Surgeons Perform C-Section on Day Old “Pregnant” Newborn

Surgeons Perform C-Section on Day Old “Pregnant” Newborn March 21, 2019

A mother in Colombia gave birth to a “pregnant” baby girl. When Monica Vega was seven months pregnant, an ultrasound located two umbilical cords but only one baby. The second umbilical cord was attached to the baby’s stomach.  A large mass protruded from the fetus’ belly. The baby had absorbed her twin, and the twin was living inside of her abdomen.

The wild story first appeared on Infobae. During a routine ultrasound, Doctors found two umbilical cords inside Monica Vega’s uterus. Quickly, doctors realized that the fetus had absorbed their twin. The rare condition is called fetus in fetu.

In the condition fetus in fetu, the embryo fails to divide correctly. During a twin pregnancy, the embryo splits in the first week of gestation. A siamese twin occurs when the embryo divides in the second week. When the embryo divides during the third week, fetus in fetu happens.

When fetus in fetu happens, the living twin carries a “parasitic” twin. The condition is so rare that it occurs only once in a million pregnancies. Typically, mothers learn about the parasitic twin after giving birth. However, doctors found the twin early and were able to develop a plan.

In this case, doctors feared that the placement of the twin inside the abdomen could cause damage to the healthy fetus’ internal organs.  With this knowledge, doctors decided that the fetus would need to be delivered before 40 weeks gestation.

At 37 weeks, doctors performed a scheduled c-section and removed the viable twin. When the baby was only a day old, surgeons performed a c-section on the baby.  Thankfully, the surgery went well and the twin survived the high-risk operation.

After the doctors removed the parasitic twin, the fetus died. The fetus lacked a brain and heart. According to doctors, the only reason the twin survived was by living off the nutrients supplied by the host twin.

While fetus in fetu is a rare condition, other cases of the condition have been reported in India. An article in the Journal of Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons discussed two separate incidents. In both instances, the fetuses were removed from the host twin without complications. The parasitic twins had arms, legs, trunks, and heads.

Rarely does fetus in fetu pose any life-threatening complications to the host twin. However, in Monica’s case, the twin’s location in the abdomen made the removal of the twin critical for the survival of her baby.

Today Monica has a healthy baby girl. Monica named her daughter Itzmara, and she has fully recovered from her c-section.

Perhaps the wildest part of this story is that a day old baby delivered her own baby via c-section. When she becomes an adult, she can tell doctors that she has already given birth.

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  • trinity91

    I wonder how this will affect her ability to safely conceive and carry her own baby as an adult, especially in a country without access to abortion.

  • lady_black

    It should be no different than for any other child who has had abdominal surgery. The parasitic twin was not in the infant’s uterus. It was in her abdominal cavity.

  • Joe_Buddha

    I’d be interested in finding out how so-called “pro-life” idiots would characterize this…

  • trinity91

    then she had a laparatomy, not a csection. Using the term csection made me believe that there was uterine attachment of the fetus in fetu.

  • lady_black

    Yeah. Clickbait, I suspect. Or more people understand “C-section” better than laparotomy.

  • DingoJack

    ‘Cryptodidymus’ is the medical term for conjoined twins where one twin is growing within the other. Literally – ‘hidden twin’.

  • trinity91

    that makes an unfortunate amount of sense :/

  • Raging Bee

    Sounds like the name for the copyist who (allegedly) inserted all that Bible Code…

  • TsuDhoNimh

    Murder of a newborn baby, of course. its lack of bital organs is irrelevant.

  • CRS

    I’m pro-life. It’s not an abortion. It was a surgical removal of a twin from an infant twin to keep the healthy baby alive. The procedure merely removed the twin through non-violent means. That the twin died of natural causes because the twin had no viable organs is tragic, but nothing else could be done. That’s very different from abortions performed with the intent to violently end the life an an innocent – and the majority of the time, healthy – unborn child. How’s that for an idiotic response?