Mother from “Born Schizophrenic” Loses Custody of Children

Mother from “Born Schizophrenic” Loses Custody of Children March 9, 2019

A source connected to Michael Schofield reports that The Department of Child and Family Services has removed Jani and Bodhi Schofield from their mother Susan Schofield’s custody. According to the source, the county placed the children in foster care. The removal of the children follows an explosive appearance by Susan on Dr. Phil where she admitted to doctor shopping and putting her son on powerful anti-psychotic medications without a corresponding diagnosis.

Yesterday the family source posted the information on KiwiFarms. User Janus Jupiter shared the news early this morning at 2:12 am.

“After months of saying there was nothing they can do, DCFS abruptly got a warrant and pulled Jani and Bodhi from Susan and Cory, right at the same time Michael was with Amy who was giving birth via c section. Unfortunately, it appears that DCFS didn’t think this through very well and for obvious reasons Michael can’t get to LA to get them right now.

They were originally placed with foster care but something went wrong and the foster mother rejected both kids, who are now spending the weekend in a shelter. Because Michael couldn’t come get them today, he is considered to have abandoned them. Court hearing is scheduled for Wednesday. That’s all I know so far.”

Shortly after Janus Jupiter posted the news, members erupted with happiness, tears, and questions about what transpired. Another source connected to the case verified the claims about the children. However, they clarified that the children were not in an adult homeless shelter.

According to the source, both children will require medical supervision to wean off the power anti-psychotic medications.

Approximately twenty minutes later, Janus Jupiter reported that doctors saw the children after their removal. Additionally, both children have scheduled psychiatric examinations later today. Janus Jupiter said that Michael doesn’t know the location of his children. However, DCFS told Michael the children were receiving 24/7 medical care.

Due to privacy laws associated with child custody cases, there is no official word from DCFS about the custody status of the children. Susan and her husband Cory have been unusually silent on Facebook for more than 24 hours. I reached out to Susan to confirm if the rumors were true, but she did not reply to my request for comment.

A source connected to medical staff at UCLA stated they believe that the children were removed strategically by DCFS because Michael would not be able to retrieve his children.

Without any parental supervision, the county will be able to assess the children without interference. The evaluation will help the county determine if Susan is abusing her children.

Another aspect not known is whether the removal of the children is temporary or permanent. Janus Jupiter said the court will hear the custody case on March 13.

If the information provided by the leaker is correct, Bodhi and Jani are finally safe from their mother’s abuse. With proper medical supervision, both children will be able to get off powerful and harmful medications.

The news is a huge win for advocates that have been fighting for the children for years. Many of them remain hopeful that the children will remain free from Susan’s care for the rest of their lives.

For an in-depth look into the case, watch my recent videos.

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  • Tawreos

    As long as the kids are being taken care of and getting the help and a proper diagnosis this should be a good thing.

  • Knitting Cat Lady

    I sure as hell hope the kids are in hospital for the withdrawal.

    I’ve done SSRI withdrawal once. I knew what was happening. I understood why it was happening. The sensation of spiders crawling on my scalp inside and out was still very disconcerting. Not to mention the brain zaps.

    The stuff those kids are on? Way worse. And especially the lithium withdrawal is tricky.

    And who knows what else the mother has been giving them…

  • karmacat

    Actually it is just a few antidepressants that cause withdrawal symptoms. I have used low dose Prozac to get people off of Paxil, Effexor, sometimes celexa. It makes it so much easier. Lithium withdrawal isn’t difficult unless the person has bipolar. The serious withdrawals are from the benzodiazepines and anti-seizure meds. That being said I do hope they are in the hospital so they can be monitored for any problems with coming off their meds.

  • Jani is on heavy, heavy anti-psychotics

  • That is good news!

  • nmgirl

    I don’t think doctors can really evaluate them until they have detoxed from years of powerful psychotropics.

  • The Bofa on the Sofa

    Another aspect not known is whether the removal of the children is temporary or permanent. Janus Jupiter said the court will hear the custody case on March 13.

    The default situation for the removal of children from parents is that it is always temporary. Every case starts with a goal of reunification. Permanent removal of children (“termination of parental rights” aka TPR) is a long process and requires almost complete neglect by the parents in doing what needs to be done for reunification.

