of their exes’ bad juju. Maybe have something in it that will turn the pee blue? And then claim that the color is the bad juju leaving their body?


    Feeling sorry for the women who fell for this object, and now I’m wondering if this ‘purity’ stuff is creeping into secular culture. Why should it matter how many exes a woman has had? Sounds like some old Iron Age tribe who believed that sperm continued to live in a woman’s uterus. (Which meant that if she had pre-marital sex, or was raped, the paternity of her children would always be in doubt. Wish I could remember which ancient culture believed this, if it was Greek, Israelite or Babylonian.)

  • Clancy

    Regarding a possible men’s product, I’d think vigorous rubbing would work well enough.

  • her video did remind me of how in church they say “everytime you have sex – they take a piece of your soul”

  • WallofSleep

    Actually there is a product for men, which I used to get detox myself of my crazy ex-gf a number of years ago. It’s called “Move Hundreds of Miles Away from the Psycho!”

  • B.E. Miller

    Isn’t that sort of the basis for “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”? He moves away, and she follows him thinking she’s being ‘romantic’ or some such.

  • WallofSleep

    Could be, but I haven’t watched the show. Fortunately for me it did not work out that way. I managed to get away ‘Scott’ free.

  • persephone

    I love the show. Rebecca is unhappy in her lawyer job in New York. She goes outside and asks the universe if she should take the partnership offer, and just happens to see the guy, Josh, she had a crush on as a teenager at summer camp. As he walks by, a ray of sunlight hits him, and she takes this for a sign. He tells her he’s moving home to West Covina “only two hours from the ocean if there’s no traffic.” Rebecca quits her job, gets a job offer to work for a small firm in West Covina, that specializes in real estate law, which is her focus. She then moves to West Covina and starts on a mission to find Josh.

    They were never girlfriend and boyfriend. We don’t find out until the 3rd season exactly what her illness is. This is the 4th and final season, and she’s having to work out relationships with all the people in her life.

  • frostysnowman

    You know, I don’t feel sorry for the women who fell for this. They are presumably adults with money to spend on ridiculous products like this. They made a conscious choice to buy it and use it.

  • B.E. Miller

    Thanks for the summary. I’ve only seen that song number “Heavy Boobs”.

  • persephone

    I love so many of the songs.

  • I do think the best way to get the bad juju out of an ex – is just to have some good rebound sex and a bottle of wine.

  • Ally

    Or the claims from the manosphere that women somehow retain the sperm of every man with whom they’ve ever had sex (this being the sperm that dies within a week within the female body) and that their children end up being some weird genetic mix of all of the men with whom they ever had sex. Their evidence? This sometimes happens in fruit flies, whose lives are measured in days, not decades.

  • WallofSleep

    I skipped the rebound sex and just stuck with the bottle. Surprisingly, alcohol gets me into less trouble.

  • persephone

    I like the song from South Pacific, that says she’s going to wash that man right out of her hair.

    A new haircut is good, too.

  • Delta

    Gettin Bi is the only song I know from the show, and it really is wonderful.

  • blowingoffgodot

    What if you only had anal sex?

    Can this ex-removing pessary be taken as a suppository?

    I think that’s a fair question.

  • Anat

    Deleted, responded in the wrong place.

  • Anat

    I reesponded in the wrong part of the thread, let’s see if Disqus lets me post here.
    There are Amazonian tribes that believe in ‘shared paternity’ – that paternity of a child is shared by all men with which the woman had sex during pregnancy. But I think the idea that some fragment of a child’s heredity comes from the mother’s long ago partners was present in Europe well into the 19th century. (I suppose it could be an ‘explanation’ for why a child doesn’t quite resemble the presumed father.)

  • That’s how I detoxed from my ex-boyfriend. 1100 miles later and no more worries. XD

  • HematitePersuasion

    It would be nice if the feel-good-woo-magic-products did no harm …

  • HematitePersuasion

    There is a harmless blue dye that will to that, but it’s extremely strong. As in, it would dye the herbal tea. Perhaps a clever chemist could encapsulate it in something that is (a) not blue, (b) harmless, and (c) releases post-ingestion.

  • HematitePersuasion

    Psychos chase you.

  • WallofSleep

    Only if they know where to look.

  • Katherine A.

    This product is sexist bullshit. It’s the Abrahamic religions’ purity dogma in New Age wrapping. More of preying on women’s fears of being “tainted”, this is disgusting. These people are vultures. That kind of purity shit that makes women gets surgeries to restore their hymens or buy artificial hymens so they will not be shamed or even killed for not bleeding on their wedding night. These purity teachings are harmful wherever they come from- it doesn’t matter if it’s from Christianity, New Agers, or any other religion. I do wonder if a Better Business Claim can be filed against them for fraudulent claims, but I kinda doubt it.

  • Bleu_Ace

    Vaginas are self-cleaning! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING should be put up there that can likely cause an imbalance in your natural bacteria’s ph!
    You’re more likely to get an infection sticking stuff like this up your hoohaw than you are about ‘cleansing’ anything.

  • Janet McMonagle

    Lets try practicing self love by not buying this crap and taking better care of ourselves.