Anti-Vaccine Leader Scared His Financial Misdeeds will be Exposed

Anti-Vaccine Leader Scared His Financial Misdeeds will be Exposed February 13, 2019
Larry Cook Facebook

As pressure mounts on Larry Cook and his Facebook Group Stop Mandatory Vaccination, his typically calm demeanor are starting to frazzle. In an update to the group, Cook said that a large news outlet would be running a story on him. He called the article a “hit” piece about the fundraisers and donations he receives for running his website and groups. While he may believe he is a targeted victim, he has a long history of starting campaigns and fundraisers which he admits “go directly to me.”

Cook’s long run of bleeding his group for cash may be approaching the end. As more mainstream media outlets learn about his group, the pressure is mounting on the anti-vax conman.

In a post to the group last night, Larry posted,

The outlet is known for its in-depth investigations into the seedy underworld of Facebook. Cook told the group he knows the article will paint him in a very negative light. His assumption is probably accurate given his shady background of soliciting money from his followers.

For years, the anti-vax cult leader has started dozens of GoFundMe campaigns to “help” spread the truth. He has an on-going campaign that has been active for 47 months. The “Stop Mandatory Vaccination” campaign has raised $56,636 in that time.

In the description, Cook says he needs the cash to make videos, educational information, and written content to spread awareness about vaccine injuries. Videos produced by the conman contain fear-mongering, anecdotes not based on scientific fact. He often hires naturopaths and alternative health quacks to narrate the deceptive ‘films.’

Two weeks ago Cook opened a new GoFundMe campaign titled “Save Vaccine Exemptions in the USA.” He started the campaign due to the growing pressure in Washington to stop personal exemptions for vaccines. Initially, he said the money would help the parents affected in the area, but he decided to change the fundraiser days later to support the ‘nation.’

GoFundMe campaigns are not the only way Larry solicits funds for his cause. On his website, an entire page provides multiple methods supporters can fund his lavish con.

In 2017 Cook took heat for using donations to fund his personal life. Following the scrutiny from skeptics and the media, he penned a letter explaining how he handles the money. The letter dated March 17, 2017, says,

“All donations to me go directly to me and into my bank account, and from there I and I alone decide how to use the funds to further my Stop Mandatory Vaccination public awareness goals. I do not have a 501c3 nonprofit and, although I have considered forming one, I have determined that, at this time, there is not enough donation revenue to warrant the expense of setting up a nonprofit and running it (I ran a nonprofit for four years, so I know something about this).”

He continues,

“I am not beholden to any social media “oversight committee” or individuals who believe they should have any say into how or where I spend the donations that I receive, or even question where and how I use the money donated. I use my best judgment to further my public awareness goals and people may decide if they want to donate to my efforts, or not. With that said…

Money donated to me may be used to pay my personal bills, hire help when I shoot videos, pay for video editing, purchase equipment, pay for Facebook advertising, pay for my ongoing email list management (Mailchimp), pay volunteers who help me, pay for software, pay writers, pay photographers, pay website hosting, pay for volunteer online management software, pay for plugins for the website, and any and all other expenses related directly or indirectly to my public awareness efforts.”

He went on to say why he was speaking out about the donations,

“I am posting this on my website in response to ongoing and near daily character assassination happening against me in social media. People who engage in character assassination do so because they are unable to criticize the actual work that someone produces and therefore go after character from a place of envy, jealousy, rage and fanaticism.”

Cook has received a lot of pushback from adversaries of his mission which he calls “trolls.” The ‘trolls’ have questioned his financial honesty. As evidenced by his statement, people should be skeptical of his money trail. He admits to having ‘no oversight committee.’ Donors must accept and trust that he will do what he promises with their money.

Cook’s fulltime job is running his Stop Mandatory Vaccination website. He is not a doctor, medical professional, nor does he have an education in science. On his about section, his training is in video production and photography.

With no background in Science, his books lack scientific data or facts. Therefore anything published by Cook on vaccines can be considered about as valuable as last month’s waste sitting in a landfill.

