Woman Who Killed Baby in Reckless Freebirth is Pregnant

Woman Who Killed Baby in Reckless Freebirth is Pregnant March 15, 2019

A California mother that attempted an unassisted free birth and killed her baby last fall announced she is pregnant again. “Lisa” announced on Instagram that the baby is due in September 2019. Last fall Lisa attempted to deliver her daughter Journey Moon without any medical assistance and instead relied on a Facebook group to guide her birth.

In October 2018, Lisa engaged in a Facebook group called Free Birth Society. The now defunct group was a community to support women that opted not to have medical assistance for their pregnancy and birth. Group admin Emilee Saldaya played a crucial role in providing Lisa terrible advice during her delivery.

Through multiple updates within the group, Lisa shared her birth with the group. She experienced numerous complications including prolonged rupture of membrane, back labor, foul-smelling and discolored discharge, and she was two weeks past her due date.

A previous article titled “Mother Decides to Have an Unassisted Childbirth Kills Her Baby,” we wrote on her birth detailed the birth:

For four agonizing days, the mother persisted on with her labor at home. She shared with the group that her water broke. At one point she was worried because the fluid was dark, brownish, and had a foul smell. She even worried the baby swallowed meconium. Other mothers told her that a baby swallowing meconium wasn’t a big deal.

The labor of the woman had several red flags that should have been indications to her and the group that something was desperately wrong.

  • The baby was two weeks late from their birthdate.
  • She labored for five days and had limited progress in the labor.
  • She had back pain that was indicative of a malpositioned baby.
  • When her water broke, the liquid was brown and discolored. Amniotic fluid should be clear.
  • She was concerned her discharge contained meconium (fetal fecal matter) which can be aspirated on by the baby causing infection and death.
  • The discharge had a foul smell.
  • Her baby stayed in the foul-smelling and discolored discharge for several days.
  • She only sought medical help after she no longer felt the baby moving.

After six days, Lisa said she woke up and spilled brown discharge all over her legs. At this point, she decided to go to the hospital because she was fearful for her life. Unfortunately, when she arrived at the hospital, the doctors were unable to detect the baby’s heartbeat.

Her daughter, who she named Journey Moon, died from an infection inside of her uterus. Lisa admitted online that she was diagnosed with Group B Strep. Journey’s death was entirely preventable had Lisa had prenatal care and birthed at the hospital.

Following the death of the baby, Lisa shared her story with Free Birth Society:

In the update, Lisa admitted her labor started on October 1, but she did not go to the hospital until October 7th. Additionally, she acknowledged that Journey Moon stopped moving the day before she sought help at the hospital.

After she shared the news, her story went viral. Screen-shots shared within the group, on her public Instagram, and Facebook profile circulated Facebook. Without a Crystal Ball published the story and wrote multiple follow-ups. Eventually, we helped the Daily Beast on an article they published on the birth.

In the Daily Beast interview, Lisa defended her choice to “free birth” and was unapologetic in her decision. Instead of denouncing Free Birth Society, she defended FBS founder Emilee Saldaya. Also, Lisa remained committed to the natural childbirth movement.

Naturally, the story elicited outrage by hundreds of thousands of people. Her inability to accept responsibility for her role in Journey Moon’s death in the Daily Beast article further angered the public.

Now after only five months of Journey Moon’s unnecessary death, Lisa announced on Instagram she is expecting her “Rainbow Baby.” In the photo, her three pit bulls wear signs that say “After every storm.”

The caption reads, “After every storm, there is a rainbow, and our rainbow will be here September 2019.”

She goes on to say, “Hand chosen for earth by it’s (sic) sister in heaven. We are excited to have this new spirit joining our family. Very happy to announce this news during #RainbowWeek. We honor Journey as we welcome her new sibling. We are twelve weeks along today. The pits are ready to take on their guard dog duties!”

While Lisa is absolutely in her right to be excited about her “rainbow baby,” the update will likely infuriate thousands of people that watched her poor choices kill Journey Moon. Lisa did not say if she has seen a doctor for this pregnancy. However, in her announcement of Journey Moon’s death, she said that she would need medical assistance for future pregnancies and births.

Let’s hope for the sake of the sibling that Lisa follows the directions of doctors and does not attempt a second unassisted birth at home. Journey Moon did not have die, and Free Birth Society played a crucial role in contributing to her death.

Lisa, if you are reading this, we wish you the best of luck on this pregnancy. However, we hope that you use doctors and not a Facebook group to assist in your next delivery.

We will continue to update as the story develops.


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  • andrea

    Yow. And she’s probably right on the edge of 90 days or less between giving birth and becoming pregnant again, so pile on another risk factor.

  • Yes, it was within 3 months

  • frostysnowman

    Am I the only one who hates the term “rainbow baby”?

  • Nope I hate it too

  • firebubbles310

    I know it’s her body and choice. I know I don’t want to legislate that and how bad that would be. It just makes me so sad for my sister who has tried for 7 years to get pregnant but her PCOS has made that impossible and losing weight is so hard because of the PCOS to have in vitro. It sucks this woman kills her kid with stupid decisions and has another when my sister can’t have one.

    Proof there is no god if i was on the fence for sure.

  • ShamrockGecko

    Meanwhile, countless families wrestle with infertility and miscarriage. Sigh.

  • I really hope she’s going the hospital route this time.

