Man Hospitalized After Injecting Semen into Arm to Treat Back Pain

Man Hospitalized After Injecting Semen into Arm to Treat Back Pain January 16, 2019

A man in Ireland developed an abscess in his arm after injecting his semen to treat his lower back pain. The man required medical assistance at a hospital in Dublin to treat the infection. He admitted to doctors to injecting his semen once a month for 18 months to cure his pain.

According to an article published in the Irish Medical Journal, the man went to the hospital after developing a large abscess on his arm. Doctors found a small red papule on his right arm. Doctors noticed multiple marks on his arm where the man failed to inject the semen into a vein.

While examining the man, he admitted to doctors he was using an innovative method to treat his back pain. For the past 18 months, the man injected his semen into his arm. He told doctors he used a needle he purchased online to inject the fluid.

When doctors pressed the man for more information, he told them he devised the cure without consulting a medical professional.

Doctors ordered an MRI of the man’s arm, and they found excess watery fluid in the man’s forearm. Hospital staff started the man on IV antimicrobials. While the man was hospitalized, he told doctors his back pain had improved.

When he began to feel better, he discharged himself from the hospital. Due to his early discharge, doctors were unable to drain the abscess.

The author of the journal article stated that this is the first recorded attempt of someone injecting semen into their body. An investigation found studies completed with semen used on animals. However, there had been no studies completed on humans.

According to the article, the case of the man and the injected semen highlights the dangers of injecting substances intravenously. Semen is not intended to be injected directly into the blood.

The authors also expressed danger of individuals injecting anything into the vein without proper training. The man developed the abscess because he missed the vein, and put the semen directly into his tissue.

Semen is not a known treatment to cure any physical condition. How the man developed such a wild idea was not disclosed in the paper. Instead of seeking medical help for his pain, he used his bodily fluid as medicine.

Because the man left the hospital before doctors completed treatment, the article did not provide any follow-up on the status of the man. Hopefully, the man learned a valuable lesson and stopped injecting himself with semen.


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  • wannabe

    One “seaman” and two “seamen” found their way into this article.

  • sweeks

    Is this guy a Muslim? The Koran says semen comes from somewhere between the backbone and the ribs. Maybe this is a new twist on homeopathy. 😉

  • Irish

  • Thought I got them – lol

  • TheBookOfDavid

    Was it due to autofill error, or just a prolonged session of naval gazing?

  • WallofSleep

    I’ve had the occasional wank, and I’ve thought many things while looking at the aftermath, but not one of them was “Ya know what? I’m gonna mainline that stuff!”

  • larry parker

    You gotta stretch before you masturbate or else you might get back pain.

  • honestly – autofill error for sure. I went through before postng and then I realized after I missed a few.

  • some bastard on the internet
  • sweeks

    Then why jizz and not Guinness? 😉

  • igotbanned999

    Semen is not a known treatment to cure any physical condition.

    Except perhaps non-pregnancy.

  • Graham Heron

    Abcess – I recommend sterilising the semen with boiling water, preferably before extracting from the source, just to make sure. (ouch)

  • MystiqueLady

    He tried Guinness orally, and although it made him forget the pain, it was even worse the next morning.

  • Clancy

    Dancing – a naval engagement without loss of seamen…

  • You know, there are certain places to inject semen.
    The arm ain’t one of ’em.

  • BridgetD

    Okay, I have fibromyalgia, I can understand how chronic pain can make people do crazy stuff. What I don’t understand is why someone would think that semen of all things was the cure. Especially not semen injected into one’s veins. That’s just…I can’t…just, no.