Woman Sentenced for Filming Sexual Assault of 6-year-old

Woman Sentenced for Filming Sexual Assault of 6-year-old February 19, 2019

A Virginia woman was sentenced to 40 years in prison for videotaping herself engaging in sexual acts with a 6-year-old boy. Christine Slayman pled guilty in September to two counts of producing child pornography. Investigators found more than a dozen videos of her sexually assaulting the boy.

According to court records, the case began by accident in 2018. In February of 2018, a babysitter that watched Slayman’s child found a USB storage device in a bathroom drawer. After discovering the USB device, the babysitter accessed the drive and found multiple files of child pornography.

Shortly after making the discovery, the babysitter made a copy of the files and turned it into the Jacksonville Sherriff’s Office in Florida.

Officers reviewed the contents of the USB and found multiple videos of Slayman engaging in sexual acts with a minor child. In one of the videos, Slayman stood in a shower the young boy naked. She instructed the child to touch and please her sexually.

“Slayman had filmed herself engaged in sexual activity with the child, which included Slayman directing the child to engage in sex acts,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office stated. “Federal agents located 18 different video files of Slayman sexually abusing the child.”

Investigators determined the abuse of the boy occurred in Virginia. As a result, the case was forwarded to Immigration and Customs Enforcement via the Department of Homeland Security.

Federal investigators executed a search warrant at Slayman’s home and found the USB device in the bathroom where the babysitter said they originally found the device. Officers also seized laptops, tablets, and multiple phones.

Through forensic investigation, authorities determined the abuse of the boy occurred in August of 2015. Shortly after authorities seized the USB and electronic devices, they arrested Slayman.

During her interrogation, Slayman admitted to making the videos. However, she blamed her boyfriend for forcing her to film the abuse. Slayman said her boyfriend instructed her to abuse the boy. After assaulting the boy, she said she gave her boyfriend the footage to save for a later date.

In court, her attorney argued that her boyfriend transferred the videos to the USB without her knowledge. When the couple moved from Virginia to Florida, her boyfriend brought the USB with him. Her attorney argued Slayman’s boyfriend kept the USB to extort her to do what he desired.

Additionally, her attorney argued that she cooperated fully with the investigation in hopes the state would charge her boyfriend. The attorney requested the judge sentence her to only 15 years in prison.

The defense attorney’s pleas did not move the judge in the case. Instead, the court sentenced Slayman to 40 years in prison and a lifetime of supervised parole.

According to multiple reports, the victim in the case is now living with another family member.

Former friends of Slayman expressed their anger about her crimes against the victim to WDBJ,

“She robbed him of his entire childhood,” a classmate said. “He will never get that back. Her selfish actions will have an impact on him for the rest of his life.”

Another classmate shared their disbelief that Slayman’s boyfriend forced her to perform the crimes,

“She absolutely had the ability to involve police after the first demand of child pornography,” a classmate said. “There were so many actions she could of taken. It’s sickening.”

After her sentencing, an investigator said,

“While today’s sentencing marks an end to the investigation and prosecution of this criminal, it is important to remember that a child will carry the scars of this crime for their lifetime,” said James Spero, a Homeland Security Investigation (HIS) Tampa Special Agent in Charge.

While Slayman will be locked behind bars, a young boy is still dealing with the aftermath of her abuse. The abuse will likely affect the boy for a lifetime. Hopefully, the child is receiving counseling to help him through the trauma.

No caregiver should ever exploit a child in the way Slayman did to this boy. She was supposed to protect and nurture him. Unfortunately, she used her position of power to abuse and satisfied her sick desires.


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  • PinochleofVirtue

    It’s a USB device. UBS is an investment firm in Switzerland.

  • Matt G

    If she were a Catholic priest, she would have a new parish by now.

  • Raging Bee

    COINCIDENCE??!!! I think not…

    …wait, what conspiracy are we on now?

    I’ll come in again…

  • srh1965

    There is elision of what kind of social or familial relationship there was between Slayman and the boy. Whose son is he? If not Slayman’s, then why was she responsible for him, to the extent of getting a child minder? It’s rather unclear. Why did the babysitter look through drawers in the bathroom (how many have furniture with drawers in a bathroom?) and why did she take it upon herself to examine the contents of a memory stick she found? Surely she ought to have been taking care of the boy, as she was being paid to do. And why do I assume the babysitter was female?