Nurses Botch Infant’s Delivery and Leave Baby in Pieces

Nurses Botch Infant’s Delivery and Leave Baby in Pieces January 11, 2019

Two nurses are facing severe consequences after decapitating a baby during the baby’s delivery. Amritlal and Junjhar Singh nurses at a health center in Ramgarh, India delivered the infant on January 6, 2019. The baby was breech and stuck in the mother. The two men pulled on the infant’s legs so hard that they ripped the infant’s torso from the neck.

Dikhsha Kanwar went to a health center in Ramgarh, India. Shortly after arriving, Kanwar went into labor. Two nurses at the clinic attended to her and assisted in the delivery of the baby. According to a report in the Hindustan Times, the nurses attended the birth of the baby without the help of a doctor.

When the baby came out of the woman feet first, the two men decided to pull the baby out by his legs. However, the men applied so much force to the legs, that they ripped the baby in half. When the torso and legs of the body came out, the men took the body to the morgue. They left the head of the infant inside Dikhsha Kanwar.

Next, the men sent Kanwar to the hospital. Amritlal and Junjhar told doctors at the hospital Kanwar delivered a baby, but they had trouble delivering her placenta. When doctors went into the room, they discovered the head of the infant still inside of the mother.

After delivering the head of the infant, doctors let the mother and father know about what they found. According to the parents, the notification by the doctors was the first time they learned the body had already been delivered.

Doctors notified police about the incident. Police went to the health center and questioned the two men. Both men admitted to pulling the baby’s legs and splitting the body in half. They retrieved the body from the morgue and gave the remains to police.

Administrators at the health center said they are investigating the incident. Dr. Nikhil Sharma, director of the health center, issued a statement saying he was not at the facility at the time of the delivery. However, the center has nurses and doctors on staff to manage pregnancy and childbirth.

Following the incident, the men were suspended, and the center is conducting an internal investigation. Neither man is trained to deliver babies. According to government requirements, only professionals trained in birth can attend births.

Perhaps most puzzling in the case, is that the men could have referred the woman to staff trained to deliver the baby. Instead, the men opted to perform the delivery on their own.

After doctors delivered the head and placenta from Kanwar, they transferred her to another hospital. According to doctors treating Kanwar, she is currently in critical condition and “fighting for her life.”

The remains of the baby were sent to the medical examiner for an autopsy. The medical examiner, Dr.  Surendra Duggar, told the Hindustan Times that he received the body in three parts: head, torso, and placenta.

After a thorough review of the body, Dr. Duggar determined the baby sustained multiple fractures to the infant’s legs. Additionally, the force used by the men caused the baby’s liver to explode.

Unfortunately, the doctor could not list an official cause of death. However, he said the force used by the men contributed to the infant’s death.

Even though the men’s force contributed to the death of the baby, police have not arrested them. Kanwar’s husband is refusing to bury the baby’s remains until police arrest Amritlal and Junjhar Singh. Her husband also alleges that both men were drunk when they attempted to deliver the babies.

After learning about the horrific incident, the local government issued a statement. Minister Sharma said,

“Strict action will be taken against anyone found responsible. It is a serious incident. The government has zero tolerance policy for such kind of irresponsibility, and it will not be tolerated in any circumstances.”

The investigation into the death remains on-going. Police have not ruled out arrests in the matter.



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  • Jemolk

    I have no words. I just…what? What kind of sadistic psychopathy is involved here? Patriarchal, probably, but seriously, just…what the fuck?

  • Tawreos

    How the hell do they need more before they make an arrest? This is heartbreaking to read about. There are so many dangers in the world and to have a child die from this is just disgusting. I hope the mother survives and finds some peace.

  • yeah, why didn’t they get doctors involved?

  • I hope she survives too

  • Graham Heron

    I had to quickly fact check snopes, just to see. This is so far outof what I expect reality to be. Holey heck. I wish this was fake, but aparrently not.
    (India, baby searched for – no compatible results.)

  • this is 100% real. Came from a reputable/major newspaper

  • blowingoffgodot

    Some people just can’t seem to get a head in life.

  • Lucy

    Seriously, it’s as if those two jackasses were treating the baby the way they might treat a kid who throws a tantrum in a store or otherwise “misbehaves” – and it’s wrong enough to drag a child from a venue for “misbehaving”, because even when one does that to a kid (like the autistic kid mentioned a few articles earlier) that can and does cause injury. Little wonder that treating a not-yet-born baby the same way would lead to death.

    Those men should be arrested. And they should never be allowed to work in a hospital again.

  • I just can’t even with this.

  • Shan

    I just feel sick from empathy. Imagine hearing there were complications with your child’s birth, and then discovering that complication is that their head – and only the head – is still inside you. It’s horrifying.

  • Knitting Cat Lady

    WTF?! A baby is not a calf, you can’t just pull it out be the feet!


  • wannabe

    Please delete your comment.

  • Elyse James

    I’ll go to Hell with you