Mary Kay Letourneau’s Marriage to Her Rape Victim is Over

Mary Kay Letourneau’s Marriage to Her Rape Victim is Over March 28, 2019
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Mary Kay Letourneau and her husband of fourteen years, Vili Fualaau, are divorcing according to People Magazine. Fualaau filed for legal separation in May 2017. Shortly after the filing, the couple attempted to reconcile. However, sources connected to the couple say the untraditional union is over. Mary Kay spent seven years in prison for raping Vili as a child.

According to a report by People Magazine, the couple is moving forward with arbitration to end their fourteen-year union. People obtained court records verifying that both parties seek to end their marriage. A source connected to the couple told People that their marriage is no longer working.

Fualaau and Mary Kay met when he was a young child. Mary Kay was formerly his elementary school teacher. By the time Vili was eleven years old, the two began a relationship. Soon the two were involved in a sexual relationship.

In interviews, Mary Kay has always downplayed that she sexually abused Fualauu. Instead, she insisted that her husband was the aggressor in the relationship. However, he was only twelve years old when the relationship started.

For his part, Vili admitted that he pursued Mary Kay. Mary Kay was thirty-five years old at the time and should have stopped anything from happening. Instead, she began an abusive relationship with him that produced two daughters and landed her in prison for child rape.

Despite a seven-year separation during her incarceration, the couple married after her release from prison. For the past fourteen years, they tried to appear like a healthy and loving couple. However, an interview with Barbara Walters in 2017 showed a couple on the verge of a split.

During the interview, Vili expressed regret about getting involved with Mary Kay at such a young age. He lamented that he could not understand how a thirty-five-year-old could be attracted to a twelve-year-old. Additionally, he said that he would never be ok with either of his daughters having a relationship similar to the one he had with Mary Kay.

Vili seemed to acknowledge that his untraditional relationship started with his grooming by a child predator. He failed to call out his wife as an abuser. By 2017, both of their daughters were fully grown and the couple seemed to have nothing in common.

Another interview with the couple in 2018 in Australia further exposed the couple’s divide. They spoke about their separation in the interview but refused to comment on if the marriage would end. At the time, the couple put on the appearance that a reconciliation was in the cards.

Fast forward to March 2019, and now the bizarre union is finally coming to a close. Mary Kay is now 57 years old, and Vili is 35 years old. Vili still has a chance at finding a spouse that is closer in his age and attempting to build a life outside of the chaos created by Mary Kay.

Mary Kay has often appeared in interviews to be entirely out of touch with reality. She viewed her relationship with Vili as a love story for the ages. However, their 21 year age difference and the power she exerted over Vili was evident in nearly all of their exchanges.

Vili’s mother, Soona, has long been outspoken about her lack of affection for Mary Kay. In 2018 Soona said, “It’s really disrupted my family and even to this day she still disrupts our family,” Soona said at the time. “Even to this day, Mary still abuses my son.”

Vili’s mother may be the first to line up to congratulate him on his divorce from his long-time abuser.

The couple’s two children are both young adults and attending college. Vili has said in interviews he wanted to give his daughters a two parent home which was something he never had growing up. Now that his daughters are grown, Vili can finally move forward with his life.

The details of the divorce remain quiet. But People says they are currently in arbitration to end the union. Hopefully, Vili will be able to move forward and move away from the abuse Mary Kay has inflicted on his life for almost 25 years.


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  • Cozmo the Magician

    Whoda thunk that it isnt JUST catholic men that abuse children.

  • Jim Jones

    Google (Australia pedophiles)

    And this is because they’ve done a much better job exposing them than the US or Canada.

  • taylor_serenil

    I’m glad he’s divorcing her. (I saw the “Biography” ep of her advertised and nearly puked. She’s a rapist and an abuser and Vili is totally correct about “I don’t want my daughters to have a relationship like mine with her”.)

  • Jennifer

    Thank God! I almost retched every time I saw any pathetic mention of their union. That old wretch should be booted from the entire family.

  • Atrus

    What an awful woman. I don’t care if he was the original one pursuing the relationship, he’s a kid that doesn’t know any better and you as the adult shut that sh*t down.

  • That took a lot longer than I thought it would.

  • Brian Curtis

    Flip the genders and you have the latest R. Kelly story. Apparently being housebound with a sexual molester and held hostage in their home is okay if the victim is a man.

  • taylor_serenil

    the whole “dudes can’t be raped/molested/etc.” attitude pisses me off no end. (cis lady, DV and sexual assault survivor.)

  • BridgetD

    Good. She is absolutely disgusting.