3-Year-Old Cancer Patient Found Safe, Parents Facing Years in Prison

3-Year-Old Cancer Patient Found Safe, Parents Facing Years in Prison April 30, 2019

After a multi-state search for a missing child, a 3-year-old boy battling cancer was found in Kentucky. Noah McAdams’ parents Taylor Bland Ball and Joshua McAdams fled the state with their son after refusing to continue with his life-saving cancer treatments. Naturally, individuals connected to the family and the naturopathic world are crying medical kidnapping.

On Monday, April 29, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office issued a missing and endangered child report for 3-year-old Noah McAdams. Authorities stated the parents failed to bring Noah to a life-saving hospital procedure the previous week.

On April 22, Noah never arrived for a necessary medical procedure to treat his acute lymphoblastic leukemia. When he missed his appointment, Child Protective Services attempted to serve Taylor and Joshua with an emergency protective order to bring Noah to the hospital.

Unfortunately, CPS was unable to locate the family. Fearing they fled the state, they notified the police to find Noah. Due to the severity of ALL, the child was in critical need of medical care.

Only hours after issuing the bulletin, police in Georgetown, Kentucky located the family at a hotel. When they made contact with Noah, they took him to a local hospital to receive treatment. Also, the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office said that child neglect charges against the parents are pending.

For weeks, Taylor Bland-Ball updated friends and family about Noah’s health. Reluctantly, she admitted to allowing Noah to undergo two rounds of chemotherapy only to avoid CPS removing him from her custody. After he completed two series of chemo, the mother announced on Facebook that her son was cancer free.

Instead of finishing chemo, Bland-Ball planned to use natural remedies to keep her son in remission. For example, her treatments included grapefruit, juice, vitamin b17, apricot seeds, colloidal silver, comfrey salve, vitamin D, vitamin C, and comfrey salve.

As news spread through the natural world of crunchy, anti-vaxxing parents on Facebook, people started accusing the police of medically kidnapping Noah from his parents.

On a Florida NBC Affiliate, people began spamming an article about the family.  Joshua McAdams belongs to the “Sovereign Citizen” world and believes the laws of the land do not apply to him. As a result, other sovereign citizens, anti-medicine, and anti-vaccine parents showed up to spread their conspiracies.


As conspiracies swirled, a fundraiser was started to help the family fight the “system.” Florida Freedom Alliance, an organization that says, “The organization is rooted in the belief that the people call the shots and the government works for us. We demand transparency and truth,” started a fundraiser for the family.

According to the site, the county is forcing Noah to undergo “toxic” chemotherapy,

“Early this month Noah was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. After 2 rounds of chemotherapy along with dietary intervention, vitamin and herbal supplementation, Noah and his parents celebrated that his cancer was no longer being detected.

Due to the laws in the US children 18 and under are required to undergo the full recommended treatment plan of the pediatric oncologist regardless of the progress or desire for alternative opinions or treatments. Yes, children are being forced to continue undergoing toxic treatments even when their bodies are free of any cancer.

Noah’s mother is passionate about natural health and aware of the dangers of pharmaceutical interventions, especially if not necessary. Their desire to seek alternative care resulted in medical kidnapping orchestrated by Child Protective Services.

Cases like Noah’s are not uncommon. The laws in this country surrounding pediatric cancer treatment are unconstitutional and violate not only the fundamental freedoms of the child, but the inalienable rights of the parents. The government has no place mandated medical intervention and this gross overreach of power should incense every citizen of this country. Help Noah and his family fight for medical freedom by making a donation below.”

By this morning, the alliance raised nearly $8,000.00 for the family. However, there is no way to know if the money will support them. The site is not a crowdfunding site and appears to be a non-profit. According to the website, donations help “to defend our fundamental freedoms and maintain our inalienable rights as citizens and human beings.”

While everyone in the crunchy, anti-government world cries medical kidnapping, Noah is safe from his parent’s terrible decisions. The Freedom Alliance is correct that laws in the United States protect children and their rights from receiving necessary medical treatment.

Parents cannot refuse treatment for a child that is suffering from a life-threatening disease. In Noah’s case, he needs additional cancer treatment to remove all cancer cells from his body. Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia is an aggressive disease that can lead to death within months if not properly treated.