As more media outlets expose him for being a fraud, his behavior could become more erratic. If Facebook shuts down his group and page, Cook’s money train of comfortable living will dry up.

For now, Cook is requesting all of his members to sign up for his email list. He’s also suggesting that members start their Stop Mandatory Vaccination Groups. Whether his group will get Zucc’d is unknown. But things are indeed changing for the worse for the anti-vax cult leader.


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  • Michael Neville

    Cook even admits that he’s living off the donations:

    Money donated to me may be used to pay my personal bills

  • John-Hugh Boyd

    Notice how that was the first thing he mentioned…… I think he mentioned things in order.

  • Tawreos

    The idiots will still give him money even if Facebook shuts him down and the articles show he is stealing money because all he has to say is “They couldn’t debunk my message so they went after me instead” and the idiots will open their wallets while they eat that shit up.

  • RB

    Talk about hit pieces. Thanks for spreading disinformation. Vaccines are poison. This is a cover-up. The studies are fraud. The 1st Amendment protects our rights to discuss whatever we want to protect ourselves from forced medical procedures. Study your history on the Nuremberg Laws.

  • derica

    OMG I love this guy!!! Where do I donate?

  • Jason Hommel

    Boy this ultra slanted hit piece of lies calling Larry Cook a con man is really amazing. The true frauds of the world are people who claim that unless you are a doctor, you can’t possibly print any facts or data. The true frauds of the world are those pushing vaccines that contain 5mg of aluminum in the vaccine schedule for 1 year olds. The true frauds of the world are those fundraising to cure cancers, while withholding cancer cures, and prosecuting those who actually cure cancer, falsely calling them frauds.

  • Graham Heron

    At the very least, money gathered by donations yet spent on personal bills, is likely to be subject to taxation. Hoping he is ‘got’ one way and/or the other (taxation and reduction in donations).
    Perhaps he will get an actual job and be more productive in society. – nah, more likely to find another scam.

  • Jason Hommel

    It is not illegal or scammy to ask for donations. It is not illegal to publish information without being a scientist. Not being a scientist does not make it impossible to publish truth. This article slanders Larry Cook, and does not expose one single thing he ever said as not being factual about vaccines. The real frauds are those who raise funds to cure cancer, but push things that cause cancer such as radiation and chemo.

  • Andy

    You’re an idiot.

  • Andy

    Larry Crook is going to reap the whirlwind soon. His criminal activity at best parallels racketeering, if it isn’t egregiously crossing into that territory.

  • Matt Shiel

    So what? He has not committed any crimes and he has freedom of speech?

  • Meleese Pollock

    Whoosh! There goes the point right over your head,

  • Javier Alejandro Vanegas

    What is the point? First, the headline is misleading, as there are NO FINANCIAL MISDEEDS. Second, he explicitly said the new ‘hit piece’ was going to be about asking for donations, and he’s DISCLAIMING what the donations are going to be used for. Third, anyone who has engaged in real journalist or investigative work knows that WHEREVER HIS FUNDS COME FROM have to pay for his bills. Fourth, just because this alleged ‘reporter’ and a bunch of financed media conmen and women say blindly that there is nothing that can prove vaccines are harmful, doesn’t mean they’re being honest. I mean, 60% of the revenue of most MSM come from pharmaceutical industries. You think they’re going to be unbiased in this topic?

    I think the one who’s not following the red flags here is you. Specially with such a poorly written article, worthy of being in the Skepticalraptor or Snopes. Pure conjecture, pure statements without substance, and all of them ambiguous and misleading. Let me copy and paste some examples.

