Anti-Vaxxers Compare New York Ban to the Holocaust

Anti-Vaxxers Compare New York Ban to the Holocaust March 27, 2019

Yesterday Rockland County, New York announced that all unvaccinated people would be banned from public places for the next thirty days. Anti-vaxxers around the country are panicking and spreading misinformation about the state of emergency around social media. Many are crying religious persecution and comparing the ban to the Holocaust.

During a press conference yesterday, Rockland County Executive announced a state of emergency for the next thirty days. As a result of the declaration, unvaccinated children are not allowed in public places. The county says that public places include any civic and social place where people congregate.

Since October 2018, Rockland County has been battling a large measles outbreak. There have been a total of 153 cases, and the majority of the cases are in minor children. Despite their efforts to vaccinate the community, the county’s vaccination rate remains at only 72.9%.

For the next several weeks, the county will host several free vaccination clinics for community members. Parents of unvaccinated children are urged to get their children vaccinated as soon as possible. Because the outbreak is primarily impacting the Orthodox Jewish community, the county is working with Rabbis to spread the news and educate their community.

Naturally, the news of the state of emergency is not going over well within the anti-vax groups and pages on Facebook.  Hundreds of people have expressed outrage that the state would ban children from public places. An organization, Age of Autism, says the public banning is religious discrimination. Other organizations are planning public protests in Rockland County.

The response from people both inside and outside of the community is also creating a lot of chatter in the Facebook group “Stop Mandatory Vaccination.” A quick search of Rockland County brought up dozens of posts about the ban along with a lot of misleading and false information. Here are some of the most bizarre ones we found.

One person suggested that children were under house arrest.

Another person believes that the county will begin knocking on doors and demanding vaccine paperwork.

This person believes that the public ban of unvaccinated children is equivalent to Nazi Germany. Apparently, this ban is the same as the Holocaust.

A woman shared that the county is knocking on doors. For the record, the county is not going door to door.

This man provided the group Ed Day’s contact information at Rockland County. He wants people to harass and contact him with their complaints.

A New York resident is considering moving to Connecticut.

One woman says that Rockland County received $17 million from a pharmaceutical company. Therefore, she believes the state of emergency is a conspiracy between the government and Big Pharma.

Finally, this man did some poor math and shared his vaccination rates of Rockland County. However, his data is not correct. The current vaccination rate in Rockland County is 72.9%.

The final shot comes courtesy of a follower. The woman calls this ban the “second Holocaust.”

For the next thirty days, parents of unvaccinated children have to make a choice. They either need to vaccinate their children or they have to stay out of the public. With the measles continuing to spread in the county, the best option is to have their children immunized.

The state of emergency has nothing to do with religious discrimination. While most of the cases of the measles are within the Orthodox Jewish community, the measles has spread beyond their community. Additionally, the outbreak in Rockland County has spread Michigan. Oakland County, Michigan announced today that there are 21 confirmed cases of measles. The outbreak started after a traveler visited New York and brought the virus to Michigan.

While some anti-vaxxers cry religious persecution, a public ban of unvaccinated children is not comparable to the Holocaust. Germans murdered millions of Jewish people in gas chambers during the Holocaust. A county asking children to stay home is no where near the same thing. Additionally, no one is persecuting them becasue of their faith. The ban is in place for all children whether they are of faith or not.

In order to stop further spread of measles to other states, the New York outbreak needs to become contained. Hopefully, the public ban will help the government end the epidemic and enable more children to become vaccinated.

For my reaction to the State of Emergency, watch my live stream

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  • Brian Curtis

    It looks like public health is the issue that government-haters and conspiracy nuts (i.e., antivaxxers) are willing to see their children die over. So be it.

  • WallofSleep

    The anti-vaxxers are a holocaust of stupidity.

  • Joe_Buddha

    And other children…

  • frostysnowman

    If only there were a stupidity vaccine…

  • Tawreos

    Did a pro-plaguer suggest sacrificing the kids to keep them from being vaccinated? Wow!

  • WallofSleep

    … and the immuno-compromised….

  • Cozmo the Magician

    Where in the bible does god say ‘though shalt not vaccinate’?

  • TheRefusers

    Our band’s song VACCINE GESTAPO, free streaming link, lyrics below.