Due to the laws in the United States, Noah is not the property of parents. His parents cannot deny him medical care based on their beliefs that cancer treatments are toxic.

Additionally, the choices Bland-Ball made for her son are toxic in their own right. Apricot seeds breakdown into cyanide in the body. She planned to kill his cancer with the seeds. Cyanide is a dangerous chemical that is toxic to the system and can lead to death. In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration lists Apricot Kernels in their Poisonous Plant Databases.

Under Florida law, children must receive medicine and medical services that are essential for the well-being and life of the child. Because Taylor and Joshua denied Noah necessary chemotherapy and fled the state, they are facing child neglect charges.

In Florida, child neglect is punished based on the severity of the crime. Depending on the charges, the couple is facing 5-15 years in prison for neglecting Noah’s care.

Obviously, medical kidnapping did not occur in the case of Noah. Instead, the law protected Noah from his parent’s attempt to treat him “naturally.” Thus law enforcement saved Noah’s life by intervening and removing Noah from his parents.

If convicted of the charges against them, the parents will have years to think about their choices behind bars.

Hopefully, Noah will receive the cancer treatments he needs and find caregivers that provide him the best chance at a long and healthy life.


*Katie Joy is a columnist and hosts Without A Crystal Ball on Patheos Non-Religious Channel. She writes articles on parenting, disability advocacy, debunking pseudoscience, atheism, and crimes against women and children.

She co-hosts the YouTube show, “The Smoking Nun,” with Kyle Curtis on The Non-Sequitur Channel. The show airs weekly and tackles pseudoscience, current events, and crime stories.

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  • Cozmo the Magician

    So the nutjobs say that BOTH the child was free of cancer and yet his parents wanted to treat him ‘naturally’. Dafuq? Either the kid was NOT sick and needed NO treatment , or the kid was sick and needed help. You can’t have it both ways.

  • I know – very typical

  • Good catch! If the parents had treatments planned, that’s a de facto admission that they knew he was still ill.

  • creator

    You said:

    Apricot seeds breakdown into cyanide in the body. She planned to kill his cancer with the seeds. Cyanide is a dangerous chemical that is toxic to the system and can lead to death. In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration lists Apricot Kernels in their Poisonous Plant Databases.

    Katie Joy, please do your research instead of promulgating blatant propaganda.

    The cyanide in apricot seeds is securely buffered by the design of the seed, and it is released *only* in the presence of cancer cells. It is an absolutely superior, targeted means of destroying cancer cells. The chemotherapy drugs the government is forcing on this poor child are as effective as killing a fly on your cheek by shooting it with a shotgun. You’ll kill the fly, but the damage to you is irreparable.

    Read G. Edward Griffin’s seminal work “World Without Cancer” and become educated about the targeted effect of apricot seeds on cancer cells.

    These parents have obviously done their research, but you seem to derive pleasure from bashing them while profiting off of their pain and oppression with sensational headlines and half-baked poorly researched parroting of government sources.

    Shame on you. Stop spreading FUD.

  • otrame

    it is released *only* in the presence of cancer cells

    Well, it’s early yet, but I do believe that is going to be the stupidest thing I’ll see on the internet today.

    Tell me, creator, by what mechanism does the apricot seed know it is “in the presence of cancer cells”? And how does the apricot seed, having sensed the presence of cancer and released the cyanide, prevent the cyanide from poisoning cells that are not cancerous. Magic, I suppose.

    Just for your information, “research” does not mean reading a bunch of stuff on the internet while ignoring the people who have actually done real research.

    Do try to remember: There is a word for “alternative” medicines that have been proven to work. The word is medicine.

  • Tawreos

    G. Edward Griffin is not a doctor and people should not take medical advice from crackpots that believe every conspiracy theory that comes down the pipe.

  • Kathleen

    Pseudoscience by a writer and a documentary film maker is DEFINITELY better than actual science by actual doctors, experts in cancer and cancer treatments…./sarc

  • creator

    Thanks for the brilliant ad hominem reply…. /sarc

  • creator

    What an outstanding, thoughtful ad hominem… /sarc

  • creator

    Tell me, creator, by what mechanism does the apricot seed know it is “in the presence of cancer cells”? And how does the apricot seed, having sensed the presence of cancer and released the cyanide, prevent the cyanide from poisoning cells that are not cancerous. Magic, I suppose.

