Woman Fakes Being Autistic to Sexually Assault Caregiver

Woman Fakes Being Autistic to Sexually Assault Caregiver February 20, 2019
Pearland Police Department

Last month police in Texas arrested a woman for attempting to sexually assault her caregiver after she faked being autistic. Rachel Childs of Pearland, Texas created an elaborate hoax for her sexual gratification. She posed as a “twin” sister to carry out her plot.

According to the Pearland Police Department, Childs solicited a female caregiver to care for her twin sister with autism through Care.com. She instructed the caregiver to pick her sister up and bring her to their home to spend the night. Then Childs asked the woman to drop her sister off at her house the following morning.

“She basically went online and solicited care for her special needs sister and left a small bit of instruction to pick up her special needs sister and take her back to the caregiver’s home for a period of time,” said Jason Wells of Pearland police.

After the caregiver picked up her “twin,” things took a bizarre turn. When they arrived back at the caregiver’s home, the twin made suggestive and sexual advancements to her. Shocked, the caregiver believed the behavior of the woman was inconsistent with a person with autism.

“Inappropriate contact made during the alleged diaper changes and what not and even the bathing,” said Wells.

The caregiver dropped the “twin” off the following morning. However, she still felt the need to do some digging into Childs’ background.

A background check determined that Childs was an only child and did not have a twin sister. When she realized the hoax, she immediately contacted the police.

Police investigated the claims against Childs and determined she developed the entire scheme to gratify herself sexually. Following the investigation, police issued an arrest warrant for Childs. On January 3, Childs turned herself into Pearland Police.

Following her arrest, Pearland Police issued a statement which said,

“During the stay at the caregiver’s home, the ‘sister’ engaged in sexually oriented conduct toward the caregiver who became suspicious as her behavior did not reflect that of someone who was autistic,” said Pearland Police in a statement Thursday. “As a result, the caregiver investigated and determined that Ms. Childs was an only child and contacted the Pearland Police Department.”

Authorities charged Childs with intent to commit assault, indecent exposure and burglary. Police believe that the hoax perpetrated against the caregiver was not an isolated incident. They requested other victims to come forward by contacting the Pearland Police Department.

Since her arrest in January, there have been no additional updates on the case. A court records search for the case could not locate any documents on the charges.

Childs’ account on Care.com has been removed and the company “blacklisted” from using the site in the future.

A spokeswoman from the company sent a statement to ABC13 saying, “This incident is deeply disturbing and it is beyond unfortunate that someone working to provide care for another was subject to this behavior. We are cooperating fully with local law enforcement to provide whatever help we can but because this is an active investigation, we will not comment any further.”

The crimes Childs committed are bizarre and horrific all at the same time. Faking a disability to gratify sexual desires is sick, twisted, and wrong on so many levels. Individuals with autism face much discrimination in the world, and cases like this further paint the community in a negative light.

Caregivers should never have to deal with assault of any kind. The fact that this was premeditated makes the entire situation a million times worse.

While police kept the identity of the caregiver anonymous, I truly hope she can get help for the trauma she experienced that night.

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