Mother Arrested for Attempting to Inject Bleach Into Daughter

Mother Arrested for Attempting to Inject Bleach Into Daughter March 29, 2019
Brooke Helmandollar Facebook

An Idaho mother kidnapped her daughter and planned to inject her with bleach to rid her body of parasites. Brooke A. Helmandollar of Nampa, Idaho, was found in a hotel with her daughter after authorities issued an Amber Alert for her 10-year-old daughter Alissa. Alissa had been reported missing and in danger on March 20, 2019.

According to a report on Spokesman-Review, police charged Brooke Helmandollar with criminal mistreatment of her daughter Alissa. Authorities issued an Amber Alert for Alissa on March 20th after she disappeared with her mother. Brooke had previously made threats against her daughter and police believed that the child was in danger.

Later that afternoon, police located Brooke with her daughter at a restaurant more than 400 miles away in Cheney, Washington. Police canceled the Amber Alert. In the hotel room in Nampa, Idaho, police found bleach, charcoal, and material for enemas. When police found the items, the mother said she planned to use the bleach for cleaning.

Nampa Police Department

During an interview with police, Brooke admitted that she planned to inject the bleach into her daughter and herself to rid their bodies of parasites. After her admission, police charged her with criminal mistreatment of a child.

Instead of placing her daughter with her father, Jon Helmandollar, a local football coach, Child Protective Services retained custody of the girl. Nampa Police are now investigating Jon for his potential role in the crime.

According to police, Jon showed little to no concern about his daughter’s whereabouts after they issued the Amber Alert. When police told him about the Amber Alert for his wife and daughter, he responded, “well that won’t look good for me.”

Jon’s Facebook page indicates he is a teacher at Columbia High School and he is the head football coach. He played football for Boise State University. While his daughter was missing, Jon made no public posts on his social media to alert others.

Brooke’s strange behavior began on March 12 when she pulled her daughter out of school. School officials said that they noticed the car’s seats were lined and covered with plastic. When staff asked Brooke about the plastic, she told them that their home was infested with insects and parasites. Because of the parasites, Brooke said she was staying with her daughter at a hotel.

Police obtained additional information about Brooke’s plans by retrieving data from her social media accounts and phone.

A popular pseudoscience treatment for parasites and insects is a product called Mineral Mineral Solution. The product contains Chlorine Dioxide and is an industrial strength bleach. Jim Humble, a former Scientologist, developed the product in 1996.

Since 1996 Jim and his ‘church,’ Genesis Church of Health and Healing have promoted the bleach as a cure for malaria, autism, cancer, parasites, AIDS, HIV, and hundreds of other ailments. Humble has authored books and made videos instructing followers how to use the products.

Generally, people take the MMS orally or rectally through enemas. The bleach is so toxic in the system that it causes severe nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and in severe cases death. In groups dedicated to MMS, people often take photos of their bowel movements and share them within online groups.

Humble and his church target autism parents most frequently with their product. An organization Autism One has promoted MMS as a cure for autism for decades. MMS is not legal for use or sale in the United States. The FDA  issued a warning that the product is not safe for consumption nor proven to treat, cure, or prevent any illnesses.

Why Brooke believed she and her daughter that parasites infected their bodies is unknown. However, Brooke has previous arrests and served time in the Idaho Department of Corrections for possession of a controlled substance. Court records from her incarceration indicate she received mental health services during her probation and incarceration.

For now, Alissa is safe and in county custody. There are no current details about Brooke’s court case.


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  • Parker Mac

    Seriously, this is why there needs to be SOME kind of psychological evaluation required before people are allowed to become parents.

  • Tawreos

    That poor little girl. Her mother appears to have mental issues and the father seems to be a selfish ass. Hopefully the school board will look into things and keep the father away from the players he is supposed to be coaching. I really hope this little girl has at least one relative that will do what her parents couldn’t and keep her safe.

  • Zetopan

    “… the father seems to be a selfish ass.”

    Sociopaths are like that, it’s always about them.

  • LenKoz


  • Jim Jones

    > Because of the parasites, Brooke said she was staying with her daughter a hotel.

    ROFLMAO. She thinks they’re clean? Let me get my black light!

  • WallofSleep

    Seriously, I dated one for too long. She was the worst.

  • Amy Brushart Harris

    There is a typo in the story. The quackery is called MIRACLE Mineral Solution (or Supplement). That mother is either an idiot or mentally ill; either way she needs to be kept away from that little girl.

  • JimmieBallgame

    For the sake of that poor child, NEVER let her come in contact with either of her parents.

  • Contractions of Fate

    Oh, Good Grief, what the hell is wrong with American people? Turpentine on sugar cubes, ultra-saline cabbage water and now bleach? It’s as if they’ll believe any Dunning-Kruger idiot on the internet rather than actually qualified healthcare workers.


  • Phil Rimmer

    So a schizophrenic mother most likely, possibly caused or aggravated by cannabis, often a trigger.

    Will she get the treatment she needs in the USA? Probably not. Mental healthcare is abysmal and the eagerness to find “evil” at work is just so pervasive and corrosive.

    Brilliant work by the school and police, though.

    Excellent that the little girl is safe.