    The answers to your sarcasm and the underlying research are in the reference I cited, for anyone who can read.

  • larry parker
  • Tawreos

    You need to learn about other types of attacks since that one was not ad hominem. Mine was closer to one, but only the second half. Seriously learn about different things before you make yourself look even more foolish. BTW this was not an ad hominem either.

  • RussianIntel

    Isn’t religion just lovely? Fucking filthy cult savages!

  • creator

    Excuse me for not being more specific:

    You said:

    G. Edward Griffin is not a doctor…

    The first half of your response is a credentials fallacy. However, it is clearly a type of ad hominem attack.

    And the beat goes on, thus far no substantive response to the superior efficacy of apricot seeds v pharmaceutical chemotherapy.

  • CoachWristletJen

    It’s an “ad hominem…/sarc” bot.

  • Tawreos

    And nothing but a non-scientific book in favor of it. Go do a peer reviewed study, gather your data and then come back to us otherwise we are free to reject your claim since you provide nothing with any evidential value.

  • Cryny

    If apricot seeds were useful for curing cancer, doctors would be using them. And non-crackpots would be publishing actual research regarding their efficacy.

  • CoachWristletJen

    -Woo is right… these f*cking people… this woman is obviously an attention hound and using her precious and vulnerable toddler to get a fix. As for the misguided idiots who are rallying around her… well, that’s a tribute to Taylor Bland-Ball’s aggression as she attempts to manipulate others into joining in on her insanity! Taylor obviously wants to turn it into some kind of a cult — a cult where they treat cancer with cyanide and veggies. And according to Taylor, it’s perfectly fine to poison your children. And, it’s perfectly fine to hit the road when you have a vulnerable child with a PICC line. Taylor doesn’t care that she is exposing her child to the further risk of sepsis (in addition to the already established risk of the very aggressive form of cancer with which he has been diagnosed)! I hope these arrogant idiots never see their child again!

  • CoachWristletJen

    otrame, I feel your pain. Offering logic to “creator” is tantamount to banging my head into a brick wall. And they will go on and on and on, directing you towards their woo books in an attempt to drag you even deeper down the rabbit hole.
    That being said, at least others reading do understand logic and will understand how, for example, apricot seeds don’t sense the presence of cancer. They’re not even self-aware (last time I checked).
    These people would have you believe that they are gently sending the cyanide into the child’s system.
    They are drinking the Kool-aid… and it is laced with cyanide.

  • GaLd316

    This is so misinformed it’s laughable. Noah has no been back to hospital and is just as healthy as when he was discharged after his last treatment. He is fine.

  • Is that you, G. Edward?

  • Friend

    To my knowledge there’s no such thing as being ruled “cancer free” after a partial treatment. At best, a medical test would show something favorable, like a marker in the bloodstream in a normal range.

    Oncologists avoid saying that people are cured, for good reason. Patients typically have checkups for five (5, count ’em, 5) years after the completion of the initial protocol.

    I sympathize with anyone who is trying to make cancer treatment decisions for himself/herself or a child. Some protocols are crystal clear, but many patients are in a gray area. For example, surgery and chemo might be clearly recommended for a stage II patient, but there might not be enough research to show that the patient will benefit from adding radiation. In those cases, the patient and family might have to decide what to do, based on age, response to treatment, underlying health, long-term risks of disease versus risks of radiation, etc. This can be agonizing. But at least there is such a thing as oncology. It saves lives.

  • otrame

    I can’t be bothered. If you had a real answer, you would have summarized it for me, not told me to go buy Griffin’s book. This is a man who believes in chemtrails, and is a 9/11 and AIDS denialist. He is a John Bircher, thinks the UN is evil, and, from a look at his bibliography, is afraid of both capitalism and communism.

    At least, he says he believes all that guff. You will notice, though, that his books seem to go along with whatever was the most fashionable conspiracy theory at the time they were published. The man has made a living selling books to idiots who will believe anything as long as they can be convinced that they are now in on “secret knowledge that only the wise understand”. Evidence of any kind not needed.

