2019 Will be Worst Year for Measles in Twenty Years

2019 Will be Worst Year for Measles in Twenty Years April 16, 2019
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The measles outbreaks in the United States are multiplying at warp speed. According to the CDC, there are a reported 555 cases reported of the measles in 2019. In only a week, 90 cases of the measles were reported to the CDC. By the end of April 2019 could have the most cases of measles since the eradication of the virus in 2000.

In an update to the CDC measles outbreak page, the government reported a total of 555 cases of measles up from 465 a week ago. The most significant contributor to new cases came out of an outbreak in New York City. The outbreak jumped from a reported 259 cases the previous week to 329 by Monday.

Additionally, Rockland County New York added 19 new cases to their total from the previous week. There are now 186 cases of measles in Rockland County New York. Despite the county’s attempt to contain the outbreak by banning unvaccinated children from the public, the spread of the virus is not slowing down.

If the cases continue to spike, 2019 will become the worst year for measles since eradication in 2000. In 2014, the CDC reported a total of 667 cases of the virus. The United States might exceed that number by the end of April.

As officials in New York attempt to contain the virus, parents of unvaccinated children are defiantly hosting measles parties to infect more children. To stop families from further spreading the virus, New York City health commissioner ordered mandatory measles vaccinations.

If people fail to comply with the order, the state will impose a $1,000.00 fine per instance. The city said they would help individuals get the vaccine if they have trouble getting an appointment with a medical provider.

Then in Rockland C0unty, the city issued a new order today that would impose fines on individuals that spread the virus. The Commissioner’s issued the order today which includes:

“The first is a RCDOH Communicable Disease & Exposure Exclusion Order, which is a Commissioner’s Order, and which has three components: 

  1. Any person diagnosed with the measles or exposed to a person diagnosed with the measles as evidenced by laboratory evidence or a measles tracing investigation conducted by RCDOH must be excluded from indoor and outdoor places of public assembly located in Rockland County for a period of up to 21 days.
  2. The individual is prohibited from going to or being present at any place of public assembly for any period of time with exceptions for medical care, emergency situations and court appointments.
  3. Individuals are required to cooperate with RCDOH public health authorities by providing information regarding details of one’s illness, exposures and contacts.

Failure to comply can result in a $2,000 fine per violation per day. Parents and guardians served with this order on behalf of an exposed minor are responsible for compliance by their child.”

Hopefully, the threat of steep fines motivates parents to vaccinate their children.

New York outbreaks are spreading elsewhere in the United States. A man infected by the measles in New York City traveled to Michigan. His visit in March has affected 39 people so far. The outbreak began in mid-March.

With anti-vaxxers continue to protest and wear holocaust symbols, the fight between anti-vaxxers and the government continues. The outbreaks around the country are 100% to blame on the anti-vax movement that has taken over the internet and infiltrated religious communities.

Finally, people born between 1957-1989 may not be immune to the measles. The CDC suggests adults within this age range contact their doctor to determine their immunity status. Individuals born during this time received only one vaccination instead of the recommended two doses given today.

Adults should reach out to their medical providers to determine if they need a booster of the MMR.

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