Woman Changed Race with Injections & Says Babies Will “Come Out Black”

Woman Changed Race with Injections & Says Babies Will “Come Out Black” January 22, 2019
ITV Youtube Screen Shot

A German model that was born white believes she will give birth to a black child after changing her skin color. Martina Big sat down on “This Morning,” on Britain’s ITV network to discuss her recent trip to Kenya to learn more about her “African roots,” and discussed the possibility of having children.

Martina Big is a German model best known for her enormous breast implants. Her cup size of 32 S is the largest documented in all of Europe. Because of her big boobs, she has made a name for herself all of Europe.

Not only is she known for her big boobs, but she’s also Europe’s form of Rachel Dolezal. However, Big makes Dolezal’s claims of being transracial look sane. In 2017, Big underwent a medical treatment to permanently dye her skin black and injected melanin three times into her skin.

In the interview, Big said she started the treatment in 2017. Originally she believed the injections would help protect her skin from sun damage and UV rays.

However, the treatment worked so well for her, that Big’s skin turned dark brown. Big claims that the injections not only changed her skin, but also altered her hair, eyebrows, eye color, and changed her inner being.

As her skin grew darker from the shots, she says she became an African woman on the inside. To learn more about her new found ‘heritage,’ Big traveled to Kenya to learn about tribal cultures. While in Kenya, a pastor baptized Big and gave her a traditional African name. After the baptism, she says the pastor told her she was a real African woman.

Not to be outdone by those wild claims, Big turned up the crazy by asserting that her crotch fruit will be born black. Big told interviewer Holly Willoughby that a doctor told her that her children would be black.

Holly clapped back at Big suggesting that her claim is impossible to believe. However, Big doubled down and said her whole body has changed from the melanin injections, not just her skin.

Big said she believes that her child will be, “black or milk chocolate or a little bit light.”

If she has a white baby, Big did say she will not reject the child. She said the baby will still be a part of her and her husband, Michael.

Interestingly, Michael also underwent three injections of melanin, but his skin only looks slightly tan.

Naturally, fans watching the show were outraged by her remarks. Many called her segment the “most racist thing” they’ve ever seen on tv.

Watch the outrageous interview here:


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  • Knitting Cat Lady

    S cup?! My H cups are way more trouble than they’re worth already!

    And she could give birth to a black kid. If she gets knocked up by a black dude.

    My assumption is that all the beauty treatments with who knows what in them have permanently scrambled her brains.

  • Tawreos

    WTF? Seriously, this whole thing is just one WTF after another. It did piss me off when she said that an African priest baptized her and said she was a real African woman seeing as how they say that sexual reassignment surgery can’t make a man a woman, but a few injections can make a white woman black. This whole thing pisses me off and I haven’t even begun to factor in the racist parts of it.

  • Bex Badger Hallihan

    Oh sweetie, no…

  • DanD

    That’s a real possibility. That she doesn’t believe it, but she’s trying to convince her husband because she knows something he doesn’t.

  • ianeymeaney

    “Crotch fruit” is my new favorite term!

  • TheBookOfDavid

    I agree. This woman has some serious baggage. I had the impression she was trying to get a couple of big issues off her chest as discreetly as possible.

  • Talos2264

    Someone needs to teach her what DNA is, because injections won’t rewrite her DNA.

  • ephemerol

    I’ve never heard of this “medical treatment” before (which proves nothing) but the whole scenario sounds way too close to blackface for me to be remotely comfortable with any of whatever this is.

  • ephemerol

    She could have done that by having the implants removed! Ba dum tish!

    Instead she opted to go in the other direction, and that’s no joke.

  • Daffodil

    This isn’t racism but mental illness.

  • Steven Watson

    It’s Malaika’s body and she can do what she wants with it. If not, transexuals are mentally ill perverts and abortion is murder. Just let it go or you highlight your own stupid.

  • KB

    Can’t we all get along making fun of the stupid lady without dehumanizing babies and kids with the term “crotch fruit”? Don’t want to have children? Great, more power to you. But no reason to take a shit on children as a whole.

  • Jim Jones

    The theme to The Twilight Zone played in my head reading that.

  • Charles M Taylor

    Oh no… that’s not how that works, dearie.

  • Jennny

    I visited China 12yrs ago. The TV was full of ads (it really was, every few minutes) for skin-whitening creams and treatments, everyone wanted to look ‘western’. Back in the UK tanning salons, were mushrooming. Here, where summers can be less than hot we were being sold the notion that tanned or brown skins were desirable and preferable.

  • Robert Baden

    She won’t have had the experiences of discrimination black people have had before this. I bet she’ll be in for some surprises.
    And her claims about future children are just wrong.

  • Robert Baden

    And as far as abortion, I have friends who were born out of wedlock. Abstinence by their parents would have killed them just as dead as abortion.

  • persephone

    Light skin is popular in areas where people have to work outside a lot; light skin indicates that either you don’t have to work or you work inside. Dark skin is popular in areas where people work mostly inside, as it indicates someone who has the leisure time and money to spend at the beach or on a boat.

  • Steven Watson

    Abstinence doesn’t kill anything at all, not even a zygote.

  • KG

    The fact that you think either of those is remotely comparable means you know nothing about race, gender, or pregnancy. And no one cares what she does with her body, they care what she’s claiming it means.

  • brad

    I believe in goodness and I am Pro choice at the Same time.
    I am glad both goodness and evolution are true.

    Some woman need to have abortion care. Some pregnant women they hook up with thuggish guys who don’t believe in goodness so abortion is the right thing to do.

    The truth is those who don’t believe in goodness at all is men 1st girls 2nd.

  • brad

    Most religious people are just dumb enough to belief in these books on purpose. Bible or Koran.

    I believe in God. I am Pro choice and I believe in goodness

  • brad

    Pro choice is pro life also except in certain situations. Some woman need abortion care. Many of them just hook up thuggish guys any way. I am viewing this from a positive way

  • brad

    4 positive good reasons in why pro choice is needed sometimes.

    Some pregnant women don’t believe in goodness alot of them are overly careless. Some thug got her pregnant. She was not in a relationship

  • brad

    Faith in God includes good but other things are true also.

    Those who don’t practice religion it’s our God is good the normal plain way.
    Science and God is true.
    Use our evolution for goodness.
    Pro choice is life also not in all cases.
    When the morality of a location have gone so bad plus poverty and other things. Then natural selection happens it helps some humans out

  • Daniel San’s Worst Nightmare

    That’s what I try to tell people who think you can change your gender, but they won’t listen to me.

  • Daniel San’s Worst Nightmare

    “And she could give birth to a black kid. If she gets knocked up by a black dude.”

    Well, he would be half black and half white, like Obama.

  • B.E. Miller

    I can’t even……

  • silverstar

    White people really are crazy.