    And that is more time and effort (2 minutes on Google) than he (or you) deserves.

    However, because I am a humanist, please, if you should ever be unlucky enough to get cancer, go see a doctor. A real doctor. I don’t want you to die a horrible death just to prove I am right.

  • otrame

    I am not convinced that Griffin actually believes all that shit. His conspiracy theories are a little too all-over-the-place to be real. He just knew a sucker when he saw one, and wrote books to encourage whatever idiocy was popular at the time. Because that is what sells.

    But it is true that he is not a doctor.

  • otrame

    You need to look up the definition of ad hominem. It does not mean what you seem to think it means.

  • swbarnes2

    I imagine for a child with 60+ years of life ahead of them potentially, you’d lean towards short-term pain to avoid losing 50 years of life.

    But this is the source of a lot of cancer quack testimonials…people who get normal scientifically-based treatment, refuse follow-up treatment only, end up being in the lucky % of people who don’t get a recurrence, and then conclude that real medicine did nothing for them.

    And yeah, I had an acquaintance was “cancer-free” for 3 years after treatment…but sadly not 5 years.

  • John-Hugh Boyd

    Nope….. read his garbage….and that’s all it is. The cyanide is not “buffered” in any chemical sense and has NO mechanism to target cancer cells. It will indescriminately poison cells.

  • Blanche Quizno

    Doctors don’t say things like “cured” and “cancer-free” with regard to cancer, because cancer comes from within a person’s own body. It’s not a foreign invader like E. coli or streptococcus. And someone who has already had cancer is way more likely to develop cancer again (not necessarily the same kind) than someone who’s never had cancer. My bro-in-law is an oncologist.

  • Mika

    Maintenance chemo. Kids do it for years after going into remission to stay that way and it doesn’t always work.

  • Mika

    Chemo is awful for kids, because they often get drugs meant for adults. Only 3.8% of federal funding is spent on pediatric cancer research, and that pathetic amount is meant to cover all types of cancers kids get. A.L.L. leukemia is the “good” type of cancer and it’s still a murderous bitch. This boy needs maintenance chemo for years and will need to have every bodily function tested for damage into adulthood, if other complications don’t kill him. He’s lucky to be in medical custody, otherwise he could relapse and not know it until he had hours to live. Look up Kate Rhoades. Her parents did every fucking thing they could to save her but she died fifteen hours after a relapse. FIFTEEN. HOURS. Childhood cancer is a cunt already, the last thing the kid needs is to be left to die by his own “family”.

  • susandaytoday

    You sound like the judge and do you know how many children die of chemo every single day ?

  • persephone

    Yeah, cuz it totes worked for Steve McQueen.

  • WallofSleep

    “Depending on the charges, the couple is facing 5-15 years in prison for neglecting Noah’s care.”


  • I always wonder how many cure stories for this and that “alternative” medicine are from people who never had the disease they claim they did in the first place.

  • Considerably fewer than the number saved by chemo, I would surmise.

  • Jennny

    Exactly. The doctors in my family are highly-intelligent, highly-trained scientists. They work in the UK’s wonderful National Health Service. They’d be absolutely delighted if turmeric, beetroot juice or pot pourri cured cancer and other diseases…and after rigorous testing and reviewing by even more highly-trained scientists than themselves, could prescribe those remedies. Britain would be a wonderful place to live if the billions spent on the NHS could be channeled instead into other areas of our lives! Now that I know several doctors through my DDs’ friends and colleagues, I resent the insinuation that they are too stupid to see that carrot juice or bleach are better cure-alls than the proven treatments they use. And they dedicate themselves tirelessly and selflessly to the good of every one of their patients through proven conventional medicine.

  • CoachWristletJen

    Precisely. Notice the attack came in typical woo form with an insult followed by a reference to a stat taken out of context. The only thing missing was a reference to some wretched book we’ve never heard of. “Haven’t you read ‘Shrooms That Heal 100% of Pancreatic Cancer?’ We can’t have a civilized conversation until you go to this website and buy the guru’s book!”

  • Lisa Cybergirl

    Thanks to science, this kind of cancer now has an 80% 5-year survival rate instead of being a death sentence. It’s just awful to deny him that chance of living a full life.