Ethan Lindenberger’s Mother Goes on Anti-Vax Media Tour

Ethan Lindenberger’s Mother Goes on Anti-Vax Media Tour March 7, 2019
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Ethan Lindenberger’s mother Jill Wheeler will be sitting down to talk with Del Bigtree today and continues to prove to everyone that she is the absolute worst. Earlier this week, Ethan testified before a Senate Committee to discuss misinformation about vaccines on social media platforms. Instead of being happy for her son, Jill took her moment in the spotlight to fly to California and appear on Del Bigtree’s “HighWire.”

Yesterday Isaac Lindenberger shared a public post on Facebook. In the post, Isaac shared a photo of his mother and him at an airport. He said,

“We are in Chicago! My mom and I are pumped to be flying out to California to talk to Del Bigtree on his show “Highwire!”

If you are unfamiliar with Del Bigtree, he produced the propaganda anti-vaccine documentary “Vaxxed.” The film claims to expose the real truth about vaccines. Filmmakers take viewers through a sordid tale about the FDA, CDC, and doctors working together to withhold information about the dangers of vaccines.

Critics widely panned the movie. Nearly all of the claims made in the film have been debunked. However, Bigtree uses his fame as the producer to further push his narrative that vaccines are deadly, unsafe, and part of a government conspiracy.

Naturally, Bigtree has interest in getting his grimy hands on Jill Wheeler for an interview. Bigtree is never one to miss an opportunity for self-promotion. Wheeler wants to share her side of the story and defend her choices as a mother.

Ethan grew up in a home where his mother did not believe in vaccines. He learned through school and government websites that vaccines were safe and effective. Because of his vaccination status, Ethan says the school withheld him from activities and viewed him as a public health threat. Ethan said he wanted to be able to participate in school activities but also protect himself and others from preventable illnesses.

Soon Ethan’s story was picked up everywhere, and the public marveled at his bravery to defy his mother’s wishes to stay vaccine free.

Instead of using this opportunity to engage with her son, Jill Wheeler has taken every opportunity to discredit Ethan. Dozens of media outlets have interviewed her about her choice not to vaccinate. Wheeler consistently downplays her son’s research and pushes her anti-vaccine agenda.

Her behavior has not looked like a mother that cares about her son. Instead, she appears jealous, resentful, and angry that her son has received attention for his choice.

Now her latest stunt is flying to California to sit down with Bigtree and share her side of the story. She brought along her adult son Ian to create a further divide within the family.

For his part, Ethan is doing his best to manage his disappointment with his family. In interviews and on Twitter, Ethan has taken the high road by reminding people that he loves his family. Sadly, there will come the point when Jill’s thirst for fame and attention may completely fracture this family.

Bigtree is promoting the show as the next BIG scoop on his Facebook and website. The show airs at 11 am Pacific Standard Time today.

Ethan publically declined Bigtree’s offer to appear on the show. He tweeted to Bigtree,

“With all respect I am turning down your offer to appear on the Highwire. Spreading misinformation and false concerns against vaccines is the exact issue I addressed before Congress, and I believe your platform is one such proponent of these lies.”

At only 18, Ethan knows more about the truth than his mother does in her forties. Who is the adult now?

Your move, Jill.

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  • Tawreos

    Mom may complain about her son’s decision, but it seems that she is liking the spotlight it gives her.

  • Raging Bee

    And the anti-vax con-artists seem eager to use her to distract attention away from her son’s “apostasy.”

  • Raging Bee

    So it looks like mom is getting the older son to support her against the younger son. Nothing messed-up about that at all, nosireebob…

  • Brianna LaPoint

    Anti vaxxers are about population control. love them, hate them. but id just rather fight bigger battles than whether or not John Q Public vaccinated his kids.

  • al kimeea

    It’s a serious public health issue that concerns everyone.