    “his typically calm demeanor are starting to frazzle”. 0 support for this statement.
    “Cook’s long run of bleeding his group for cash may be approaching the end”. 100% conjecture.
    “Videos produced by the conman contain fear-mongering, anecdotes not based on scientific fact. He often hires naturopaths and alternative health quacks to narrate the deceptive ‘films.’” 0 support for 3 BIG claims.
    “an entire page provides multiple methods supporters can fund his lavish con”. Once again into a personal attack, based on pure conjecture.
    “With no background in Science, his books lack scientific data or facts”. There have been plenty of authors with ‘no background’ on science, but know what people to ask to form a story. This is just cherrypicking on which stories you agree with and which you don’t.
    “As more media outlets expose him for being a fraud.” If you call “exposing his fraud” pieces of articles like this one, this is just one of the most childish manipulations used in the entire article, and worse of all, it would have been the EASIEST one to support, but wasn’t supported. This is because the fact that I’m sure there are plenty of media outlets like this one, with poor or non-existent journalism that write this kind of crap.

    I would go on, but I have to do stuff that provides me with real growth.

  • They are over there, in his group, saying they think it’s fine to give him money, he works so he deserves it. They don’t realize no provax group leader is begging for money every single day and living off nothing but donations and affiliate sales!! And he has no kids! He has just a niche and he is sucking it dry. He is the worst kind of shyster.

  • Erin Costello

    He says his donations go towards making videos and other media. Yet, he just created videos to show people how to monetize themselves on-line, and he’s selling these videos to the same people who donated to him to be able to make the videos. If you look through his Facebook history, almost every post he has made on his own page, his StopMV page, and the group are posted to promote or sell products, or to raise funds. He is nothing but a con man.

  • He is not asking for donations. He is not a charity. He is soliciting funds and those funds are his income. He pays taxes on those funds. You get no tax write off for “giving” money to him. You are supporting him. There is nothing false in this article therefore Katie is not slandering anyone. Larry full admits to all of it!

  • Mark Stolzoff

    Nice try Larry

  • ZB

    Jason is 100% correct. Larry is asking for a donation, and he is upfront and 100% honest about how that money is used.

    n. The act of giving to a fund or cause.
    n. A gift or grant.

    Kathy is simply wrong. Larry is asking for donations. Regardless of whether he is a registered charity or not it is still a donation. In any case it is splitting hairs, as the people who give money to support his work know what the money is for and how it will be used.

    All this piece does is preach to the choir, and its purpose is to slander his name as Jason correctly surmised. This article won’t change the minds of those who support him because he has been honest with them.

  • Glandu


  • Exactly! Real activists start non-profits and use donations for CHARITY. Larry’s only charity is himself.

  • Yep, I’d love to know anyone in this fight begging for donations. His group tried to say I was ‘begging’ for donations because readers can tip me or support me via Patreon. that’s totally different. I’m a writer, for a company, and if someone enjoys my work, they can tip me. That’s not me pretending to use the money to promote some scam “movement” – it’s literally a way to say “thanks for doing what you do.

  • I’m sorry it’s only slander if it isn’t true. This is true – words from his website. And screen shots from his group

  • Carra McClelland

    And to add, Slander is spoken, Libel is written. This article is not libel, but if you are going to start throwing around terms, learn the right ones.

  • cecilia

    that’s why I report his gofundme campaigns.

  • John Dmico

    Jason, while what Larry does may not be technically illegal that does not excuse the morality issues. It is a fact that he exploits vulnerable families for profit by lying about vaccines and posting fake news about “vaccine deaths” without any actual proof or evidence. He isn’t publishing truth, as you know. He is publishing propaganda with an agenda. The agenda is anti-vaccine, sure, but it is also an agenda of profiting. He is the worst kind of scam artist and charlatan. Hell awaits this evil horrible excuse for a human being.

    To defend this monster is disgusting and you should be ashamed.

  • John Dmico

    ZB is 100% incorrect. Larry is a scam artist who deserves to be shut down. He needs to get a real job and stop exploiting families with lies.

  • Raging Bee

    Actually, lots of people are starting to realize the anti-vax crap-artists have NOT been honest with them. Case in point: Jenny McCarthy’s own physician, whose anti-vax opinions she’s so tirelessly amplified, has given up and admitted vaccines are safe and effective, and should be used to prevent kids from getting dangerous but preventable diseases.

