Father Arrested in Connection with Beating Death of 4-year-old Daughter

Father Arrested in Connection with Beating Death of 4-year-old Daughter January 17, 2019
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A California man was arrested in connection to the death of his 4-year-old daughter. Kevin Carames turned himself into authorities on Wednesday on felony child abuse charges. Police arrested Carames’ wife Zulma Chavez-Ventura in November.

In November 2018, police responded to a call of a non-responsive child at the home of Carames in Stockton, California. Authorities transported the girl to the local hospital and attempted to stabilize the girl.

Carames and his wife told investigators that their daughter, Serenity, had walked into a bunk bed ladder. However, injuries found via scans at the hospital were inconsistent with that story.

Doctors found old and new blood on Serenity’s brain. Additionally, Serenity suffered retinal hemorrhages which doctors determined could only happen from substantial shaking.

On November 25, Serenity died as a result of the injuries. Then on November 27, 2018, police arrested Serenity’s stepmother Zulma Chavez-Ventura on murder and child abuse charges.

After Chavez-Ventura’s arrest, Serenity’s biological mother spoke out about the abuse of her daughter. She told local media her son’s told investigators that their stepmother frequently stomped, kicked, and punched them.

Despite the arrest of Chavez-Ventura, Carames remained utterly silent. Family members spoke out on his behalf. Supporters of Carames proclaimed his innocence to multiple media outlets.

Then after nearly two months of investing, Stockton police filed a criminal complaint against Carames on January 8, 2019. The court charged Carames with three counts of felony child abuse resulting in injury or death.

According to sources connected to Carames, he turned himself in on Wednesday, January 16, 2019. Court records indicate his bail is set at $450,000.00. The court will arraign Carames later today.

Despite the arrest, police have not released any more details about Carames’ involvement. Sources connected to Carames told me that they found his involvement in the murder and abuse of his daughter hard to believe.

Felony child abuse resulting in death or injury carries a sentence of up to 6 years in prison. With three counts against him, Carames could spend up to 18 years in a California prison.


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  • MystiqueLady

    Poor child — to have been born to two such fine examples of parenthood, and with a caring step-mother to boot. It’s so sad to see this sort of pointless tragedy when I’m sure that there are many families who would have loved a baby girl. 🙁

  • ianeymeaney

    Stockton: the Florida of California (anyone who has lived in the Bay Area knows what I’m talking about)

  • Danielle almeida

    Kevin is the biological father of my 12 year old son and after only 1 month of me allowing him to spend a few hours with him twice a week i completely cut him out of my sons life after finding a good size bruise on my then one year old but cheek that he said he must have fell on a hotwheel i told him thats bull **** and he was lucky that i didnt go beat the **** out of him and he better never even try to see my son again and if we run into you your nobody keep walking and he never did that poor baby girl im sorry i should have reported him im so sorry

  • I’m so sorry!!! Did you have custody then or get his custody stripped?

  • My friend in Cali called the place “Suckton”. He spent time there and he hated it.

  • Danielle almeida

    My son was almost 1 when his mother wanted to know if he was the fauther so she could be apart of her grandsons life if he was the fauther i didnt want him or any of his family in my sons life but it wasnt about me and i didnt want to deprive my son of a grandmother and other family members to love him so i agreed and after the results i agreed kevin and his mother could come by to introduce her to her grandson after that i only let my son go with him 3 times and was never for a long period of time then the bruise happind and i told him he was cut out of ever seeing my son again i never said anything about his mother not seeing cameron but never heard from either one of them again so i never went to court for custody i just have always had my son