Teacher Arrested for Attempting to Prostitute Girl to Morrocan Men

Teacher Arrested for Attempting to Prostitute Girl to Morrocan Men January 3, 2019

Police in Texas arrested a middle school teacher for trying to arrange for Moroccan men to have sex with her underage relative. Freestone County Sherriff’s Office announced the arrest of Amber Michelle Parker of Fairfield, Texas. Parker tried to lure her young relative to Morroco so men could have sex with her.

Sheriff Jeremy Shipley announced the arrest of Parker yesterday on the Freestone County Sherriff’s Office Facebook page.  In the post-Shipley said the arrest of Parker was a joint effort between Freestone and McLennan County Sherriff offices.

In his post, Shipley wrote,

“On 1/2/19, after a joint investigation between Freestone County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Investigator Preston Cordova and McLennan County Sheriff’s Office Detective Joseph Scaramucci, a female suspect was placed under arrest for the offense of Trafficking of Persons after conspiring to Traffick a minor child to multiple male subjects online in Morocco.”

According to a report in the Waco Tribune, family members contacted police in December regarding their concerns about Parker. Family members believed Parker was attempting to set up sexual encounters between the girl and multiple men in Morocco.

Through the investigation, police learned that Parker made arrangements for her and the underage girl to travel to Morrocco in December. When the family learned Parker attempted to lure the girl to Morrocco, they grew suspicious of her motivations.

McLennan County Sherriff Parnell MacNamara told the Waco Tribune disturbing details of the case. According to MacNamara, Parker posted provocative photos of the girl on multiple social media platforms. Several of the pictures showed the girl in lingerie and with her breasts exposed.

In addition to the photos, Parker solicited multiple men in Morrocco. She chatted with men online and attempted to arrange meetings between the men and the girl. Parker told the men that the girl was a virgin. Her sales pitch to the men was that they would get sex with a virgin.

After connecting with multiple men, Parker arranged for her and the girl to travel to Morocco. However, Parker went to Morrocco mid-December without the girl. While she was gone, the family reported Parker to local authorities.

Through the investigation, police determined Parker planned to prostitute the girl to multiple men. While Parker networked and organized her plot in Morrocco, the victim’s family moved the girl out of state. MacNamara told KWTX that the girl’s father came from out of state and took the girl to a safe location.

When Parker returned to the United States late in the evening on January 2nd, authorities prepared to arrest her. Police arrested her the following day. Parker is charged her for the attempted sex trafficking. The court set Parker’s bail at $25,000.

One interesting detail learned by officers is that Parker practices Wicca. Authorities told KWTX they are looking to see if a connection exists between her belief system and the crime.

Following Parker’s arrest, her employer Mexia Independent School District stated parents. The district said that following the teacher’s arrest, they placed her on leave. The statement said she would not return to teaching. Additionally, they emphasized the safety of students is their primary focus. Parker worked as a middle school reading teacher for the district.


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  • Ookpik

    Good article until the penultimate paragraph. There is NO reason to suppose that the alleged criminal’s practice of Wicca plays a part in ghis crime; the inquiry as described is based on pure bigotry (I am not in any way involved in the practice of Wicca, though I know people who are. Its tenets are no more relevant to this than are the tenets of mainstream Christianity, Judaism, or Islam.)

  • The Satanic Panic never did go away, did it?

  • Oh I know. I literally think it’s ridiculous.

  • Nope. It’s in Texas which means Wiccans must practice WITCH CRAFT.

  • persephone

    Well, uh, they do practice witchcraft.

  • I know but they mean it in like a nefarious way.

  • Ookpik

    Thank you; that wasn’t clear to me.

  • Sophotroph

    Nefarious baking!
    Nefarious circle drawing!
    Nefarious song singing!
    Nefarious cat skritches!

    Man, those wiccans are hardcore, let me tell you!

  • persephone

    Ah, yes, calling on Satan and his minions. Setting demons on Christians. Black souls and blacker hearts. Most Wiccans are about as fluffy bunny as you can get.

  • Jim Jones

    > Following Parker’s arrest, her employer Mexia Independent School District stated parents. The district said that following the teacher’s arrest, they placed her on leave.


  • Kalysto

    While ignoring that it’s a safe bet the majority of similar miscreants come from one mainstream religion background or another, as do the overwhelming majority of convicts. Yet
    they would hypocritically balk if such was pointed out & connections drawn.

    Sad when people are so ignorant they don’t know to be ashamed of themselves.

  • Ceci Pipe

    “than are the tenets of mainstream Christianity”

    Well I mean, it is used to justify capitalism, which does create a system with homeless people, who do die of thoroughly preventable things like exposure, and pneumonia.