  • Baby Buddha Belly

    This trend of birthing without assistance is just plain reckless. You don’t want medical intervention? Fine. Get a midwife. You don’t want to be strapped to a hospital bed? Fine. Get a midwife. You want to labor without medication? Fine. Get a midwife! For the love of God, just get a midwife, but don’t gamble with your child’s life or future because you don’t know what you don’t know! Journey Moon, in this birth situation, may have actually been blessed to have passed because …a life being severely disabled is not really much of a life at all. Based on what I’ve read here, had this fetus been born alive, she would have likely been severely developmentally disabled. Her passing, however, could have been prevented had her mother chosen to be attended by a midwife. It’s mind boggling to me why anyone would gamble with their child’s life and their own. It’s terribly selfish, stupid and reckless. On a more spiritual level, it’s very confusing to me why women, such as this one, are blessed with another baby. It doesn’t make sense to me on scientific level either (evolutionarily speaking, shouldn’t someone like this – no common sense – be removed from the gene pool?) At least, this next baby has a far better chance of living, the mom has to be admitted for all subsequent births. Let’s hope she picks a better name next time too.

  • Rann
  • sdsures

    Is that crunchy-speak for “dead baby I killed but I’ll never admit it”?

  • sdsures

    I have PCOS too, and very much want to have children. Stories like this infuriate me.

  • andrea

    Sometimes. More broadly, it means a new baby after the loss of a young kid or pregnancy.

  • sdsures

    *raises hand* I’m one of them, which is why this story infuriates me.

  • Shan

    God, rereading this, my horrific takeaway (again) is how avoiding doctors and any medical help is how “free birth” is a performance piece, a display to show how “natural” and “wholesome” the mother-to-be is compared to other moms who are “doing it wrong” by taking steps to ensure their baby’s wellbeing.

    The proof of that? She doesn’t bother going to the hospital when her due date passes, when she’s laboring for days with zero results, or even when she no longer feels movement from the baby. It’s ONLY when she thinks her life is in danger that she seeks medical help.

    Lisa, you don’t care about your future children. You only care about projecting the proper image, and will sacrifice a hundred pregnancies to maintain it. I’ll only believe otherwise if your new child is born with actual medical supervision.

  • Rosa J.

    Not proof there is no God, sorry. Maybe a sign God is calling her to another way of being a mother like adoption. There are many children in this world who need loving parents – having a baby is not the only way to become a parent.

  • Anne

    This woman had a midwife. Her midwife told her she needed to go to the hospital. She didn’t even listen to the midwife. If a midwife says you need to go to the hospital, you need to go to the hospital

  • firebubbles310

    You don’t know my sister’s situation. The shit her in-laws have been through in having a missing son (technically her BIL) for over twenty five years with no answers. The fact that her MIL and FIL require care and would make it hard, if not impossible to adopt. That to function her husband needs meds due to depression because of the shite situation.

    If your God exists. He is a dick to let them wonder for years and let his mother have nervous breaks. For her I -laws health to decline. For her husband to grow up from kindergarten knowing his older brother was missing. That he was the last one to see him except the kidnappers.

    Do not play that different calling shite with me. His family has been through enough without your platitudes. Every year the anniversary is an open wound that sends them all into depression. For them to have trouble conceiving when all her husband wants is a kid is heartbreaking. Honestly so had my sister even before she was married. So spare me that bull. Either your god exists and he let a pedophile ring exist in her husband’s neighborhood when he was a kid that likely led to the disappearance of his brother and did nothing about it to help any of the children or he doesn’t. If he does, the stuff theirs and my family has seen means your god doesn’t deserve to be worshipped.

    Letting children like my BIL’s brother and this woman’s child suffer so means that he does nothing to protect us. He is a bully that expects constant praise or eternal punishment.

  • NikkiofAmystika

    The dogs are cute.
    That’s about the only positive thing I can say here.

  • persephone

    Three pit bulls in a house with a baby is another poor choice.

  • persephone

    If this one survives, I feel safe in predicting it is going to have a crap life. This couple is incredibly immature and focused on themselves. A child is just a symbol for them. Their history of drug use and homelessness indicates very poor planning. They see a baby as a way to prove their adulthood, without recognizing the costs and commitment required to raise a child to adulthood. They see a baby. They don’t see that that baby won’t stay that way.

  • Jet King

    Barf. And crap spouted by people who’ve never had to deal with infertility.
    First of all, “you can always adopt” is insulting. You have no idea what people who struggle with infertility are going through and you sum it up by telling us we can adopt. Because, yeah! Of course! I totally hadn’t thought of that!! How f*#&ing stupid do you think I am?
    Second, do you have any idea how difficult it is to adopt? This isn’t the 1960s. Nowadays, most women who choose to have their babies also choose to keep them. And I’m glad they have the social support to do so. So basically, the only babies up for adoption for the most part are FASD/drug addicted, severely abused/neglected or moderately to severely disabled. Now there’s nothing inherently wrong with these kids, but maybe some families don’t want to go that route? It’s heartbreaking to deal with kids with reactive attachment disorder, in case you’re wondering.
    Finally, maybe the “nonreligious” blogs isn’t the best place to share your idea of “god’s plan”. As far as I can tell, your imaginary friend doesn’t have a plan. The world can be a cruel place of suffering and death. How does that square with the “plan”?
    I’ll leave you with the sentiment of Epicurus: “Is god willing to prevent suffering, but unable? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him god?”

  • Jet King

    Not necessarily. I know a lot of people who deal with infertility who also use the term.

  • Jet King

    I was going to comment something about how it’s not the breed but the owners that’s usually the problem… but then I remembered who the owners are… Yeah, probably not ideal!