Mother Made Son Gravely Ill By Injecting Her Blood Into Him

Mother Made Son Gravely Ill By Injecting Her Blood Into Him March 14, 2019
Elizabeth Malone Fairfax County Detention Center

A Virginia mother admitted to putting her blood in her son’s nose, mouth, tracheotomy, and central line while her son was hospitalized last year. Elizabeth Malone said she tampered with her son’s lines to gain attention from the hospital staff. She was arrested in April 2018 and charged witth child abuse.

According to a report on NBC4 Washington, the case against Malone started in the spring of 2018. Malone’s son was hospitalized seven times between March and May of 2o18. Court documents describe the boy as non-verbal and multiple disabilities. He had a tracheotomy, central line, and a feeding tube.

Officials at the hospital grew suspicious of Malone when they found blood coming out of his g-tube and tracheotomy sights. Additionally, the staff was baffled when the boy would have spontaneous bleeds coming from his nose and mouth. A nurse caring for the boy found a bloody napkin in the bathroom and noticed a syringe up Malone’s arm.

The hospital contacted child protective services and began an investigation into the claims. After contacting CPS, the hospital placed a camera in the room to monitor Malone while she was alone with her son.

While the camera was filming her, she grabbed a syringe and an unknown substance from her purse. She filled the syringe and proceeded to inject the contents into her son’s nose and mouth.

Following the injection, the boy had a medical emergency. Hospital staff acted swiftly to save the boy and told police the crisis could have killed him.

After saving the boy’s life, the hospital staff called the police to report the incident. When police arrived, they found the syringe. Inside of her purse authorities found syringes and needles.

Police reviewed the video of Malone injecting the blood into her son and arrested her on suspicion of child abuse. During an interview with authorities, she denied she did anything to harm her son.

However, police told her that they had her on camera tampering with the central line, tracheotomy, and g-tube. When police presented her with video footage, she admitted she injected her son. Malone insisted that she did not intend her to harm her son by putting her blood inside his body.

In April of 2018, authorties charged her with child abuse. Instead of going to trial, she agreed to plead guilty to one charge of child abuse.

At the plea hearing, her attorney said that Malone tampered with her son’s lines because she was not satisfied with the medical care he received at the hospital. He went on to say that she injected her son to get a better response from hospital staff. Malone says she loves her son and never meant to hurt him.

Despite the defense’s argument, the prosecutors said that Malone’s actions caused the boy to have high fevers and suffer multiple infections.

Since Malone’s arrest in April 2018, prosecutors say that the boy is doing well. He improved so much that he was able to attend school this year.

Malone remains jailed at Fairfax County Adult Detention Center as she awaits sentencing for her crime in mid-July. According to Virginia sentencing guidelines, Malone faces a sentence of 2-10 years in prison and a fine of up to 100,000.

Despite the guilty plea, there is little information provided on if Malone was diagnosed with Munchausen’s-by-proxy. However, she admitted that she did tamper with his lines for attention. Creating medical emergencies and making a child sick are signs of a mother suffering from MBP.

Malone is a mother to three children. Prosecutors did not release the details of their whereabouts. However, she is not originally from Virginia and had only recently moved to the area before her son’s hospitalizations. Her previous residence was in Texas.

Hopefully, all three children are safe and recovering from this tragic experience. The little boy suffered significant medical abuse and spent the bulk of two months in a pediatric intensive care unit. What his mother put him through is mind-boggling. The good news is that the child is recovering and doing much better outside of his mother’s watchful eye.


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  • Tim Howley

    OK. I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but as a parent I would have to ask, ‘Why the fuck would anyone want to do this?’

  • Because people just fall all over themselves to offer sympathy and attention when you’re the mum of a very sick kid.

  • Positivist

    And to think that my (former) pastor’s wife told me that maybe god didn’t want me to have kids because he knew I’d be a bad parent.

  • Savagetiger

    Damn, what a sicko! It scares the hell out of me every time I read about one of these cases! I hope the little boy and his siblings are now with someone who will treat them the way they deserve to be treated.