    The initial hearing on March 13 will likely just address the question of whether removing the kids is appropriate, and should they remain in foster care or go back to the parents. However, even if they go back to the parents, there can be court-ordered services required for the parents, and DCFS will remain involved. I would expect the court to require the parents to work with DCFS to remediate the issues that caused the removal in the first place, with follow-up hearings scheduled to ensure progress.

    I have seen cases where babies were born with severe drug addiction and removed from parents immediately. The parents were admitted severe users, and showed up to court under the influence. When the baby was 6 months old, the father was sent to the federal pen on drug charges. The mother spent about a week in a facility to clean up, failed, and got out. She was thrown in jail for failing to do any drug rehab services, and was held in jail until the DCFS secured a bed in a drug rehab facility. She was released from jail to go to rehab, and her sister picked her up and she never went. She never saw the baby after the day he was born, and never asked DCFS about his status.

    And the baby was still more than a year old before the court approved the TPR.

    Parents are given all the opportunity in the world to keep their kids. You have to really fuck up consistently to have them taken permanently. And it certainly doesn’t happen in the first month.

  • Baby Buddha Belly

    If I knew that DCFS had intent to remove my children from my ex’s house, I would have been standing by somewhere close to them, so they wouldn’t end up in a shelter, PERIOD. Amy could have had her baby in Valencia (Henry Mayo Hospital – Michael’s very familiar with it) if it’s that critical he be present for the birth. Things happen where we need to make changes to our plans, even when it’s totally inconvenient for everyone. His responsibilities lie with the children who are in an undesirable position. “Eh, wait a few days when it’s more convenient and then I’ll step up” NO MICHAEL! This is NOT how parenting works – you drop everything and RUN when your kids are in danger and they are in danger. They don’t understand what’s going on, want to go home and could really use a familiar face even if it’s their deadbeat dad’s. I’m disgusted that Michael went on to have another child when he clearly can’t even parent the two that he’s got. For Michael: Yeah, yeah, blame it all on Susan. NO. You don’t leave your children and then go make a new one with the hope that it will turn out “better” Michael, you’re 2 for 2 with having children with mental illness. Are you going to ditch this one too when mental illness rears its ugly head again? Pathetic. And saying that it would be difficult to take Jani and Bodhi on short notice? SO WHAT?! Again, this is not how parenting works. When someone asks you if you’re willing to take your children, your answer SHOULD be “ABSOLUTELY! I’ll do whatever it takes to keep them safe and happy” It’s so clear that you don’t want to be inconvenienced anymore by your special needs children. You want to have a say in their care, but you don’t want them. I don’t know what happened to you, maybe you burned out on the daily grind of caring for them and Susan made you feel like you were going to lose your mind? You started off pretty well with Jani. You took her out everyday to go do things, even if they weren’t the most exciting, you still did it. I remember. I saw you doing it around town and admired you for it. Boy, has my opinion changed! When things get heated, you make other plans to accommodate yourself and your children, you don’t ditch them and head for the hills without them. I feel so sorry for Jani and Bodhi. Really, I do. They’ve got a mother who’s got ulterior motives with their care and has truly “lost it” and a father who abandoned them – a father who was very present in their daily lives, no less. Maybe now would be a good time to step up to the plate and make a change? Figure out what you need to do to care for your children like you used to. Even if it means being inconvenienced. Buck up, Michael. They’re YOUR responsibility and they NEED you!!!

  • PN8891

    I only just saw this article, and I can assure you that a variety of antipsychotic medications, including second-generation antipsychotics, have withdrawal symptoms that only recently have begun to be appreciated. Many studies historically have disregarded the possibility of antipsychotic withdrawal, instead classifying them as returning symptoms of the underlying illness for which they were being taken. However, it is now becoming obvious that withdrawal can include symptoms other than the symptoms for which the antipsychotic was initially prescribed. For example, someone who was put on olanzapine (brand name Zyprexa) without prior history of hallucinations can sometimes experience hallucinations upon withdrawal. This is in addition to non-psychiatric withdrawal symptoms such as vomiting, which can persist for days to weeks following the cessation of some antipsychotics, including the aforementioned olanzapine.

  • PN8891

    Not to mention the state isn’t really desperate to expedite TPR in many cases because they already have a sort of “soft TPR” simply by passively declining to return the kids to their parents if TPR is difficult to complete.