Video Captures Toddler Falling out of Car Strapped to Car Seat

Video Captures Toddler Falling out of Car Strapped to Car Seat January 17, 2019
Chad Cheddar Mock Facebook

A mother in Minnesota may be facing child endangerment charges after her child fell out of the car while still in their car seat. A car driving behind the woman’s vehicle caught the entire event on video.

On Monday Morning, Chad Cheddar Mock was driving on a curvy street in Mankato, Minnesota. Suddenly a car seat holding a toddler fell out of the vehicle’s rear driver side’s door.

After witnessing the child fall out of the car, Mock pulled over to help the child. According to Mock, the child appeared uninjured. He promptly called 911 for help.

When first responders arrived at the scene, they checked on the little girl for any signs of injury. Thankfully, the girl was correctly strapped into her car seat and had no injuries.

Not long after the child fell out of the car, a woman returned looking for her child. In a Facebook post, Mock said police allowed the mother to leave the scene with her child. Additionally, Mock told police he had a video of the incident. However, Mock said authorities seemed uninterested in the video.

After returning home, Mock went home to upload and share the video. Mock sounded frustrated in his post and suggested Mankato police didn’t take the accident seriously.

Several friends’ of Mock contacted media outlets. After the video made the local news, Mankato police told multiple outlets that they were investigating the accident.

According to Mankato police, the mother strapped the daughter into her car seat correctly, but she failed to fasten the seat to the vehicle. Based on the information collected, police requested child endangerment and child restraint system not fastened charges against the mother.

On Wednesday local NBC affiliate KARE reported county attornies were still determining if they will file charges against the mother.

Thankfully for the little girl, Mock stopped and removed her from the road. She is so lucky that strangers stepped in to help. What is most puzzling is why the mother continued to drive her car with an open back door. Also perplexing is how the rear door opened with the child strapped into their seat.

Hopefully, the county attorney will charge the mother for the endangerment of her child. Most importantly though I hope someone teaches the mother about proper car seat installation and safety for her daughter.

Watch the video below:



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  • adhoc

    “What is most puzzling is why the mother continued to drive her car with an open back door. “

    I would bet she had her face buried in her phone.

  • Raging Bee

    What is most puzzling is why the mother continued to drive her car with an open back door.

    She didn’t know it was open, just like she didn’t know she hadn’t fully shut it in the first place.

  • Raging Bee

    I’m betting on extreme absent-mindedness, possibly due to being stressed out or in a hurry; MAYBE drunk or high. I think it takes far more than a phone to cause this sort of mistake.

  • Cars generally alert when a door is open while you drive. That’s why it’s puzzling.

  • llDayo

    I dunno, she did stop at the light halfway between the left and right lanes and then ended up going straight. To me that’s someone who isn’t paying full attention to what she’s doing.

  • Die Anyway

    The guy behind her happened to have a dash cam running. Makes you wonder how many times this kind of thing has happened that didn’t get filmed.

  • Raging Bee

    She was paying full attention to driving, and was unable to pay any attention to anything else at the same time; unlike most adults, who can at least spare a glance at other things while they’re driving, without losing track of where they’re going.

  • CamasBlues

    I don’t know how she couldn’t know the door was open, unless perhaps she is profoundly hard of hearing. When one of my doors or windows is open even a little, I can tell from the sound of the wind.

  • Raging Bee

    That’s one possibility; another is that her radio was turned up. Or maybe she’s just not a very perceptive person, and/or was just really nervous, stressed out, obsessing on something else…stupid and incompetent come in lots of varieties. And depending on her past known track-record, this may be a one-off for her, or part of a pattern of dangerous lapses and mistakes.

  • It happened near Worcester, MA something over 10 years ago, IIRC. The dad was having issues with other child, put baby carrier on car’s roof, forgot it and drove a mile or so before braking hard enough for the thing to slide off. No injuries but the guy had lottasplainin to do.