    Can we see your papers have you had all your shots?
    Your papers please, your papers please have you had all your shots?
    Vaccine Gestapo Vaccine Gestapo Vaccine Gestapo Vaccine Gestapo Vaccine Gestapo

  • Contractions of Fate

    Something to do with not ingesting any blood and, by extension, not putting any form of blood product into your system.

  • Contractions of Fate

    Good work again. The only thing I’d disagree with is that it was actually the *Nazis* that murdered millions of Jews during the Holocaust, as well as Gypsies, Slavs, Russians, socialists, gays, the mentally and physically disabled and so on.

  • Brian Curtis

    So you want to kill kids so much that you sing about it? Nice, very sociopathic.

  • Don’t quit your day job.

  • TheRefusers

    Unavoidable Unsafe! That’s what the Supreme Court said about vaccines.

  • TheRefusers
  • LimeGecko

    It doesn’t.

  • LimeGecko

    Quarantine is the old school way of containing an outbreak. It’s simple epidemiology. Isolate the carriers and potential carriers. They could just go get their shots. There’s nothing especially Jewish about refusing to do so.

  • Jim Jones

    What. A. Moron.

  • Jim Jones

    I ask my doctor if there are any free ones I can get. The more the merrier IMO.

  • Jennny

    Ha ha ha ha! Word of advice, Refusers:

    ‘Better to remain silent and be thought foolish, than open your mouths and and remove all doubt!’
    (That’s Mark Twain,my personal advice concurs with Weasel’s)

  • TheBookOfDavid

    So the holocaust has been going on long before the Nazi regime popularized it.

    First they came for the pro-plaguers, and I said something…

  • Gary Whittenberger

    “Many are crying religious persecution and comparing the ban to the Holocaust.”

    GW: Closer than the ban to the Holocaust is the refusal of parents to get their children vaccinated. Are they doing experiments with their children – trying to see if diseases will attack their children without any vaccination?

    “The county says that public places include any civic and social place where people congregate.”

    GW: How will authorities enforce this ban? How will they know which children in public have and have not been vaccinated?

    “An organization, Age of Autism, says the public banning is religious discrimination.”

    GW: The ban is religiously neutral, so there is no discrimination. Also, diseases don’t discriminate on the basis of religion.

    “The response from people both inside and outside of the community is also creating a lot of chatter in the Facebook group “Stop Mandatory Vaccination.””

    GW: The mayor hasn’t made vaccination mandatory yet. I wish he would, except for those with a medical excuse.

    “A New York resident is considering moving to Connecticut.”

    GW: Will they carry a disease with them?

    GW: In general, freedom is a good thing, but sometimes freedom should be curtailed for the common good.

  • Carla Gifford

    We have quarantined/isolated people with many communicable diseases in our country. Among them are cholera, Ebola, diphtheria, tuberculosis, smallpox. Why is this any different. Why is it necessary to cry that someone’s religious rights are being discriminated against for isolating them from the general public for said publics’ safety. Measles can be a deadly, very serious disease. This sounds like a cry of discrimination for a foolish reason.

  • E.A. Blair

    “An organization, Age of Autism, says the public banning is religious discrimination.”

    You’re not being discriminated against because of your religion, you’re being discriminated against because of your stupidity – and deservedly so.

    Though, truth to tell, religion and stupidity are practically synonyms.

  • kerryberger

    How dare these vulgar anti-vaxxers go about and make comparisons between the ban on children in public places if they have not been vaccinated to the Holocaust. No, it’s these irresponsible parents who are threatening the lives of their own children with their nonsensical beliefs that have no basis in science fact. Furthermore, it is highly offensive to denigrate the horrors of the Holocaust by making such a false and evil narrative comparison. Shameless people.

  • Nomad

    Blood sausage?

  • Nomad

    Surely places of worship don’t count as public places. I’m guessing AOA didn’t even ask the Orthodox Jewish group about trying to portray them as victims and just used them.

  • Vaccinating people to protect them from an epidemic is an anti-Holocaust, because it’s an attempt to save lives rather than destroy them.

  • Anat

    Not kosher indeed.

  • Ann Kah

    Poor little snowflakes. They are entirely responsible for their own pseudo-persecution.