  • Cozmo the Magician

    OK, this just takes the cake “pay volunteers who help me,” umm, if they are volunteers, they they DO NOT get paid, if they are PAID then they are NOT volunteers. The guy just flat out lied. If he will lie about something as simple as this, NOTHING he says can be trusted.

  • Cozmo the Magician

    Yeah right… An article is all mean and nasty when it QUOTES THE GUY’S OWN WORDS. How dare somebody quote his own words back from his own website(s). Yeah, putting words right in his mouth. Uh huh. And as others will likely tell you, read a fucking dictionary before tossing out words like slander. Unless you really just want to look even stupider than most anti-vaxxers already look.

  • Cozmo the Magician

    “give money to support his work”What work? It looks like all this guy does is spend his time asking for money. He does no actual research. He helps NOBODY but himself. At least when I put out my hat at the end of performance the audience has actually got something. They actually saw an entertaining magic show.

    This guy is asking or money while promoting a belief that KILLS PEOPLE. Pure 100% evil.

  • ZdoggMD does post a lot about being part of the Zpack. He’s the only one I know of who has a subscription service of any kind.

  • I’m not a fan.

  • I watch his vids from time to time but I have qualms about his sub service. It just is too much like antivaxers begging for funds. I wish he would go back to working as a doc and doing vids now and then, for fun.

  • Natural God Given Immunity

    You inspired me to donate to Larry 🙂

  • Natural God Given Immunity


  • nobragjustfact

    This hit piece on this man is a joke, I will donate to him because of the the hypocrisy of the author. She puts down the man for asking for financial help and at the end of the article does the same. SO PRECIOUS! :”Individuals wishing to help Katie with her expenses can become patrons. Patrons gain exclusive access to stories, new projects, and future books.” LOL hahahaha

  • nobragjustfact

    This hit piece on this man is a joke, I will donate to him because of
    the the hypocrisy of the author. She puts down the man for asking for
    financial help and at the end of the article does the same. SO PRECIOUS!
    :”Individuals wishing to help Katie with her expenses can become
    patrons. Patrons gain exclusive access to stories, new projects, and
    future books.” LOL hahahaha

  • Mel

    I’m scratching my head trying to understand what the journalist “exposed” in this piece. Not to mention at the very end of this article it says “if you’d like to help Katie with her expenses, become a patron.” Is she not soliciting money for her cause as well? Im genuinely confused.

  • Goyoman

    I’ve personally known Larry and worked side by side with him for 10 years. He is an expert opportunist. He does not like jobs, he likes sitting in his crappy little apartment and figuring out ways to separate good people from their money. Trust me.

  • Can you message me at my facebook page?

  • *alerts my followers to this article*


    Your ridiculous and have no clue what is real and fake. The media you listen to is bogus and if you paid any attention, only attacks the people doing good. You never hear of them exposing real cult leaders including big pharma (LegalDrugDealers). I pray God give you wisdom cause right now you are attacking God’s Child. Put your sword down or use it against the real scam artists out there. Have a Blessed One.


    Hunny, He is being Targeted because he is a Full Blown Hardcore Activist who is Standing up for Our Children going up Against the Pharma (LegalDrugDealers) all Alone. None of the donations can touch what he has spent out of pocket to fund this to get the word out. Stop being apart of the Problem and do your Own Research as to the Ingredients In the Vaccines and it is a No Brainer you will come to your Own conclusion that he is right and these vaccines are causing epidemics that wouldn’t exist if we never created them in the lab in the first place. Isn’t it ashame you are wasting your time on this guy and not exposing the leaders of cults that are abusing children and women?? But we want to focus on Larry Cook. Get Real lol. I pray Jesus exposes the false leaders and the corruption going on even right on your website.

  • cecilia

    LOL, sure, buddy.
    which alt are you?

  • Raging Bee

    How long have you been asking Jesus to “expose the false leaders?” Has he acted on your request yet? If not, why not?