Mother Delivers Massive 15 Pound Baby After Years of Infertility

Mother Delivers Massive 15 Pound Baby After Years of Infertility March 20, 2019
Joy Buckley Facebook – Public Image

A New York mother delivered a behemoth 15-pound baby last week. Joy Buckley shared the photo of her daughter, Harper, on Facebook with an announcement on March 12. Buckley said the delivery required three doctors, a vacuum, and a c-section to remove the baby from her uterus.

Joy Buckley told WETM that she struggled with infertility for years. After seven years of trying to conceive, doctors said to her that she had a less than 15% chance of getting pregnant.

When the couple received the news, they decided to adopt a baby. Then out of the blue, she became pregnant on her own. In May 2016, Joy delivered an 11-pound baby boy.

With one miracle child in tow, Joy was shocked when she got pregnant again in 2018. She was thrilled with the news and prepared to be a mother of three children.

As her pregnancy reached its end, she knew that the baby was going to big. However, she had no idea the baby would be fifteen pounds. Joy delivered a baby girl on March 12 after a painful delivery.

In an interview with the New York Post, she said that doctors had a difficult time removing the baby from her uterus. Three doctors used a vacuum and performed a c-section to deliver the baby. Harper’s weight at birth was 15 pounds 5 ounces, and she was 23.5 inches long.  After her birth, the baby struggled with breathing and maintaining her blood sugar.

Doctors transferred her to a neo-natal intensive care unit. She was placed on supplemental oxygen to help her breathe. Since her birth, Harper has remained in the NICU. However, doctors expect that she will be released from the hospital soon.

At birth, the baby is twice the size of the average weight of a newborn of 6 pounds. According to hospital records, she is the largest baby born in at least 30 years. Officials from the New York Department of Health are working to determine if she is the largest baby born in state history.

Birthing a baby that large is physically taxing on the mother. Joy said that immediately after the birth she felt like she had been hit by a two tractor trailer. Apparently, the delivery was violent, and Harper became lodged underneath her rib cage.

More than a week out from the birth, Joy says she is recovering well. She and her husband, Norman, are eagerly waiting to bring home Harper so she can meet her two older brothers.

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  • wannabe

    After months of posts about awful mothers, some good news!

  • WallofSleep

    “Joy delivered a baby girl on March 12 after a painful delivery.”

    I’ll wager this is something of an understatement.

  • tatortotcassie

    We’re reviewing gestation in class this week. Based on Harper’s size and the fact that she went hypoglycemic after birth, I’m going to guess mom Joy is/was diabetic.

    Also . . . . so many sympathy pains on so many levels here.

  • frostysnowman

    I imagine she felt like she had just delivered a tractor trailer in addition to feeling run over by one. Yikes!

  • LimeGecko

    Mazel tov!

    I wish the mother a full and speedy recovery. That sounded like it was pretty rough…

  • otrame

    Mamma either has diabetes or is about to develop it. Diabetic women tend to have large babies. I’m glad she got the kids she wanted, but she may be in a bit of trouble.

  • Baby Buddha Belly

    Mom must be diabetic. No baby is that large without a medical complication. Nature’s just not that cruel to women ; )

  • LimeGecko

    Nature is a witch with a b. Childbirth still kills us. Others of us suffer lifelong complications from it. Still others have stillbirths, or nothing but miscarriages, or infertility, or any combination of the above. And the final joker card is that some forms of female reproductive organ cancers are extremely invasive with a terrible prognosis. I love the outdoors and the natural world but I trust mother nature about as far as I can kick her. 😉

  • Lisa Cybergirl

    This is a serious point against intelligent design: none of this is very well designed!

  • SecMilChap

    Mother Nature is nicer than the rest of the gods, but not by much. Spencer got it wrong when he proclaimed “Survival of the Fittest”, which should be “Survival of the Fit Enough” (to procreate). Last I saw, the Scots hold the world’s record, with a 28-pounder. My kids’ Mom miscarried five-six times and blamed herself for “failures”! We belonged to one of the first GMOs, and her GynDocs said one more miscarriage would kill her. Misogynist SurgDocs refused vasectomy (minor surgery) and insisted on major surgery for her (1960s). Good Ol’ Planned Parenthood found a SurgDoc we could afford, and the world’s a better place with our two who’ve survived. Seems like it’s TubeTying time for both Joy & hubby.

  • lady_black

    That’s one of the many things I remember about maternal-child nursing. Large babies and diabetes.

  • Baby Buddha Belly

    True. Childbirth can be a very dangerous thing for women, especially when there is an underlying condition, like diabetes. My point was simply that nature doesn’t produce babies, typically, that are so large that they can’t be born. Underlying conditions, such as diabetes, are usually the culprit for exceptionally large neonates. Average newborn weight is about 7 pounds. This ginormous baby is more than twice that – this is not something that just happens, there is a medical reason for it.

  • strewth

    Sounds like you’re implying that (a) diabetes is “unnatural” or (b) somehow it was her fault.
    Nature is totally that cruel to women. It’s only in the last century since the advent of modern obstetrics that “died in childbirth” stopped being the leading cause of death for women 20-45.
    Evolution doesn’t care about individuals. The species will survive even an appalling death rate. Maternal mortality has declined one-hundred fold in the last century or so, from about 1 in 100 births to 1 in 10,000