Anti-Vaxxers Sneak Misleading Fliers into Diapers at Target

Anti-Vaxxers Sneak Misleading Fliers into Diapers at Target February 21, 2019
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Anti-Vax terrorists are sneaking deceptive flyers into diaper and baby related packages all over southern Maine. The brochures say they are “ingredients” from “package inserts. Maine CDC officials are warning all shoppers to disregard the fliers.

According to an article on the Press Herald, anti-vaxxers have been stuffing misleading fliers at big-box stores like Walmart and Target.

Shoppers at the stores have found the propaganda inside the children products such as diapers, toys, and baby wipes. Some of the packages have fliers posted on the outside.

flyer found in diaper box at Target

Anti-vax terrorists have spread their flyers through more than a handful of stores. Additionally, the Maine CDC says the leaflets say the information comes directly from However, is not affiliated with the government agency nor does the domain exist.

Maine CDC responded with the following statement,

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Maine CDC) is warning Mainers of a flyer appearing to come from the federal Center for Disease Control. The flyer claims to outline a list of “known vaccine side effects” without providing references or citing any sources.

Additionally, the website listed as is not an active website, nor is it supported by the federal CDC. The flyers are known to have been circulating through big box stores in Southern Maine. Be advised that these flyers were not issued or endorsed by the Maine CDC or federal CDC.”

The timing of the fliers lines up with a large measles outbreak in Washington. Also, Maine lawmakers are attempting to pass legislation to end most exemptions from vaccines.  Maine has one of the highest exemption rates in the United States. In the 2017-2018 school year, 5.3% of Kindergarteners claimed an exemption from immunizations.

With many parents opting out of the series of 7-vaccines recommended by the CDC, Maine is below herd immunity levels for measles, mumps, rubella, and diphtheria. Outbreaks of the measles are in 5 states, and there are ten states with at least one case of the measles. The CDC reports a total of 127 confirmed measles cases since the first of the year.

In Washington, Clark County continues to add more measles cases with 63 confirmed cases. Anti-vaxxer terrorists slipped fliers into children’s packages 2-3 years ago in Washington. The Maine CDC and lawmakers are concerned the propaganda could sway vaccine-hesitant parents from immunizing their children.

Anti-vax terrorists are on a mission to stop states from passing legislation that removes personal and philosophical exemptions for children. They disregard the fact that vaccines are safe and effective. Instead, they share fear-based and intimidating propaganda meant to scare people from vaccinating their children.

The level these people will sink knows no bounds. Unless states get tougher on vaccines, these terrorists will continue to harm children, the elderly, and immunocompromised people.

We must vaccinate our children to help protect the most vulnerable in our communities. Please disregard these fliers if you find them.


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  • ianeymeaney

    Anti-vaxxer logic: that having a living child with autism is worse than having a dead child because of preventable diseases. Sheer genius, there.

  • Raging Bee

    Are the loons opening packages to insert their BS? If so, that’s a crime, so the stores can have them locked up for it. Also, the manufacturers can sue them for making their products look bad. And at the very least, the store managers can simply toss the loons out on sight for littering their property with those dishonest fliers.

  • valleycat1

    They do not realize that MMR can be lethal to their own kids (they obviously have no concern about others). And a lot of anti-vaxxers who are in zones with outbreaks then get all in a twist about how the community plans to protect the kids with no vaccinations from contracting the disease.

  • Nomad

    Night terrors? Really? Anger, anxiety?

  • Robin Taliaferro

    I wouldn’t disregard the flyers, collect them and show the managers or check out supervisors. Most stores like Wal-Mart and Target have strict no soliciting or pamplet distributing policies if they can check their security footage the leafleteers may be found and banned

  • Raging Bee

    THEY get night-terrors, anger and anxiety every time they even THINK about vaccines. THAT’S HOW DANGEROUS VACCINES ARE!!!111!!eleventy!!11!1