Five of the Most Unbelievable Stories about Childbirth

Five of the Most Unbelievable Stories about Childbirth March 21, 2019

Birth is a wonderful event in the life of a mother and a baby. Many women wait their entire lives waiting to become a mom. While childbirth is magical and beautiful, the day can also be incredibly dangerous for both mom and baby. As a result, I have covered stories from around the world that explore miracles and mishaps that happen during birth.

In a new video, I break down the wildest birth stories featured on Without a Crystal Ball. From a woman that delivered a twin while in a coma to a nurse that decapitated during a breech delivery,  I have covered a lot of bizarre stories.

On this episode, I share the craziest stories and offer personal insight into each case. I start with a mother in the United Kingdom that fell into a coma and delivered a baby. The kicker in the story is she had no idea she was pregnant. A rare congenital condition hid the pregnancy from her.

In the second case, I dive into the birth of a 15-pound baby. The mother’s story of struggling with infertility for nearly a decade makes this story especially compelling.

The third case takes us on a trip to India. Two nurses find a woman in labor at a clinic. Instead of getting doctors to help them, the nurses decide to deliver the baby without any training. As a result, the breech baby was torn into pieces, and the mother nearly died.

In the fourth story, I highlight the birth of an infant from a woman that received a transplanted uterus. The mother was born with a rare syndrome that left her with ovaries but no uterus. Doctors in Brazil transplanted a womb from a deceased patient. The resulting birth of the baby was first in the world.

Finally, the episode ends with a trip to Australia. I share the story of a midwife that delivered “surprise twins.” The story delves into the shady practices of a rogue midwife that bragged about not providing primary prenatal care. While the twins survived, her public post of the delivery cost the midwife her career.

Watch the video below:

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