Suspects in Double Murder Say Children Died from Vaccine Injuries

Suspects in Double Murder Say Children Died from Vaccine Injuries February 15, 2019
Cody & Julia Cummings – Guymon Police Department

A couple suspected in the killing of two children nearly a decade ago in Missouri was arrested in Oklahoma on unrelated charges. Codey and Julia Cummings appeared on Dr. Phil in 2014 claiming the children died from adverse reactions to vaccines. However, an autopsy performed on the children revealed the children died under suspicious circumstances consistent with abuse.

In June 2010, 18-month-old Darby Hodges died mysteriously in his sleep. His mother and step-father told investigators that he went to bed and never woke up. An autopsy performed on the toddler indicated signs of abuse.

The medical examiner found multiple contusions and abrasions on his head, mild brain swelling, and two broken ribs. Following the examination, the medical examiner listed the cause and matter of death as undetermined.

After Darby died, Julia, Cody, and Kiera (Julia’s daughter from a previous relationship) moved to Missouri. Only three months later, Kiera was found dead. Julia and Cody told investigators the child went to sleep and never woke up.

Again, the autopsy performed on Kiera was not consistent with her mother and stepfather’s claims. They told investigators that before her death Kiera slipped and fell in the bathroom.

However, the medical examiner found bleeding on her brain that was not consistent with a simple fall in the bathroom. The bleed would have been caused by significant trauma to her head. Additionally, Kiera had bruises on her chin, shoulders, and back. In the autopsy report, the medical examiner wrote,

“This is suggestive of but not conclusive for possible abusive treatment. The manner of death is, pending additional information, inconclusive.”

Following Kiera’s death, Republic, Missouri police began an investigation. Police knew about the death of Darby a few months before and believed the deaths could be connected.

Unfortunately, Julia and Cody did not cooperate with police. Instead, the couple fled Missouri and have been moving from state to state to avoid speaking with police.

Then in 2014 Darby’s grandmother Cheryl Hodges contacted Dr. Phil to confront the couple about the suspicious death of her grandson and step-granddaughter.

During the episode, Julia told Dr. Phil that she believed both children died from adverse reactions to vaccines. She claimed both children died within three weeks of receiving multiple immunizations.

When Dr. Phil pressed Julia to explain why she believed vaccines killed her children, she told him that her intuition told her.

Dr. Phil turned to a medical examiner and expert on autopsies to review the reports of the children. The expert believed the children likely died as a result of trauma associated with abuse. When Dr. Phil told her that the vaccine explanation didn’t make sense, Julia doubled down and insisted the vaccines were the cause.

Sadly, the episode aired and nothing happened in the cold case. Julia and Cody continued to move around and allude Republic police.

Finally, a break in the case came earlier this week when police arrested the couple in Guymon, Oklahoma. Authorities responded to a complaint of a man selling moonshine outside of a cigarette store.

When the officer approached the couple, they found illegal alcohol and firearms. Both were taken into custody and booked in Texas County. However, authorities have not yet filed charges against Julia and Cody.

Republic police were hoping the arrest of the couple would give them the opportunity to speak to the parents. The detectives consider them suspects in the cold case. They were hoping the arrest of the couple would spark the memories of individuals associated with the couple in 2010.

Unfortunately, the police have been unable to obtain any new information in the case. As a result, the couple may be able to escape additional charges related to the deaths.

Clearly, something nefarious happened to the children in 2010. Both children showed signs of trauma and abuse after they died.

Why police were unable to connect the two cases is unknown.

The fact that the children died in separate states could have contributed to the inability to investigate the deaths properly.

Even though there are no charges filed for the death, Cheryl Hodges said she would never stop fighting for justice for Kiera and Darby.

Hodges told multiple media outlets that the deaths of the two children would be featured in an upcoming episode of Inside Edition.

What is certain is that vaccines did not cause the death of these children. Julia’s claims are unfounded and inconsistent with autopsy reports. Why she picked vaccines as the cause of death is not known.


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  • Cozmo the Magician

    Why she picked vaccines as the cause of death is not known.” Wakefield and McCarthy. Without those two NOBODY would believe this BS or even attempt to use it. Just two more deaths to lay at the feet of these evil assholes.

  • totally

  • Cheryl Hodges

    I will never give up on finding justice for my grandchildren. 12 Children die every day in this country of abuse half of those remain undetermined. We must stop this horrible epidemic. My page is Justice for Darby and Kiera.

  • I am so sorry for your loss! I wish there was more I could do to help you!

  • Cheryl Hodges

    Thank you so much. I’ve worked so hard for so long but my end goal is National Child Abuse Awareness, a Cause which is so ignored, an almost taboo subject that is so unpopular that’s its more hidden than revealed by the media, government and shunned by the AmerIcan Public. I have these stats in my head from years ago which are now old statistics Is exploding into a Pandemic not only in our Country but most countries on this Planet. 5 to 7 children die daily of abuse. But the more accurate rate according to (old) government studies is 10 to 12 children as 50 to 60 Percent of Undetermined deaths in Children are actually death by malfeasance. Both Darby and Kiki’s respective causes and manners of death are Undetermined. This means over half of these two children were murdered but once that Undetermined on Darby’s and Indeterminate on Kiera’s are branded on those autopsies I have found they are impossible to change.
    There has been a coverup of Kiera’s abuse case which I exposed and was investigated by Missouri Children’s Services and Codey’s mother Cyndi, a mandated reporter of abuse working in the foster care Business lost her job.
    I have documents which I’m not supposed to have showing it. I have found evidence of admissions of guilt, lies I’ve exposed and so much more in Kiera’s case but Missouri is a “Good ole Boy System” which Inside Edition has on camera of an official in her case admitting.
    The Foster care system is a big money maker for every state including my state of Montana which friends have also exposed. Florida Foster Children are Missing and Trafficked in the sex trade. Locally the DEA and Sheriff’s office were told of a little girl’s abuse by hundreds and she died in a meth manufacturing fire while her parents watched.
    I’m told I’m lucky I’m still alive I’ve been told and don’t have a bullet in my head.
    But I must keep going. My husband had a massive stroke two years ago and now I am my husband’s caretaker on our little farm in Montana. I am now his advocate but I advocate for Children when I can. My Page Justice for Darby and Kiera on Facebook has it all. Thank you so much for allowing me to have a voice here and for your informing people about the murders of my grandchildren. Cheryl

  • Absolutely! I really hope that one-day justice can be served for both of them!

  • Lisa Cybergirl

    Authorities responded to a complaint of a man selling moonshine outside of a cigarette store.

    Really? REALLY?

  • Cheryl Hodges

    If it doesn’t in my lifetime I will haunt them all from my grave! Lol.

  • Annie

    I’d add Larry Cook to that list too, honestly.

  • Dawn Lenox

    Why was there never a new autopsy on Kiera? Because the grandmother did not see ANY cuts on her body, the first step seems it should be exuhmation and a new autopsy.